Effect of Time on Consciousness Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey: Lunar eclipse.

The following document was created by Tim Tussing, Kin 30 and Yazz, Kin 17 based on works of Jose Arguelles, Kin 11. Please spread this key information.

Time, Calendar and Consciousness

Our consciousness and society are profoundly affected by the calendar that we use.

Time is the atmosphere of the mind. We perceive time with our minds, not with any of the five basic senses. A calendar is an artificial construct whose primary purpose is to keep track of time, most commonly to keep track of the passing of days. Because time is mentally perceived, the calendar we use creates constructs of the mind. Hence, the way we keep track of the passing of days creates constructs of consciousness within the society that is largely coordinated by its calendar.

Our minds our cramped and constipated by living within artificial and erroneous time constructs, in particular, the 12-month calendar and the 60-minute clock.

These artificial time constructs have little to no relevance to any natural cycles. They interrupt the natural, intuitive flow of consciousness, with glitches in the operating system, such as not knowing the day of the week while knowing the day of the month, and not being able to calculate weeks according to months. For example, you may know it is Friday July 22, but do you know what day of the week August 22nd will be?

Calendars are instruments of control.

Those who created the calendar were those who maintained control over their society, for the people depended on the calendar keepers for their most basic needs, such as knowing planting times for agriculture. Anything that a people relies on for its essential needs can easily become an instrument of societal control.

And calendars are programming devices.

A society’s calendar is that society’s macro-program, its operating system. To structure a calendar for a people is to structure society for that group of people, those who intend to coordinate and communicate with each other and form a society.

A society is practically defined, regulated and coordinated by the calendar that it uses. All
of the beliefs, customs, and institutions of the society that uses that calendar are programmed into that calendar. Confusion is often intentional, and power is often corrupt at its deepest levels and applications. In this case, the applications have created artificial time, confused mind, and imbalanced and disconnected society. Knowing this, we must reconsider our submission to this intentionally flawed program.

The League of Nations called for calendar reform in 1923, but the Vatican did not want to give up its control with its human societal operating system.

In May 1926, George Eastman wrote, “In 1922, the League of Nations appointed a Committee of Inquiry to study the question of calendar reform. More than 130 (185) different proposals were submitted to the committee, but the Cotsworth Plan is the one outstanding proposal that meets the needs of business organizations such as the International Chamber of Commerce, the NY State Chamber of Commerce… and is fast gaining favor among business men. In fact, many concerns have already adopted a thirteen-month calendar for their records and are already getting some of the advantages of the proposed plan…”

We did not choose this nonsense.

The legal code of the United States does not specify an official national calendar. Use of the Gregorian calendar in the United States stems from an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom in 1751, The British Calendar Act of 1751, which specified use of the Gregorian calendar in England and its colonies.

Bolivian president wants to ditch the 12-month calendar for 13 months of 28 days

In 2016, “Bolivian President Evo Morales proposed that the Andean country switch back from the Gregorian calendar to the calendar previously used by its indigenous people. During celebrations for the Aymara New Year, Mr. Morales said that he found the Gregorian calendar “untidy.” Mr. Morales said the indigenous calendar, in which a year has 13 months of 28 days each, was much “tidier” than the Gregorian one, in which the length of the months can vary between 28 and 31 days.”

Unification According to a Biologically Harmonic Standard

The Thirteen Moon Calendar, currently used in over 80 countries on Earth, belongs to no religion, is purely non- sectarian, democratically embracing all beliefs and holds a peaceful balance between the various solar and lunar calendars used around the world synchronizing all other calendars. Its use will not only reestablish harmony as an intrinsic value of life, but make accounting easier and provide for a perpetual calendar for all the holidays, i.e., July 4, would now be Cosmic Moon 8, and would always fall on a Sunday.

There is only one way to establish a lunar solar society, because there is only oneway to have a lunar and solar calendar. The Moon revolves around Earth 13 times, during the time Earth revolves around the Sun once. Therefore, to have a lunar solar calendar, we need 13 months per year, not 12. 52 = 13 x 4 is the key.

We have the opportunity to collectively use this simple truth and establish a new lunar solar society, directly leading to the minds and actions of our people being harmonized on a 28-day biological standard in tune with the reality of our natural surroundings, and therefore release ourselves, as a sovereign people, from the male-dominant control of the corrupt and yet ruling elite on Earth.

No matter what the establishment of a lunar solar society may mean to humanity and the biosphere, it is clear that there is one way to coordinate and regulate society according to the natural timing of the Moon and the Sun, both at once: 52 weeks of 7 days each is exactly the same as 13 equal months of 4 weeks each, which is exactly the same as 13 equal months of 28 days each.

Note: A quarter, or season, is roughly 91 days, which is 13 weeks.
13 28-day months is exactly the same as four quarter-years of 91 days each.

The highest purpose of a calendar is not merely to establish a lunar solar society.

The highest purpose of a calendar is to harmonize the mind with nature, to measure natural cycles in time, and to place a society in a state of harmony and synchronization with the biosphere, and with itself. It is the most fundamental organizing principle of human society. The 13-month, 28-day calendar serves these purposes.

“Calendars have changed before to suit contemporary needs and philosophies. Some changes have been in the direction of simplifications and we have inherited the benefits; sometimes not. We have the same rights, the same incentives, and equal abilities, to better our customs, habits, and social structures.

It is our duty to make them more fitted to our new world, not only for us but also for the sake of those to follow. Such mechanical things may seem insignificant and bothersome to make, but they have tremendous spiritual effects. To simplify our calendar may be a first step in taking hold of other things we have inherited, and that, although requiring change, we cannot change because we hold them in awe, or reverence, or by habit, or in fear.

A new calendar for a new world is befitting the times.” – Enoch Karrer, 1942


“I am in favor of a standardized calendar for the whole world… I am always ready to endorse any honest movement that will help unify the peoples of the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


“The superior person sets the calendar in order and makes the seasons clear.” – I Ching, Hexagram 49, Revolution



14 thoughts on “Effect of Time on Consciousness

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  5. Thank you for share this liberating information.

    Really I see that the Gregorian calendar only make sense to mass control, as well as the commemorative dates created just to encourage the consumerism (here in Brasil has a lot of it).

    The flows of life goes far beyond this calendar. We need to free ourselves and connect more and more with our essence and with the whole.

    I love your site and I wanna to know more about it.

    Great gratitude!

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