Galactic Education in Brazil

The sacred River of Time continues to flow.  But many can no longer hear it

According to The Mayan Factor, the galactic Maya foresaw this time of darkness on the planet. The time when “the memory of the Galactic Masters would be viewed as a childish dream … but the Numbers of Destiny would remain—the 13 numbers and the 20 signs”.

“These numbers would persist as a clue, a sign, that yet a third phase of the Mayan project was to be completed. Somewhere in that far and distant time, when armies clashed with metal and chemicals released the fire of the Sun, the wonder of the Maya would burst again, releasing the mystery and showing the way that marks the Return among the patterns of the stars. –Jose Arguelles, Mayan Factor, p. 82.

Forty two days ago we concluded the final day of the Return to Sacred Time workshop in Canela,  Brazil. This five-day event inaugurated the opening of the long-awaited Galactic Education Center in the southern hemisphere.(This entry just gives a taste; I encourage others to write more detailed reports).

The event began on a New Moon, Kin 244, October 9, the solar birthday of both Nicholas Roerich and John Lennon.

This day was 2118 days since 21 December, 2012 and 1904 days since the New beam began (26 July, 2013).

Kin 244: Yellow Planetary Seed was also the year bearer of the discovery of the Law of Time on December 10, 1989: Red Self Existing Dragon.

For those new to this, the Law of Time refers to the primary law that organizes all of the Universe according to Time.

Law of time also states that time is the evolution of consciousness.

Consciousness refers to pure evolving Essence, unlimited and unconditioned.At the event we focussed on rememberance of the sacred path and original mission of the Law of Time and 13 Moon calendar (see previous blogs such as

We emphasized Healing the Ancient Trauma by tracing it to its origins, namely back to the destroyed planet Maldek. Everything playing out on our planet today is a replay from another time, another world.

In the root text Telektonon, Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan describes the following:

In the war of the Heavens former cycles, the critical fifth orbit held by the planet Maldek, was shattered … the planet is now the Asteroid Belt, and holds the fifth orbit as a cosmic haunting of a paradise lost. Combined perturbations of the now aggrandized and joined 12:60 orbital ratios of the sixth and seventh planets effectively wiped out the flux tube system of the fourth planet Mars. The harmonics of this now dead planet still carry the frequency of the fourth orbit, recollected as the “War of the Worlds.”

In order to recover memory, we discussed the necessity of purifying the physical and emotional bodies in order that the new knowledge can be clearly received.

Purification is particularly important at this time so that we can better navigate the intense planetary fluctuations now taking place. Until we come to peace within, we cannot further world peace.

We also practiced the activation of inner technology through application of the synchronic codes of time. For those new, these codes are understood as the bridge between the psychic and physical realms. This bridge opens us to perceptions and dimensions that are often hidden from ordinary awareness.

Learning how our mind works through utilizing inner technologies is the way of the Future.

 Our group had varied backgrounds, levels of experience and knowledge. It was a blessing to have in attendance eight of the original earth wizards who were the first to receive the teachings of the Law of Time in 1999 at a 49-day event in Chile with Jose Arguelles and Lloydine.

On the final day each of the five Earth families presented their vision of a new galactic city. The energy was high and creative, filled with art, music and dance.

It was a truly beautiful, love-infused event with more than 80 people emanating creative harmony. When this type of energy is generated, memory returns. Memory of who we really are; memory of our original mission together.

Sometimes the memory comes in the form of a feeling that we cannot articulate. There was a sense that old contracts were being cleared in preparation for a harmonic reassignment within the synchronic order.

We will continue the energy in Mexico for the Day out of Time 2019 .. more details forthcoming …

Some photos (I didnt have many, these are just some that people sent, others might have a better selection…)









in the words of Jose Arguelles:


7 Day week

Babylonian contract

5 days on, 2 days off

You sell us your time

We pay you with money

Slaves of mammon

Chained to 1260 time

Limited pleasure at high cost

With never enough money and never enough time

Guaranteed amnesia

But guess what?

Dreamspell is here

The seven day week: Babylonian contract of third dimensional machine time, slavery

Has been annulled

Your time is yours

Never again

To be bought or sold

The 13 day wavespell has landed

Planet earth has reclaimed her time

No more denial of happiness

But 13 day waves of excitation of pleasure and creativity

No more escapist week-ends of indulgent schizophrenia.

But all the personal power you will need

Simply by identifying yourself as a planetary kin

Free and equal to all planetary kin

Riding the wave from the Dreamspell of history to the Dreamspell of galactic culture.

It’s all an illusion, but why not chooses a superior illusion?

With a special thanks to Andre, Tiele and Isis,  as well as Ishram Tansley, who without him this would not be. As well as all who have volunteered their time and resources, and a special thanks to our Argentine dome builders. This is just the beginning …

Note: 26 days after this event, on Kin 14, Rafeeka led a group of 10,000 in the rainbow bridge meditation in Taiwan. This day 8 November is precisely one spin (260 days from galactic new year day 26 July, 2019) Very inspiring!




















10 thoughts on “Galactic Education in Brazil

  1. Blessings beloved sister I get activated every time I read your blogs. Did you get my message about Brazil being an electric Kin activator? You look very youthful and rejuvenated
    Love Always
    Afiya Kin 50

  2. There’s hope, I’m an incurable optimist. In the caves of France, at the Lascaux site and in caves of China too, scientists have found evidence of astronomical awareness, in the creators of these cave paintings. They’ve found the dates too, of these works of art, by checking the paints, used to make the paintings.

    I perceive a process, with emotions of all colours of the rainbow, that slowly, but gradually, humanity is shifting out of a worn out paradigm, moving into a new paradigm, experienced as a dawning. To some of us it may be scary, entering a new reality. To others it may feel like a liberation and celebration.

    With responsibility we have freedom of choice, when our purpose and moral standards, our ethics, are clear and our hearts and minds work as a team. This I believe and it’s my choice to live up to what I believe, as a light-bearer and way-shower, moving into allowing more, less forcing.

  3. white electric wind service to truth love the dome dwellings
    thankyou valum votan realeyes realise real lies, i am another yourself

  4. Much enjoyment in reading this posting, and, viewing attached video light show, dance, music performance
    Kin 122

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