Neil Young, 1352 and the Memory Matrix Kin 85: Red Resonant Serpent

The purpose of this post is to give a living example of the power of the synchronic order in daily life. We can only see what we are attuned to.

Synchronic order is a frame of time and we provide the meaning.

This particular synchronicity occurred a few days ago at Whole Foods in Las Vegas on Kin 81: Red Electric Dragon (January 14, 2019). Deb, Kin 113, and I were in line to get juice when we noted musician Neil Young in line in front of us (and his wife Darryl Hannah was also shopping in the store).

This particular Electric Dragon signature held much significance for me in my relation with Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. Neil (Percivil) Young had been a favorite of his and, in fact, he was listening to his album, Le Noise, before his passing. (It was a birthday gift from Jacob, Kin 201 that we had in the car in those final days).

Generally I would have left him alone, but something told me to talk to him.  I approached him and had a brief exchange, thanking him for his work and giving condolences for the   loss of his friend, of whom’s daughter was my friend.

I only reveal these details, not because they are particularly important, but to show the synchronic template behind the world of appearance.

Neil Young is Kin 153: Red Planetary Skywalker, sign of Mars. As I gave him my condolence for losing his home in Malibu fire, I suddenly remembered that 15 years prior on Kin 153: Day out of Time, Votan and I almost lost our home in Ashland to a fire. This memory sprocketed into a stream of memories that led me into contemplation of Mars and lost or destroyed planets. (Ultimately planets representing different aspects of our own consciousness).

Later in the day as I contemplated this, I flashed to my siting six months earlier of actor and musician Jared Leto, Blue Lunar Hand, wearing a bright pink Gucci shirt at Erewhon health food store in Hollywood. Leto is lead singer of band, 30 Seconds to Mars. Contemplating the connection between these encounters sent me down a rabbit hole that literally led to Wonderland. Keep reading.

The purpose of the 13 Moon calendar and synchronic order is to tune our cosmic antennae into the synchronic patterns that are woven through our daily life. All is part of one interconnected multidimensional geometric mandala.

I did a little research and was amazed to discover that Jared Leto bought and lived in the former Lookout Mountain Airforce Station in Laurel Canyon, California. The address is 8935 Wonderland Avenue, and between 1947 and 1969, photography and videos of top secret nuclear explosions were brought here for editing and post production. Some of the most renowned Hollywood scriptwriters, producers, actors, etc., were part of these projects. It is said that they made more movies than all the Hollywood movies combined, though only a very small fraction have been disclosed. .

What I found interesting is that the production company is called 1352 Motion Picture Squadron. The name was formerly 4881st Motion Picture Squadron, but was redesignated 1352 on May 1, 1952, Kin 173: Red Self Existing Skywalker.

This frequency signature 173 was of interest as it is the kin number of the first Cosmic History transmission that began with a memory of Maldek’s destruction on March 12, 2002. Skywalker is associated with Mars.

Mars-Maldek and Cosmic History

A little background to see my line of thinking…

Cosmic History tells that the unresolved karma from Maldek was then transferred to Mars (which also destructed) and now to Earth to see if we can correct the error.  

The work with Cosmic History was revealed as the vehicle to connect the points of lost consciousness between Maldek (that which has been destroyed and forgotten) and present-day Earth. 

Each of the seven Cosmic History volumes deals with a different facet of knowledge. Volume 3: Book of the Mystery, explores the connection between the atomic bomb and rock and roll music, which emerged (along with many UFO sightings)  just after the first bomb explosion.

Synchronically, Laurel Canyon was also a hotbed in the 1960s of many prominent rock and roll musicians, actors, artists, etc. Much of this music carried with it the memory of the lost or destroyed planets.

Virtuallly all the top musicians of the time from Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin lived or spent time in the Canyon.  

Cosmic History cites three factors contributing to rock and roll music: the bomb, technospheric regimentation and the deteriorating environment. The radioactivity, which had been a factor in the destruction of Maldek and Mars, was relased into the atmosphere and activated the memory of previous worlds. This memory was then picked up by those sensitive such as artists and musicians.

It is interesting that this music, that is still broadcast all over the airwaves today, was created in Laurel Canyon close to Lookout Mountain.

The mission of the 1352nd Motion Picture Squadron was: “ provide in-service production of classified motion pictures and still photographs for the Department of the Air Force in support of the Atomic Energy program and to provide such additional production of motion picture and still photography as directed by the Commanding General, Air Pictorial Service.”

The question is:  What are in these videos and why did they use the number 1352?

Now, let’s take a Multidimensional Jump …

1352: AA Midway Station 

In 1984, the number 1352 was revealed to Jose Arguelles as the access code to the AA Midway Station, an interdimensional base operated by joint command of the stars Arcturus and Antares (see Surfers of the Zuvuya and 20 Tablets of the Law of Time).

1352 (104 x 13). 104 = A Venus cycle. 104 is  fractal of the grand Arcturus cycle of 104,000 years.

The AA Midway Station is is a type of monitoring base with multiple screens offering simultaneous views of what is happening both on this planet and on other planets and star systems nearby to this one. The AA alliance is part of the larger intergalactic federation.

Through the different surveillances (or what we might call remote viewing) conducted by the AA Midway Station, virtually everything that occurs on this planet is known, observed and indexed in a type of astral library. This includes the memory of the destruction of Maldek, that holds the orbit of a haunting of a paradise lost. Maldek can also be understood as a template in our galaxy of other  exploded or destroyed planets.  

This is all by way of illustrating a particular perceptual structure and different levels of knowledge that are opened based on attunement to the synchronic order.  It changes what we are attuned to, which opens us to different thinking layers that others might overlook.

As we change the way we see, what we see changes.

Final Synchronic Notes: Kin 81 (9 x 9), guided by electric serpent.  3rd day of Storm Wavespell of Self Generation. Synchronotron Kin equivalent: 164, Yellow Galactic Seed (Galactic Synchronizaton/New Beam inception July 26, 2013).  Base Matrix Unit. 322. 3-22, 2011, Kin 88 was the final day of Votan’s life. Kin 88 is the upcoming Lunar eclipse, blood wolf super moon. (Also noting that Young has a song called Wolf Moon). Kin 89, January 22, 2019 will mark 11 spins since his passing. His birth kin is kin 11. 

If new, this has all you need to start:








5 thoughts on “Neil Young, 1352 and the Memory Matrix

  1. flat and stationary with sun and moon circling under a dome is obvious when you start to question the official narrative and gain real eyes realise real lies, aotearoa new zealand first to adopt harmonic calendar/operating system our time and date is first makes sense we the first country to adopt harmonic operating system and first to stop teaching spinning ball theory, gravity, evolution first to synchronize to synchronicity and the synchronic clock namaste freeGodschildren,…. I found ValumVotan josearguelles online dreamspell lawoftimewebsite 2008-2009 …13.20 frequency recorded on our bodies and like you say we provide the meaning as we are a living expression of now, i have the whole earth in my heart now thankyou VV you led me too our Father the rescuer whom wants us back

  2. Great story Stephanie! Thanks for addressing Super Blood Wolf Moon. Wish you’d visit Reno, NV sometime. Star peace Caravan…

  3. the flying white “visionary angel” in one of the cover album from Led Zeppelin. Same as the light of a camara scanner or light recorder, or some sort of a drion,or light vulv flying, connectd into another screen/spehere or manner of comunicating or distort, May be a militar artefact from the past-present that these days it is being missused.

  4. Hi Stephanie. Lisa, Red 13 Skywalker here. The Mars – Maldek memory has been a big part of my observed synchronicity as well, since 1989. These were big losses/traumas for us that we are collectively trying to heal. I strongly feel that’s why I’m on the planet again dedicated to that forgiveness and awakening to our ability to rehabilitate our minds. It’s so true about artists and musicians being sensitive. I and some family members are in that group.

    I continue to be grateful for all of José ‘ s work as I work on my Tzolkin translated into amino acid proteins project. I believe it is possible to ground this information into real world application. I’ll check out those Cosmic History voumes. Thanks.

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