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May synchronicities multiply for all who read this :)

“The synchronic order of the universe maintained by the functioning of the Law of Time defines the “Divine Plan”. Prior to the discovery of the Law of Time, the Divine Plan unfolds in the cosmic unconscious, becoming self reflectively known to the intelligence of evolving bodies in time as “revelation.”  —19.6, Dynamics of Time

“All is a number, God is a number, God is in all.”

On Crystal Moon 17 (15 June, 2012), Kin 18, the remains of the Red Queen were brought back to Palenque after 18 years.  Following a UFO experience in 2000 in Palenque, my life has been oriented around the mystery of the tomb of the Red Queen and its relation to the tomb of Pacal Votan.

The entire process that I have been involved in with Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan over the past 13 years is based on the mystery and synchronicity of these two tombs.  I know the truth of what I have experienced, though at the same time I claim nothing. Inside I feel like a mystery even to myself and also like a child watching a fantastic movie of time and synchronicity unfold before my eyes.

For the past few moons I have been piecing together many numerical synchronicities relating to the prophecy of Pacal Votan. This prophecy unifies all prophecies by demonstrating the underlying interconnected matrix that weaves the grand unfolding of events as one divine tapestry, or the Divine Plan.

Synchronicity often reveals itself bit by bit–like stepping stones that if followed, leads to the unveiling of a larger picture. Once more of the picture is revealed then you further understand the significance of each of the synchronicities.   In other words every synchronicity is leading you somewhere. We are on a timeship.    We are not just on a planet revolving around the sun, we are actually going somewhere. We are being pulled by a Great Magnetic Force of Light that reveals itself through the frequency of number.

The synchronicities we experiences are our guideposts, signs that we are “in synch” with the Cosmic Plan. It is like we are on a treasure hunt and the closer we come to the treasure, the more the synchronicities increase exponentially.

We are now feeling a quickening and increase of synchronicities as we are being moved from a third-dimensional materiel existence into a fourth-dimensional or galactic order of mind and being.

The purpose of the 13 Moon calendar and synchronic order is to tune our cosmic antennae into the synchronic patterns that are woven through our daily life. (If you are new to this the Star Travelers 13 Moon Almanac is a good place to begin). Every person, place or thing in our life becomes saturated with meaning. Nothing is mundane. All is part of one interconnected fourth-dimensional geometrical mandala.

Here, I will share a few  “every day” synchronicities and then relate it back to the origin of this discovery of the synchronic order, based on the prophecy of Pacal Votan.


Seven years ago on the 18th annual Harmonic Convergence, Kin 125, I found myself walking past the home of Carl Jung in Kusnacht, Switzerland with Valum Votan. We each picked an apple from an apple tree on the property as a symbolic gesture before heading to Jung’s grave.

I was in awe of the magic, as 14 years earlier as a freshman in college the first two classes I remember taking were Creative Visualization and Human Communications, of which the main textbook was Man and HIs Symbols by Carl Jung. And now here I was on the 18th annual Harmonic Convergence at the home and grave of Carl Jung with Valum Votan! Far out! Was this arranged and foreseen by Pacal Votan and the Galactic Maya? I wondered.

Of course Carl Jung coined the word synchronicity in 1952, the same year as the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan.  He also wrote an essay called Wotan, and in his final years his focus turned toward UFOs.

Carl Jung’s birthday is July 26, the first day of the the 13 Moon calendar and also the 207th day of the Gregorian year. Kin 207 codes 21 December 2012. (see more Carl Jung synchronicities, see Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change).

Many synchronicities also occurred around the Lord of the Rings, and we even lived for a brief period in New Zealand near where much of the filming was done.

Then in 2009 we were in Venice Beach California, for the Day out of Time and Self Existing Seed New year.  The following day, Kin 5, we were at Whole Foods in Venice. I was looking at salads, when  I realized who was standing next to me: Frodo (Elijah Wood)!  I ran excitedly to Votan, “Wow! I just saw Frodo!” He followed me to the salad section and said, “Yep that’s him.” We left him alone, of course, but then decoded him, only to find that he was Kin 5!!

I felt deeply the synchronic order as the living matrix of intelligence that informs the third dimension.    These are just examples of the synchronic order in action. Imagine if the whole world was attuned to this–this is the ultimate Harmonic Convergence.

Through experience, I have come to know this synchronic matrix as the holographic code of the New Time that is superimposed over the mechanistic time sheathe (or technosphere). This synchronic matrix is entered through the 13 Moon/28-day calendar.

The discovery of the Law of Time and synchronic order is part of an advanced time science left by the Galactic Maya. It was synchronically timed to be discovered by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan as a coded prophecy. The proof of the discovery of the Law of Time and the prophecy of Pacal Votan lies in the prophetic numbers that weave together a tapestry, revealing the reality of the synchronic order.

Is it by coincidence that Valum Votan passed away precisely 1,328 years after Pacal Votan? And that Valum Votan’s main message was the 13 Moon 28-day calendar as a means to “change times?”

I cannot sufficiently emphasize how critical it is for humanity immediately to replace the irregular 12-month calendar with the perfect calendar of 13 moons/28 days. The physical act of replacing one calendar with the other has the potential for uniting human consciousness in a moment of singular determination which in itself will cause the next shift point assisting the biosphere in its transition into the noosphere, and the approaching conscious manifestation of the psi bank.  –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

The Thirteen Moon Calendar is based on the scientific discovery of the 12:60-13:20 timing frequencies.

These timing frequencies are prophetically confirmed by the dates of the dedication of the tomb of Pacal Votan, AD 692, to the time of its opening, AD 1952 = 1260 years. And there are 1320 years from the tomb dedication in AD 692 to the closing of the Thirteen Baktuns, AD 2012.

The 12:60 refers to the unconsciously accepted order of time that is artificial in nature; and 13:20 is the natural timing frequency.

Let’s look at some of these prophetic correlations between Pacal Votan and Valum Votan. More of these synchronicities can be found in Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change, the Visionary Life and Work of Jose Arguelles.

Pacal Votan 603 – 683

6 + 0 + 3 = 9   6 + 8 + 3 = 17

Note these two numbers: 9 and 17. Valum Votan passed away on 23 March 2011; on the 13 Moon calendar this translates to the 17th day of the 9th Moon or (9.17), Red Overtone Moon year.

The number 17 occurs 13 times in the Bible. In the Bible the Flood starts on the 17th. Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat (alt. 17,000 feet) on the 17th. Jose often called the noosphere the Noah-sphere, and likened his mission with that of Noah’s, complete with the rainbow (bridge). The discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan was on Crystal Moon 17 (15 June 1952).

Valum Votan 1939 – 2011.

Born on Kin 11 as an identical twin.

The affirmation for Kin 11, Blue Spectral Monkey, ends with “I am guided by my own power doubled”.

His date of birth was also his mother’s 30th birthday and parents’ 11th wedding anniversary. Also he was born in the sign of Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac. Numerically, the Blue Spectral Monkey is written 11.11. Of course 11:11 a.m. is also Greenwich Mean Time for the actual 21, December, 2012 astrological synchronization.

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan with Alberto Ruz Buenfil, son of the archaeologist who discovered the tomb of the great Pacal (1994).

The great Pacal was 11th in the lineage of the kings of Palenque–Nah Chan “House of Serpent.” Pacal ruled for 52 years.  52 is also a fractal of 5200. There are five 5200 periods in a 26,000 year cycle. Today as I write this on Kin 71,  5200 days (20  spins) have elapsed since I first first met Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan at the 28th annual Whole Earth Festival in Davis, California (1998).

52 is the number of weeks in a year (364 days + 1), and is also the fractal of the approximate 52-year cycle of the rotation of Sirius B around Sirius A.

11 + 11 = 22 (Kin 22 is White Solar Wind/Bolon Ik – a signature which appears very prominently throughout the architecture of Palenque. Kin 22 is also the signature of Lloydine Burris/Arguelles, Valum Votan’s wife and partner at the time of his decoding Pacal Votan’s Telektonon prophecy and the 13 Moon calendar. Lloydine/Bolon Ik’s mother was Maya and her father was Lloyd, kin 144!

Also there are 22 Major Arcanum in the Tarot deck that correspond to the 22 pathways of the Kabbalah and to the 22 Hebrew letters.

Born 1939: 19 + 39 = 58. Kin 58 is the disincarnation date of Pacal Votan and the 2012 Day Out of Time.

There were 58 years between the time of Jose’s first vision at Teotihuacan in 1953 and his passing in 2011. This past Day out of Time 2012 landed on Kin 58 with long count date Kin 11.

(Kin 58 was the day I first entered the tomb of Pacal Votan on 15, June, 2000, the 48th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan. On this day I threw a crystal into the “earth spirit speaking tube.)”

5 + 8 = 13. “Jose Arguelles” has 13 letters. 13 Moon calendar. Temple 13 (of Red Queen).

He passed away in 2011 while living his Kin 31 year (31 backwards is 13).  20 + 11 = 31

3113 BC is the beginning of the historical cycle that concludes in 2012 (see The Mayan Factor)
 The cube of 11 is 1331.

Also it is interesting that in the Bible, Proverbs Chapter 11 has 31 verses and was used by fortune-tellers in ancient times for prophecy.

In vigesimal mathematics (the mathematics of the Maya) 2.0.12 translates to 812. 812 reversed is 218. Kin 218 is the kin number of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan (15 June 1952). Valum Votan passed away in the Overtone Moon Year, Kin 109. 109 x 2 = 218.

There are 60 years from 1952 – 2012. Kin 60, Yellow Galactic Sun, is the birth sign of Pacal Votan. His tomb was discovered 1260 years after its dedication. 1260 is featured prominently in the Book of Revelation, and also the Book of Daniel, and is equivalent to 42 months or 3 1/2 years.

The 11th chapter of the Book of Revelations talks about the two prophets exiled for 1260 days (1260 = false Babylonian timing cycle).

12 + 60 = 72 (age of Valum Votan when he passed).

From the time of the dedication of Pacal Votan’s tomb to 2012 is 1320 years (13 + 20 = 33 = 11 + 22).

1320 rearranged is 2013.

There are 1320 years between the death of the Prophet Muhammad in 632 and the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan. Jose had done extensive research comparing the Mayan 0-19 code with the 19 code of the Quran, which he learned about through Mother Tynetta Muhammad of the Nation of Islam. Her husband, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, stated that “Islam is mathematics” and among his final teachings were the Theology of Time!   “The world is full of signs for those who have eyes to see,” (Quran).

Also interesting to note that 12:60 which is sometimes referred to as “Satan’s time”, when added to 666 equals 1926. The word noosphere was first coined in 1926, which was also  the last year of the 15th Kalachakra cycle. (the 16th and final Kalachakra cycle completed in 1987 along with the Harmonic Convergence).

(For those following the Synchronotron, 19 x 26 = 494. BMU = 53 (sign of Quetzalcoatl). Kin equivalent = Kin 234 (Cosmic Wizard/Carl Jung). 

In Mayan calendar Long Count notation, the dedication of Pacal Votan’s Tomb was on the date, this is the basis of the Harmonic Convergence prophecy of 13 Heavens and 9 Hells. (13 + 9 = 22) that concluded 16 August, 1987. This prophecy was put forth by Quetzalcoatl before his death in AD 999 at age 52.

In the Bible, Genesis 9:13 speaks of the rainbow: “I do set my (rain) bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.” The final prophecy left by Valum Votan was the Rainbow prophecy (circumpolar rainbow bridge).

The Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan began on Kin 144 (26 July 1993). This began the first year of the “seven years of prophecy.”

The product of Pacal Votan’s death date, 683,  is 144: (6 x 8 x 3 = 144).  There are three passages in the Book of Revelations that speak of 144 (7:4, 34:1, 14:3). There are 144,000 days in each of the 13 baktuns of history.

The Telektonon prophecy states: “Telektonon is no word at all, but number multiplying itself from within God’s unending meditation which we choose to call creation.”

According to the Telektonon prophecy, this year, Blue Resonant Storm, is governed by the ninth lord of time who gathers the 144,000 into the perfected form of the soul, the fourth-dimensional cube of the law.

In 1994 in the Kin 144 year, came the discovery of the tomb of the Red Queen.

19 + 94 = 113 — Red Solar Skywalker and also associated with Quetzalcoatl, Lord of the Dawn. (Note that Kin 113 was the  Kin number of Gregorian new year 2012).   19 x 94 = 1786. BMU = 22. Quetzalcoatl also known as 9 Wind. Kin eq. 226.

The Red Queen’s tomb was strikingly similar to that of Pacal Votan, yet it contained no inscriptions.

13 clear signs on Pacal Votan’s sarcophagus lid

The tomb of Pacal Votan was revealed 60 years before 2012; the tomb of the Red Queen was revealed 18 years before 2012; 60 + 18 = 78. 78 is the sum of the numbers of the 13 clear signs on the edge of Pacal Votan’s sarcophagus lid.

The 13th clear sign is 13 Cimi (Worldbridger), with the code number six (six of twenty seals). 6 x 13 = 78. So 78 also connects the two tombs. (The system of the Tarot also uses a system of 78 (13 x 6) divinatory cards.

The Harmonic Convergence (1987) – the first globally synchronized meditation which brought “2012” to the public consciousness – occurred 42 years after the bombing of Hiroshima. On José’s 42nd birthday, 24 January 1981,  he first encountered Bolon Ik Kin 22. 42 = 6 x 7; (6 + 7 = 13).

The tomb of the Red Queen was discovered in Temple 13 — 42 years after the tomb of Pacal Votan.

The Red Queen’s tomb was named due to the fact that not only was her sarcophagus lid painted red on the outside, it was also red on the inside. Unlike the tomb of Pacal, which is laden with hieroglyphic inscriptions–neither the temple, the crypt nor the sarcophagus of Red Queen bear a single inscription. By analogy we can conclude that the male tomb is inscribed and is therefore historical; the female tomb is uninscribed and is therefore post-historical, beyond the cycle, receptive to the new inscription.

Palenque–Nah Chan–is also known as the House of the Serpent. I was born as Kin 185: Red Electric Serpent (5.3), at 5:03 p.m., at address 1105 Sweet Road. 11 = Monkey; 5 = Serpent. 11 + 5 = 16. There are 16 days between my birthday 6.27 (8 January) and Valum Votan’s: 7.15 (24 January). In the Telektonon there are 16 days of the Warriors cube journey.

11 + 22 + 185 = 218 (key to discovery of tomb of Pacal Votan)

On 15 June, 2012, Kin 18, 18 years after the discovery of the tomb of the Red Queen (1994), her remains were returned to Palenque in 4 boxes (I received this information on Kin 31, 13 days after her remains were returned).

18 x 4 = 72 (Age of Valum Votan when he died). 72 is the fractal base of the katun cycle of 7200 days.

These numbers 18 and 72 are keys. 1872 is a fractal of the 1872000 year cycle  (1872 was also the birth year of Sri Aurobindo).

There are inscriptions on the monuments of Palenque that refer to the date November 13, 672. This date would have been within the 6 Storm year,  Kin 129, Red Crystal Moon, with psi chrono unit 211 (birth and death–at age 18–signatures of Valum Votan’s son Josh –see Biography of a Time Traveler).

Kin 211 codes Christmas Day 2012, and is also a clear sign of Pacal Votan. The birth of Josh, Kin 211 (13.7.1969) was on the 194th day of the year. Kin 194 is White Crystal Wizard,  the day of the discovery of the tomb of the Red Queen, as well as the kin of the one-year anniversary of the passing of Valum Votan on 9.17 (23 March 2012) of the Rhythmic Wizard year.

The final part of the prophecy of Pacal Votan was revealed as the 441 (144 backwards) cube matrix, which continued until Valum Votan’s passing on Kin 89.

The discovery of the Law of Time occurred in 1989.  89 is the 11th Fibonacci number. Valum Votan’s Kin number is 11. His birth was 24th of January. The 24th prime number is 89.  8 x 9 = 72.

Kin 89 is Red Spectral Moon, the year-bearer at the of his birth in 1939. Moon is solar seal 9 and Spectral is tone 11 = 9.11. He passed away precisely 11 days after the 9th anniversary of the Cosmic History Chronicles. Also it is interesting that the verse numbers of the first four books of the New Testament equal 89. Matthew (28), Mark (16), Luke (24), John (21) = 89. 

The sum of the numbers (where a = 1, b = 2, etc) of Red Queen = 89.  The theme of the transmission of the Cosmic History Chronicles was reformulation of the human mind and unraveling the mystery of life and death = RESURRECTION.

The Telektonon prophecy contains 126 verses. 126 = 63 x 2.  On Resonant 15 (24 January, 2002), Kin 126, the 63rd birthday of Valum Votan, came the dream of the return of the people of OMA (Original Matrix Attained) and began the “apprenticeship of Red Queen.”We noted immediately that in 2012 he would be 73 (and I was born in ’73), and I would be 39 (he was born in ‘39).

It is also interesting to note that the prophet Muhammad died in 632 when he was 63. At this time Pacal Votan was 29.  In 2002 when the Cosmic History “apprenticeship” began, Votan was 63 and I was 29.  63 – 29 = 34. Kin 34, White Galactic Wizard, is the origin date of the Dreamspell count.

Note that on March 12, 1989, Kin 108, Yellow Self-Existing Star (GM108X) at the opening of the Palenque initiation ceremony, Valum Votan received telepathic communication from Pacal Votan regarding his return through all of the people.

Later that year came the discovery of the 12:60 and 13:20 timing frequencies, the 13 Moon calendar and all of the mathematical codes of fourth-dimensional time formulated as Dreamspell. (Kin 108 was Day out of Time 2010, the final Day out of Time celebration for Valum Votan, and his final public appearance. On this day, he was honored by Floredemayo, Indigenous Mayan grandmother for his work.

Precisely 13 years later on March 12, 2002, Kin 173, came the first  “Cosmic History” download – of which the transmission began the following day on the White Overtone Wizard. He passed away right when we were preparing to begin the seventh and final Cosmic History Chronicle.

The following video was written after his passing and explains in further detail the meaning of Cosmic History as a “between the worlds transmission,” and the dreams of lost worlds that called it forth.

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  1. Just realized this after reading your great blog when I was thinking about the Mars rover landing of “Curiosity” and it`s symbolical meaning. Nasa`s Curiosity- the name of the vehicle says it already- landed on Kin 70 on Mars during the Martian World-Bridger Wavespell which started on Kin 66. Nasa officials said the time of landing-process was so exciting that it was: “Seven minutes of Terror.” The two Moons Mars has are called Deimos (terror/dread) and Phobos (panic/fear) From the landing it is 7 days to Kin 77 Red Crystal Earth. On this day it is the 520 (two Tzolkin) anniversary of the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami. Japan is on the World-Bridger sign of the Planet Holon. On page 66 of CHC Vol.3 you can read about the Lost Planet Analphs,….”The principle of the dissonant seventh is the cause of internal contradictions in the psyche. In other words every psyche is born with a conflict….lost time in eternity…purpose …soul growth. The Frequency of earth is 7.8 hertz, a fractal of 78, key number of the decipherment and meaning of the Tomb of Pacal Votan. The Martian synodic cycle viewed from Earth is also 780 days. ”
    Out of my own experience with the law of time I would say that things get fullfilled, completed, whole somehow after 520 days. The Rover landed 8 days prior to P.V. Kin 78 and 19 (over all) days prior to the second ascension anniversary of GM Valum Votan. 8 is a number of harmony and eternity, while 19 is the command of god. 19×8 is 152 – Solar Human- Homo Noosphericus. Remember the story with VV when he first saw the “Face on Mars” and the Japanese Artist who wanted to make a huge Face-Artwork and call it something like – The Face on Earth visible from Mars.
    Ha global Face-Book.
    Had myself many “seconds-synchronicitys” the last time. Syncs that syncronice just the moment after. The Resonant Storm to Galactic Sun night I spent alone in the mountains. Not alone but in one-ness with earth and billions of stars. Doing all these long exposures with my camera at one point I thought. “Wow what a magic night.” Exactly the same moment a meteor stroke into earth atmosphere and exploded sylvester like.
    Is this world out there our collective psyche?
    Next night/mountain trip is planned for the “Perseid-meteor-shower” on Kin 77- of course I didn`t realice this until right now. 77 ::11/03/11 was also my curious re-awakening to the LoT nearly 520 Kins prior.
    Hu Nab Ku…..Kinich Ahau….Timeship Earth….Red Resonant Moon……the 9.7th….
    On Resonant Eb …08.08. SUNCRYSTAL

  2. Some more numbers:

    Bereshit, the first word on Torah has a gematria of 913.
    Bereshit barah elo’im et ha shamaim be et a aretz, the first sentence in torah
    is written in 7 words and 28 letters.
    It could be interpreted that creation starts on the ratio 28:7
    In the jewish daily prayers, three times a day it is repeated the sentence
    Yehe shme rabah meboraj le olam u le almei almaiam
    (Be thy name glorified for this world and the worlds to come (aprox translation))
    also 7 letters 28 words, thus creation is affirmed on every day prayer
    The word for truth in hebrew is EMET, its gematrical value is
    Aleph=1 Mem=40 Tav=400…400+40+1=441

    Pulses of universal peace from the Skywalker Zone!

  3. Very enjoyable , thankyou , i have been busy and a wee bit lazy of late , this puts me on track a wee bit better, ta again.

  4. Dear Reina Roja Thank you. AgradecINDIOS INLAKECH
    agenciARTE galactico 107

  5. and … one more … what is the point… of …

    destabilization of 12:60….

    when you look in telektonon …. very easy … telektonon ,… 100

    there is no … dec 21 11:11 ………..

    that is moon 6 day 9 .. new calendar….

    oh dear…

    3113 BC is the beginning of the historical cycle that concludes in 2012 (see The Mayan Factor)
 The cube of 11 is 1331.

    anything … is … inspiration .. with that …. destabilization…

    never find something similar … point asked many many times…

    and … nothing

    • please man you should move forward, you and S’ace and Claire, looking for the fly on the soup, why don’t you guys just get the simplest plain message, its all on the surface, you should stop looking for a fail, especially when you have been insisting over and over whith the same absurd question, and your moon 12 day 21 have already pass so whats the point? Telektonon includes 21.12.2012 an explicit Gregorian Date, how can you guys be so arrogant to think that everybody is wrong except you that are so smart that found a hidden hidden hidden key to nothingness, thats where your questioning leads, its all ego, let it go!

      • Thanks for advice… no that is not ego… just search — true…are we go beyond … 2012 … in 13 moon … world … where is no gregorian calendar … clock … money … all crazy stuff … from ….. telektonon .,,, inspiration …reading…. well

        oh dear… 13 moon …. sample …. moon 7

        “””order””…. when is full moon … am pm…

        anything … is ….. against … 12:60 … money …

        and all is 12:60 and money …

        just have a question… how reading … go to … 210 7…. playing with unknown,,,

        when search … the point of “”crown”” 2.10 … yes crown ,,, is part from … tree of life,, all crazy stuff … what me dont know… just see number .,.and text …

        latter … . in april 2012… bulettin 7… how to enter hunab ku 21 0.0

        again 21 07… when start to play with telektonon 31…. 139 -22 (210) is middle … date gregorian 22.07 …. 22 …. chapter… 7 seals… book of thoth … 210 .. 7 …. well i search help …. who know this stuff…

        look mine profile … picture … cover… why tarot ….. 22 have name return…. i have a lot of question… but dont know where to … knock:))

        and in the

      • 5. Fifth 113-day cycle, red: “Lord of the Dawn Manifests Cosmic Radiance”, Days 339-227, Resonant 8, Kin 129, 12 Moon (17 January 2012) – Spectral 7, Kin 240, 6 Sun (8 May 2012) 6 Wizard year – Anticipate major 12:60 d
        estabilization during this cycle in early 2011 that looks like maybe … if we have “””destabilization”” in what then we can see 12 21 … . normal in 13 moon calendar ,,,, reason … moon 6 day 9 ,,, is new date ,,, and ,, dec 21 is old calendar

  6. Dear Queen read, i am Jéssica Araya, i am chilean, i am red solar serpent, i was born in 74, i am a journalist, alchemist too, i followed de calendar about 15 years, we were together in the condor called peru some years ago, there i saw you, now i am recognized as the closer of this cicle, if you need something, you can have my help when you want. Dear, now we need you a lot, i am always praise for you, with the purpose that you are ok and you can bring new messages and can guide to the new time. I am friend of Rodrigo Urrea, espejo cristal. We are send you love and good sense all time, blessings and i hope that the great spirit is with you now and for ever


    • Absolutely! Note the synchronicity that the cube pictured there contains a total of 216 cubes, the same number of days between 21 Dec 2012 and Galactic Synchronization(26 July 2013)! This 216-day cycle is further subdivided into six 36-day cycles, each of which creates one side of a giant etheric cube around the Earth – see for further description…!

  8. Wow….Now look at this! Seems that the crop circle appeared close to midnight Aug. 25 which was nothing else than Kin 89 or Spectral Moon, the second Tzolkin anniversary of Valum Votan`s ascension. In the comments section of that page several people try to “read” the message. Unfortunately the first commentor doesn`t know about the 13 Moon/28 Day calendar. Thank you Myth Seven for that link. A telepathic message from VV ? When did this other amazing cube appear some years ago, maybe it is realted to this one somehow.
    In lakech 9.7 /189 on Kin 98 Resonant Mirror >> 89 :-)

  9. I have been drawn to Pacal Votan, after the destruction of my house to fire in 2005. A trip to Mexico, the meeting of the son of a Mayan shaman who told me “You are the angel in my dream”. I was not awake at the time and thought it all weird. But after that encounter, the book, The Mayan Prophecy was given to me. I owned an amulet (one of the few things that survived the fire) that was the Mayan calendar, the seal of the tomb in Palenque. I started to read and ordered my first 13 moon calendar. I have followed it since. My grandson was born in 2001 on the day out of time. He turned 11 in 2012. I was born in 1952 on April 30. The numbers in your blog bring all of these numbers into alignment. Also, my search is for truth, and only truth. The hebrew word EMET, truth and the number 441. Today is gate 441, Sirius B. I drew a card from a deck with the question “Where did I come from” and the answer was Sirius. I have not looked closely at the numbers that tie into my experience. I will do so now. Your blog has inspired me to look at this experience from a new perspective. Thank you from my heart.
    From another yourself.

  10. Night of -Ns1.25.2.17 Kin 103 to kin 104 at ” crossing dance” whit regressive day account 104, 103
    Dear R.R. Stephanie, Kin 185, thanks a lot for your inspirations. I have taken you message. Kin 66 has been opening the door to get inside my self, and kin 70 has been giving hidden power to me, at least (on conscience) during the last 3 years, but I didn’t realise it till now time. A ” water fall ” of sincronic order has flow this time, interrupted for 11 days family holidays, and is still on….
    I am working hard and deeply, whit related dates, places, experiences… looking back to many note papers, old notebooks, first steps law of time writings, teaching’s doc. and books, and so on.
    A real mess and great difficulties on tidy up and be able to express numbers, and sincronicity links on a clear structured way. Wishing to share some of the so many ¡aha! ¡uaauuuhhh I ¡wow! … those ¡¡ sparks of light !!, thinking that even a few of them will became too long to be posted here, trying to made it short (plus translate into English writing) is …. what it goes here.
    I have found a source of relations between numbers -and so more help on what they mean- when I wanted to know how many days are between HIROSIMA date (8-august-1945) day (1.12) and my birthday on day (7.25) (3 february-53) Kin 191 or (11.9)… ( I’ve always been mainly involve on social struggle to stop nuclear power use, and because I have already realised that my own IFT is :1945 (Hirosima Year) , I did maths like this:
    16 (days moon 1) + (5×28) (fool moons) + 25 (days moon 7) ; 16+ 140+25 = 181 days ¡¡ first wow !
    IFT 1945 becomes UMB 181
    But the “”sincronic water fall” started when I began to look at numbers: one by one or on partial sum up, getting
    nº 16 ( meaning to me: UMB of sum up (457) oracle’s number’s kin (5 force) of kin 191. Plus equivalent kin: 197 also with a personal link and meaning (too long), and 4º lost generation -TERMA 791 – last crop circle CUBE)
    nº 25 (.my moon day birth, … ;
    nº 140 ( I did : 260-140=120… and gave me to Tomb PV and links with your age (kin 185) and mine and our kin on transit, we share wavespell’s kin 66 and kin 183, 20 years , 26 days (10 days to V.V.+16 you….. );
    nº 41 (16+25) : this take me also to kin 144, (I was 41 years old on year kin 144 (1993-94) and from this to a river of a personal and prophetic numbers links;
    nº 165 (140+25) : Kin 165 is my own PSI CRONO. ..
    nº 156 (16+140) : Cosmic ending of kin 144 wavespell, which is my own now on transit to kin 146 till father passage of close cycle.
    Resume: I have get at least 10 numbers joined up to main UMB 181 and more connected meaning between my self and Hirosima – nuclear matter.
    Also, I found out (even when you probably know already) that from your birthday to discovery of PV tomb, there are 207 days…… Kin 207 closes the cycle.
    Looking at Crop circle (on web), I found the RATIO (11:9) of the CUBE, made for the arrow direction… and link to PHM Circuits External Time and 5 sense. Again and again surrounded by 11.9 or 9.11 , kin or date, and now a Crop circle RATIO !!. ….Soon is coming 11-9 aniversary or on english notation: 9-11 black day.

    Even I go longer writing that I wish… I have to share a dream I had many moons ago, a clear-short dream: “many people where hanging around on a kind of meeting break, long tables, dinks and snacks. I was talking to some others and was saying: ¡ el kit de la cuestión es el factor (+1)! (the clave is (+1) factor), and them I look at front and I show VV looking at me, roguish smile, moving his head up and down as if he where telling me “¡¡ yes, you got it. Eso es ! “.

    Hearted THANKS, and all my LOVE to you.
    Ana, kin 191
    Ratio especial 11:9 (de web Crop circle)
    Green lines: They show all the arrows which point up and right. Summary: 11
    Red lines: They show all the arrows which point down and left. Summary: 9
    So the ‘forces’ depicted by the arrows on the side of the cube are in ratio of 11 : 9.

  11. Blessings to all the Masters of Time and Resonant Frequency, to the humble grand-mothers and great-fathers, sister-stars and brother-natures too. To the in-betweens and round-pegs-in-square-holes as well, faerie blessings upon their heads. I am as ever super recharged to be absorbing such high frequency truths, and feeling the connection between your site & information presented with joy and clarity. I can tell you are passionate about the etheric web you see, what synchronicities appear mathematically numerically spiritually and beyond… most important to be grounded here on Tierra Planet Gaia as we do bridge the Galactic astral matrix here, Heaven and Earth bridging, as portented in the I Ching.
    So much magickal sharings here and in the Law of Time website that I feel as though I have once again found vaults opening to me, one pure hearted seeker of Truth, imperfect and humble, open eyed and in wonder but also coming into this Life Knowing there is more, and wanting to speak all the languages.
    >>>>>I am wondering if you can please point me to “primers” for those who may not know much of new age anything but who may have open minds or hearts to start their shifts into new consciousness? Basically, how can I gently offer some calendrical info to family or friends: are there specific Law of Time books or simpified calendars…
    Am ever in debt to yours and your colleagues/teachers work. We sleep with a hand-drawn illustration of Pacal Votan’s tomb on our wall. My partner projected it onto canvas and we took it to our groups’ Spring Equinox 2012 gathering in Palenque.. what an awesome one, that.. folks came around to the painting to paint and fill it in, so the inscriptions now have a whole new funky coloration, though I appreciate the one featured on Valum Votan’s bio with just the white and black drawing of the inscription backlighted by rainbow.
    Again, thank you, as we carry out experiments to determine how things grow, we just need to keep applying steady doses of heart and chuckle as magic grows afoot. Aho, In Lak’esh, Amen, All are One, Biosphere Nourishing on this great Water Dragon Year. What a blessing. Peace *
    Ayden, Double Gemini in the year of the Earth Horse; Red Crystal EArth signature:
    Black Rainbow Dragonfly totem.

    • Ahem. The beautiful Pacal tomb drawing I was mentioning is right above (I’ve been jumping around some pages and it is late; wasn’t sure where last seen).
      Q: Are the 13 clear signs around the tomb lid sort of interpreted from the glyphs then added by VV .. they do make sense . . They will assist in our furthering of the artwork on our wall, adding more depth.
      ;) cheers & ^^^^^^____ ^^^^^^^

      • Thank you for your beautiful words Ayden! About a primer: A wonderful book written by Jose Arguelles is a Free Download on’s bookstore – it’s called “Living through the Closing of the Cycle”. Also the free 13 Moon pocket calendar that the Foundation for the Law of Time distributes is a great way to get started – find eachother’s galactic signatures and open up the patterns! (You can get th calendar at Regarding the 13 clear signs, these are specific Kin from the Tzolkin that appear clearly on the edge of the Tomb-lid! Many blessings to you on your journey!

      • Ah thanks, you, and blessings for the info. Have ordered the pocket calendar already~
        The tomb lid doesn’t cease to amaze me. This is the year of the Maya, it is their time to shine and provide information for the world that has been kept for everyone. Sacred yet not too secret, all is so enlightening. We will add the 13 clear signs to our painting at home. Be well -=(*)=-

  12. Just throwing this out there…I was given the telekonon 7:7::7:7 seven years ago because I told my friend that my birthday(12-07-1978) and my significant other’s birthday was on the 7th (of August) and my father-in-law who lived with us at the time, his birthday was on the 7th (January). Also, two years later my son was born the 7th of September. My partner’s name is Saúl (came here from Mexico in like ’96/’97). I decend from Maria Santana Martinez (my Mom’s grandma). I experienced something really rare in December 2004 that I can only describe as being in “sync” with every sound and rythym and everything in this world is all moving into that unirythym where when it is discovered one can “know” what will happen next and also that there is much more happening before our eyes than we realize…

  13. :) all I can do is smile. Ive been studying the Book of the Cube _()_ so much gratitude. So much is over my head, but synchronicity is speaking to me, naturally. Kin 171. This has been very helpful. In La’kech

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  18. right on , bout time :) lol i see a page here in ur werld that has a link to the vids the book of the cube etc etc,,, and cosmic history chronicles in U tube,,, love this series and also all the videos frum mr. michelvec also…. have inspired me an educated me for many a year :) thank you to the law of time jose and stepenie an michelvec :) namaste’ 2 u an thanQ frum Q

  19. Make your images, videos, and infographics easy to pin by placing
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  20. Buenas tardes, quiero agradecer a toda aquella persona que comparte Dicha información, me es muy completa mas sin embargo tengo una duda y si me lo permiten en hacerla.
    Los símbolos sagrados que portaría Pacal Votan porque son descifrados asi ejemplo.. Si el símbolo del sol debería de estar en la izq. No en la derecha aunque por impulso divino es correcto como aparece en sus textos sagrados de lo contrario seria una manifestación errónea, pero esto solo sucede ante los ojos de la materia.
    Pero si bien hemos visto una realidad es así como te digo de lo contrario no seria una verda las escrituras pero si lo que publicas.

    Analiza, si elevas el nivel espiritual hasta que habrás los ojos te darás cuenta que estabas dormida . … Caminarás con la verdad, esa verdad sera la luz suprema que te ara ver una realidad aun mas profunda sobre si y en si misma.

  21. This was my 47th Born day 1.13.31
    Kin 31 Blue overtone Monkey
    All of the math and synchronicities are in my numbers as well.🙏
    I have a Tav2 sheild and seal with all the dates and numbers. The Tav2 sheild has the origins of the 26 letter alphabet and the numbers from 0-9… Creation manifested itself!
    Golden Mean 1.13.31

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