Emerging from the Artificial Time Matrix

” …without a unifying harmonic standard humanity is incapable of  any long term resolution of any of its problems.” –Jose Arguelles

We as a civilization are living in an artificial hologram caused by a time-space distortion. Humanity lives in the past, running our lives by a mechanical clock and irregular, outdated time count implemented 433 years ago by Pope Gregory 13.

This time distortion matrix confines us to believing that 3D physical realty is the only (or predominant) reality. This perception closes our species off to the infinite possibilities and keeps us from accessing other dimensions of being where the solutions to our problems lie.


Isn’t it time that we as a species updated our system of TIME? We speak of the new feminine cycle though we still live in a patriarchal linear time frame based on the synchronization of mechanical clocks (Standard Time). Now our “Doomsday” clock is threeminutestomidnight.http://www.commondreams.org/news/2015/01/22/doomsday-clock-ticks-forward-climate-change-nuclear-weapons-push-humanity-closer

“Who owns your Time owns your mind. Own your own time and know your own mind.”  — Jose Arguelles

At present, humanities understanding of time is governed by a 12-Month Gregorian calendar that conditions us to associate time with money, business, industry, schedules and taxes, which creates anxiety and depression. The majority of our thoughts, ideas, plans and decisions are derived from this artificial time matrix of which we are largely unconscious of.

Time Enslavement

Human civilization is enslaved to an unconscious mental matrix governed by artificial time. The definition of a slave is “a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.”

images-4The chief instruments of collective time enslavement are the Vatican calendar and mechanical clock, which together, form the structure or mental lattice that our world paradigm is woven on. Embedded into this paradigm are all of our current beliefs, be they religious, economic, political or scientific. The imposition of artificial time impedes our flow and natural rhythms, thus veiling us from our true essence.

“Condition the mind to an irregular standard and the mind will adjust to disorder and chaos as normal conditions of existence. The worlds  racial, tribal, historical and religious conflicts are embedded in and a function of different timing systems (calendars), all now coordinated within a master irregular timing standard and macro organizing principle, the Gregorian calendar.” Jose Arguelles

The issue of TIME is vast and runs through every facet of human endeavor. The more you understand and reflect, the deeper it gets. Here are some practical steps we can take to lift ourselves out of the artificial matrix and enter into a new time frequency.

1. Simplify. Get rid of everything that you do not need. Clear your space. Let go of old things. Move the energy.  Purify body. Eat clean, organic. Make way for the new.

2. Know thyself.  Learn to understand how your mind works. Trace your thoughts back to their source. Notice how many of your thoughts are conditioned by “Time.” Are you living in the past?  Are your thoughts shaped around weekends and holidays and tax time and vacations? In what ways are your thoughts shaped by technology? Are your thoughts yours or are they your parents or families? Where do your thoughts come from?

3.  Educate yourself on the nature of Time. What is the history of the Gregorian calendar? What do the names of the months and days of the weeks mean? What is the history of clocks? Why was time standardized and what does that mean? How does technology affect our minds? What is the difference between artificial time and natural time? What is the Law of Time?

4. Change your calendar.  A 13 Moon/28 day synchronometer gives us a harmonic lens through which to view the world and enters us into the synchronic order. Thirteen perfect moons with 28 days each (and a day out of time), is  convenient, logical and easy to use. Adjusting our timing is like learning a new language.

5. Share Your Knowledge. What is your part in educating others on the nature of TIME?   You don’t have to know everything. Share what you know and what you know will grow. For those who know all of this already, please share your knowledge and experiences of the new Time. Start where you art.

 The 13:20 frequency is the natural universal frequency of  synchronization. The 12:60 is the artificial time of the clock and the Gregorian calendar, the “built in mechanism of accelerating insanity” that holds humanity in the grip of the present world hallucination. The sole purpose of the 13 moon/28-day calendar which is thoroughly of the 13;20 frequency is to help entrain the human mind into the higher cosmic frequency which sustains the universal whole, from the bird tribes to the galactic totality.–Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan




Music that highlights artificial time matrix (feel free to add more):


Background of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan

UnknownWhen Jose Arguelles and his wife Lloydine created the Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan in 1992, it was the only comprehensive peace plan for the people presented during a century of total war. Up until then all the peace treaties were negotiated on behalf of governments. Jose describes this as the “peace of artificial time”.

As Jose wrote: “In unilateral peace treaties, one government is denied munitions manufacture and military power, another government is granted all the munitions and military it wants. The strongest military power can say which governments are criminal, which are not, and which deserve to get more guns. … 
A world peace movement was not necessary until the Theory of Relativity was propounded by Einstein in 1906, which was followed in 1914 with the First World War.

Jose saw that everything that is occurring in the world is revealing the ineffectiveness of a civilization running on an artificial time matrix. The Law of Time allows for objective analysis of human civilization not based on politics, economics or physics, but based on one timing frequency common to all.

As Jose wrote, “Time is sacred order. Artificial time, as a form of institutionalized dis-harmony, is out of order. All of our suffering stems from being “out of order” with nature, with God, with the Source of all Sources. To return to natural time is to re-order ourselves and come into harmony with Nature.”

Nicholas Roerich inaugurated the first peoples world peace movement, Pax Cultura, Peace through Culture Movement, in the late 1920’s. Using the Banner of Peace as its official symbol, the Pax Cultural Movement accomplished the signing of the Roerich Peace Pact of 1935, establishing culture as the true basis of peace. The Banner of Peace is also the official instrument of the 13 Moon calendar change peace movement.Unknown-1




23 thoughts on “Emerging from the Artificial Time Matrix

  1. Tot me as ‘bolon ik 1955’
    The passings of Teilhard andere Einstein spoke as of their downloads
    Were dropped als in my unborn state as june 24 baby

    Is this making Sense to have designed a 9 daya module within a 28 daya moon?

    Kweakayn.blogspot.com illustrates IT as quick i can handle this

    IT is as walking dreamspell andere tzolkin number in a third spell labelled

    In my numberspell IT converts as
    11 5 5 1 11 1 3 14 : 21 12 18 : 51 – blue crystal mon key

    Base is An alphabet of 28 charaters ha ING & on 26, Z 27, blanco on 28

    28 is a null daya between 2 moons : synchronizing the unitary fields

    In short 7777 converts info 9991
    9 radiative
    9 attractive
    9 receptive
    1 transmissive
    Alll jose Arguelles downloads ; i met him in Belgium & U-trecht, Neth 2005

  2. Interesting might be jose kin in kweakayn
    He is 11 in dreamspell
    205 in tzolkin
    So 11+ 205 in kweakayn: 216 : yellow galactic warrior in moonwave 209

    Remember 209 can be seen as 2.9 : 9th tone in wizard wave : kin 22

    Which makes jose explayning huis mother earths intend

    Funny aye ..

    Well practising similar Calc on my 22 gives 220 in T and 242 as my Mother
    Galactic Wind as Mother for crystal sun combi with solar wind
    All 11 and 22 numbers resp. 2 20 22 & 1 10 11 crossovers / products

    so what is your combi expressing the walking serpent?

  3. Such a profound truth ! My Lord what a magnificent contribution by you all. However, those of us who have served to anchor this movement for the last 18 years would like to know, if the FLT or any of it’s constituent members have any thing tangible to produce in terms of social results applying this knowledge ? If so, let’s compare apples to oranges shall we ?

    Its time to re-direct all resources both financial, intellectual or otherwise, into a concentrated stream of interest where tangible elements of economic creativity can be harnessed for the highest good of all instead of a discreet group of illusive avatars and meta-freaks.

    OMA PAN Agent 67
    AVolton Dynammo

  4. Such a concise read, thanks again Queenie >>;~) …will put er’ to good use working for the GHOST BRIGADES. How many folks attracted to this message actually connect the dots ? How is the Law of Time applied today socially within the context of society in a court of law ? What is the “rule of law” and how can we best restore it with this know;edge ? Historically known for generations upon generations, and specifically to the Founding Father(s) and their “rogue indian'” allies like the Iroquois, the Law of Time is the foundation of this once great nation of a republic ! See Betsy Ross and the 13 Stars, 13 Striped hemp flag of the 13 colonies and so on… think em’ link’s, as now is the time to strike as we have just brought the hammer down on the most lucrative facet of fraud today, as it relates to the circumstances of 1933, which is THE DRUG WAR !

    Come down off the high horse with the dreamspell metta-heady hoopla’ kids and get your mitts dirty in a court of law ! Start with your subject slave dual citizenship status (12:60) 14TH Amendment and get yourselves born again (13:20) by claiming your birthrights ! Ye have to be “born again,” remember ?! Stoke a fire for Christ sake…

  5. Hello Aida,
    Thank you so much for interviewing Michel Vec. I felt a deep connection with Jose Arguelles work and have the Cosmic History Chronicle books but they are very complex and hard to understand. I have listened to some of Michel Vec’s video’s and they have been very helpful in understanding some of the material. Michel is very inspirational and hope he continues sharing his knowledge with us through his videos with you.
    Peace & Harmony

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  8. Compare planetary holon with suggested symbolism correlation between current nations around the globe and beasts of revelation.
    Current media proposes idea of ‘world government’ or ‘world order’ as something to be feared. Council of Formal Relations. Susan Rise, Bookings Institute, Ambassador of the United Nations. Paul Walberg. Plan for one world order new world government. Richard Gardner. George Bush on New World Order. George Bush on Saddam leaving Kuwait. US Uses force. If everyone was synchronized with the 13 moon calendar I feel the world would be a place capable of less atrocities as displayed. Novus Ordo Socorum. New World Order on the dollar bill. 1944 IMF and World Bank just before the birth of UN – Global Democracy based on international law. Creation of the Common Market. When will you make it mandatory to follow a natural timing frequency to usher in an age of peace? 1994 NAFTA, World Trade Organization, 2002 African Union. 1992 Earth summit. Where is the promised laws for climate change and global warming? Global green Japan. Global green Russia. International climate law. 1997. Kiota Protocol. Law of treaty is supreme law of the land. War against Yugoslavia 98,99,2007. Slobadon. US and United Nations. Bush denied international funding through executive order. Your great great grandsons will never have to grow up in an era of such violence. They will be synchronized with a calendar of peace. Clinton world leaders in NY World Court System 1997, 98 International Criminal Court of Rome. No protection from national rights. One world court system. Having awareness of what the worst that can happen. Knowing love embodied in synchronization with 13 moon calendar, We can save lives if everyone who can get synchronized and not face such horrible futures and repetition of artificial time. 2005 Nation can put a Goverment on trial, but give us our geodesic domes, our mental retreats, our freedom of calendar choice. True Freedom.
    2009 “We Are All Socialists Now” Article. Are we living the dream of Karl Maxism?
    “The american people will never knowingly adopt Socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened.” – Norman Thomas. US Socialist Presidential 1928-1948
    We are seeing Globalized banks, Call for new world order. Give our Crest13 our funding for our geodesic structures and our freedom to live out our lives with freedom of calendar choice. Make it legal to do our business by the 13 moon calendar. Allow us to count the days in a way of our choosing. We offer the World’s Remedy of Peace. Please see our examples of foreign relations. Let’s not wait for the right crisis for the New World Order. Rockefeller 1994. Let’s offer freedom of calendar choice for all Earthly Citizens. Economic Crisis is never a good thing when there are wars. It is not something to be salvaged. Why does democracy have to be about men fighting? We haven’t implemented a calendar that promotes peace like the 13 moon calendar would. We have been promoting a calendar of wars and businesses. Let’s try doing everything we can to promote peace.

    • nwo is an XXX artefact

      the increditable dutch dikes

      so simply change a’dams xxx ..

      love & bow
      life & trade
      void & thermall

      just change those markers

      afm will finance ..

  9. a song inspired on the doomsday clock (recently changed from 5 to only 3 minutes before midnight)… “the hands that threaten doom!”

  10. Thanks for all the work that goes into this blog and promoting Natural Time on the 13:20 frequency! I discovered thelawoftime.org about two months ago, and have been captured ever since. In addition, I have been reading several books by the late José Argüelles. I would LOVE to start deepening my connections with this community, as I see the adoption of the 13:20 calendar/frequency as the only work on this planet that matters— as such, I am utilizing my talents in UI/UX design to develop tools for the movement. The first product I am aiming to design is a meditation timer that syncs with the 28 day lunar cycle. I would LOVE for feedback and collaboration on this matter. My project can be seen at http://Mahzaik.com .Thank you!

    • When I learned about the proper calendar, I looked for anything technology wise to help me with understanding the synchrometer, book of the cube, etc. What resources exist for applying a 13:20 calendar to standard technology? I really couldn’t find anything that actually changed the clocks.

      It seems that humanity is so dependent on technology that there are 2 ways to approach it.

      1 – turn away from technology completely. Not gonna happen worldwide without major catastrophe.

      2 – and this might be a simpler approach – much like the Y2K fix, things like AI, the Internet of Things, etc provide a conduit for potentially changing all electronic clocks worldwide. Kind of a blunt approach, but it seems a time to put all ideas on the table for the new age.

      If all clocks and calendars only ran on 13:20 on electronics, people would complain a bit but adjust. Out there idea, but just the techie in me thinking out loud. It would also provide the foundation for allowing many a stronger chance of waking up and understanding.

      Just some thoughts.

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  12. What is the deal here I’m Kin 212 and I was born 7-4-79 this year 12-21-17 is also kin 212…will I be reborn that day or what does this all mean??

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