2019: Inner Life and Synchronic Supermoons Kin 80: Yellow Lunar Sun, Clear sign P.V.

It will appear that all those who cannot change are regressing only because the spiral accelerates so quickly. Once you are on the train, it is not you who are moving, but the train that is moving you. Those who missed the train stand still but appear to recede until they are no longer visible. –Valum Votan

Twenty-nineteen marks the 437th year that we have used the Gregorian calendar.

January 1 began on Yellow Electric Star, Kin 68, followed 20 days later by the lunar eclipse on Kin 88, Yellow Planetary Star (January 21, 2019).

This eclipse also marks the  75th day of our 260 day cycle of Cosmic Healing.https://1320frequencyshift.com/2018/11/08/260-days-of-cosmic-healing/

The intention of this 260-day cycle is to keep our eye on the Divine Template of healing and wholeness. Rememberin that we are each a part of a larger alchemical experiment, and our body/mind is our laboratory that is connected to the entire cosmos. 

This eclipse is also known as the Blood Wolf Moon. It occurs in the 10th position of the 13-day Storm wavespell. This signifies a time of a great transformation of planetary energy to make way for the manifestation of new art and beauty.

The Storm is also archetypally known as the World-changer. This wavespell has initiated a burst of catalytic energy that will ripple through into the next supermoons.

Supermoons 2019, Kin 88: January 21, 2019                                                                                     , Kin 117: February 19, 2019                                                                                        , Kin 147: March 21, 2019

This is a time for clearing, introspection and self-reflection. For those sufficiently cleared the effects may bring greater access to interplanetary memory and cosmic perceptions. 

This eclipse occurs at 00°51′ Leo, and kin 88 also marks 11 spins since Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan’s final day on Earth (One spin = 260 days).

Three days after this eclipse would have been his 80th solar return on Resonant Moon 15: Blue Cosmic Monkey, Kin 91 (January 24, 2019). Note that Pacal Votan, as well as Buddha, lived an 80 year life span.

January 24 is also the midpoint of the 13 Moon  year, with 182 days remaining in the Cosmic Moon year. (Also see Arguelles article about January 24 as most depressing day of year): https://1320frequencyshift.com/2013/01/24/january-24-most-depressing-day-of-the-year/

This lunar eclipse leads us into the New Moon in Aquarius on Galactic Moon 2:  Kin 106 (February 4, 2019), clear sign on the northern edge of the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan.  

It is also interesting to note that the Kin 88 eclipse as well as the lunar eclipse/super blue blood moon of January 31, 2018, both fall on Jewish holiday, “TU BISHVAT” (arbor day). This is  one of the four new years of the Jewish calendar mentioned in the Talmud. This particular holiday celebrates the new birth of trees. Also remembering that the four blood moons of 2014-2015 all fell on Jewish holidays. 

The next total lunar eclipse will not occur until  May 26, 2021, Kin 163: Blue Resonant Night.

Activate Superconscious Power

This eclipse and triplet supermoons are a time to amplify and hone our superconscious powers. To do this we place attention on the cultivation of the holon, the fourth-dimensional etheric force than animates our physical vehicle.

The more we identify with our core essence or the GOD force that connects us to All That Is, the better off we will be when the illusions of this world continue to come tumbling down like dominoes.

Moon is associated with water, reminding us to cultivate fluidity, so that when things around us lose substance, solidity and stability of matter, we are not shaken, but rather keep on flowing unimpeded into the Great Ocean.

Remember the Plot

During this time it is important to remember that we are either consciously encoding the future or unconconsciously (re)acting to the past. 

Within the unconscious are buried prejudices or the predisposition to confirm a preconception. A preconception is an assumption made according to unexamined conditioning.

The fundamental purpose of the Law of Time, 13 Moon calendar,  and all of the synchronic code practices is to MAKE CONSCIOUS WHAT WAS UNCONSCIOUS.

We will not change the world by reacting in the same predictable ways.

In order to encode the future, one must be able to step out of time into non-ordinary spaces and dimensions. Practices of the law of time offer a systematic way to cultivate these capacities. The prerequisite is natural mind meditation.

Silence is Golden

Time spent in meditation or silence helps us to release the hooks from our unconscious programming that keep us tethered to the past.

These hooks create a veil or thought filter that is woven out of our past beliefs and fears. If these hooks are not discovered and released then we subconsciously project these beliefs, fears and stories onto everything and everyone around us. Whatever conflict, fear or pain that we have inside of us, will filter and distort what we see.

These hooks are like parasites that feed on our fear and are always expecting the worst in ourself and others. This is not our True Essence.

This is why meditation, prayer and fasting have been prescribed throughout the ages by virtually every religion and spiritual tradition. In the Essene Gospel of Peace, Christ exorcises demons from the people which are actually parasites that have invaded the body through unclean living. When the body/mind is purified then disharmony and negativity depart.

These parasitic energies are like alien implants that have been embedded through frequency modulation into our sense organs. It makes us crave things that keep us enslaved to the sensory body, such as: unhealthy foods, negative thinking, drugs, alcohol, promiscuities, violent movies, etc. If not monitored, we fall into addiction.  Addictions are how we feed the parasites.

All information comes in through our sense organs. Sense organs condition our perceptions. Perceptions provide the constructs from which reality is mentally woven.  When we purify the sense organs, our perceptions change. This is key to changing the “movie” playing out on Planet Earth.  

When we push our own limits and exert in new perceptual horizons, it clears the way for others and makes it easier for them.

When taking time to purify body/mind we enter a perceptual state where we are able to see the interconnectedness of all thinking layers and belief systems.

When we enter this frequency space, our mind quickly reconciles any number of seemingly. fundamental differences. This is a frequency of resonance that dissolves dualistic thought forms. From this lens we see that duality is a mind trap that spins us in circles within a stagnated time loop. When we emerge from this loop through fresh perception, then we find that the things that used to bother us no longer do.

As our perceptions expand, we begin to chose different responses to the world.

What we add to the collective cauldron matters. Our thoughts, words and actions effect change within the cauldron. This is why learning to calm our thoughtwaves and emotional body is so beneficial if we wish to cocreate a more harmonious world. It is the misuse of emotional (and sexual) energy that leads to conflict that escalates into war and violence.

The only way we can add healing to the collective cauldron is to resolve our own inner conflicts, triggers and offenses or any energetics that create disequilibrium. This lunar eclipse and Supermoon will add extra energy for this transformation. Art, music and physical movement are some of  the most effective ways to transmute this energy.

10 thoughts on “2019: Inner Life and Synchronic Supermoons

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  2. Yay!, Thank you! So ready to dive into the chrisalis the next few months ::)
    Thank you for everything Stephanie ::)

  3. Thanks RQ! A very timely post. In the last few months, I’ve frequently caught this process in action: the endless spinning out of defeatist scenarios, which take their point of departure from just about any inner or outer trigger. I’ve dubbed them “Samskaras” and, whenever I notice them, I dissolve them by simply identifying them.

    All the Best…

  4. Thank you for the light you send ,much love and gratitude for all the informations and everything you do <3

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