Shire Farm, Earth Geomancy and Day out of Time

Welcome to the Yellow Crystal Seed Year 1.30, New Sirian Cycle

The Earth has a mind of its own. It is up to us to synchronize with this mind. In bringing down that which is above, it raises up that which is below. 

There are places on the earth where the new, purified energies can be palpably felt; where it is easy to connect with the spirit of the earth. The Shire Farm in Tetford, England is one of these places.  I had the privilege of experiencing this energy for the second year in a row in a five-day event to celebrate the Day Out of Time and New Year.

Located close to Earths Prime Meridian (zero longitude), Shire Farm is a powerful vortex that links with the subtle dimensions. The people who work the land exude a calming sense of spacious yet grounded peace.

The 500-acre Farm is overseen by Chairman Mike Booth, an advocate for biodynamic farming (and an all-around planetary artist and earth wizard).

According to author and planetary geomantist, Richard Leviton, Shire Farm is the site of a major geomantic wisdom temple of planetary significance. This site is also what Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan called a noosphere reserve, an interactive energy field that interfaces with cosmos.The noosphere is not only the “thinking layer” of our planet, but extends into other dimensions as well. When we enter these types of forcefields we realize that we are an extension of an evolving consciousness.

Lilith, Avani and Satchi

The workshop was co-created with Mike Booth and Avani, Electric Eagle, with the intention to ground the new vibration and galactic frequencies into the earth and accelerate conscious awakening.

Day out of Time: Blue Spectral Night/July 25, 2017

On the Day out of Time, we walked the magical mile-long chakra path which contain powerful imported stones from all over the world. Many of the stones are inscribed by cosmic sculptress Kersten Schipper, which amplify the vibrations.

Each of us meditated on our solar seal chakra and radial plasma according to the codes of the Law of Time. For me that was Crown and Solar Plexus. At the crown is a statue of archangel Michael with crystals buried below.

Time stood still as a spacious simplicity overtook my being with a deep feeling of well-being and that no matter what, everything was going to be OK.

Tools, codes, keys and colors are our helpers. Discipline within these systems is for the purpose of raising our frequency which builds a scaffold to other worlds or dimensions.

Our purpose is to spiritualize matter or to externalize the light of our inner being. Deep relaxation into the Present Moment brings about a resonant exchange with other Life upon the planet and beyond.

Planetary artist and sculptress Kersten Schipper from Bavaria, Germany

Kersten also inscribed the 20 solar seals of the Law of Time into stone. These seals were then placed in the geometrical layout of the Hunab Ku 21 (as brought forth by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan). This powerful configuration creates an archetypal interface from human to the land, grounding the new frequencies.

The first seal is the Dragon (the Primal Force) and the last seal is the Sun (Enlightened One). Dragon nurtures all life as the leylines that run through the earth (dragon lines). Sun is a star that represents the focalization of galactic energy in a particular field.

The stars, including our Sun, are the receivers of the streams of life and knowledge emitted by the Hunab Ku (central Source) meant to be evolved in the myriad star systems of the Universal Order.


with Mike Booth, Yellow Crystal Star

The structure of the Hunab Ku is a tool of meditation. Between the 21 seals there are 52 connecting paths that complete the construct of Hunab Ku 21.

These represent 52 weeks in a year. The 21 seals constitute both the archetypal design template of the galaxy, as well as the primal construct of galactic consciousness.

The Hunab Ku 21 is the Galactic Tree of Life and Knowledge. Hunab Ku 21 is the quintessence of the teachings of the synchronic order.

In the galactic order, the form of the galaxy and the nature of the consciousness are one and the same.

Because of the harmony of nature at Shire Farm, there is a sense that the spiritual light can easily interface with the earth energy. The result in the human is the opening of the heart or love force where these two lights meet. The Noosphere is felt.

At the heart of Shire Farm is a deep caring and nurturance of the Earth. As Mike Booth writes:

“Speaking to the deeper nature of biodynamics, it’s important for us to have a thinking and feeling relationship with nature in every part of the life cycle. By collaborating with the “egregor,” or consciousness of the land, we can come into harmony between what it wants for its own well-being and what our needs are.


This involves an attunement with the overall energetics and elementals of the land, and also the devic (nature) spirits and angelic beings that work with the beingness of each plant and field and section of the farm. In this way we respect the earth as a vital partner in our mutual well-being, because we understand that each must receive what is needed to thrive in health and wholeness so that all may thrive.”

From Mt. Shasta to Tetford: Double Rainbow

On Cosmic Serpent (July 27) we went to the land to meditate with the newly carved Quetzalcoatl stone.

After invoking the power of Quetzacoatl and the sign of the oroborus, powerful energies were felt. We had spoken earlier in the day about Noah, genetics, DNA, and the Ark, we did a group Rainbow Bridge meditation. Soonafter a double rainbow appeared! A good sign!

Four years earlier in Mt. Shasta, we held a ceremony to open the New Galactic Beam. Later that day a double rainbow appeared.

Mt. Shasta is said to be the root chakra of the Planet, with Tibet at the Crown. Tetford is believed to be the root chakra of Albion, the great archeytpal giant of humanity as represented by William Blake. Albion’s feet are said to be in Scotland and head in France, with the Root chakra in Tetford.


15 thoughts on “Shire Farm, Earth Geomancy and Day out of Time

  1. Wonderful article about Shire Farm and how beautifully it has been created. We were on a pilgrimage of the St Mary and St Michael Ley lines for a month – Day Out of Time was in the middle of it and it was amazing to be on the dragon lines for so much time. A crop circle arrived not a mile from where we were of a Merkaba – very Yellow Crystal Seed in formation. Blue Spectral Eagle and Red Spectral Earth

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  5. Blessings beautiful people
    My name is Dana Hodgson Red Resonant Skywalker and reading this article makes me very happy due to the fact that maybe you can hear me and help me to uncover the secrets missing links as I seek confirmation. I am a channeler of Gaia grid and been working on healing the so-called soul star for years. Long story short spirit led me to relocate on the farm-jongenskloof-/Riviersonderend/ south africa where the chakra is located-circle of dreams. This sacred space and its profound location and the gatherings that happened here is magnificent. Nevertheless deep healing is needed and I have seeked answers from various groups and organizations to confirm and support- gather here to renew its energies without any answers. Maybe you the law of time may find this in line with your purpose. Blessings and thank you

    • Hello ascendinginlove, I’ve read your message and the first thought that came up, about assistance in the healing process of the location where you’re working in, is a man called Marco Pogacnik, an Unesco artist for peace:

      I’ve read some of his books and followed Marco’s videos on YouTube and while knowing of several healing methods for the Earth and living beings on her body, his work has impressed me much. I’m not in the practice of healing myself at the moment, so I won’t be available to help you with that task. I’m fond of passing on information and knowledge for understanding and that’s what I’m doing now.

      There’s integrity and deep wisdom in Marco’s work, as I perceive it. Slovenia is his country of birth. I’ve explored other teachers originating from that part of the world, like Gurdieff born in Armenia and Ouspenski, his pupil, from Russia.

      In general, there’s a practice of spiritualism in East Europe and Russia, that is (still) less spoiled by the Modern Western World approach, which tends to turn spiritual practice into a commercial product and selling it, on an alluring display in a sweet-shop to those addicted to instant drama and instant solutions or….in want of entertainment just to feel less bored for a moment.(Scorpio moves its tail, ha).

      You may find help also by asking the archangels Michael and Raphael, for assistance. Or any other guidance that has a natural connection with you or the land where healing is welcome. More than ever, the door is open to the other side. It’s up to us to ask for help, for the other side can’t interfere, you see?

      We’re the ones who are meant to bring our own heaven on our own earth. That is, not in a separation, disconnected from those around us, but in the wholeness of our autonomy and freedom of expression.

      Those beings on the other side, who serve the Light of Truth, have gone through that process in the past. Be it on planet Earth or other celestial bodies. With that experience they’re standing ready to offer assistance, when asked.

      The student is ready for a teacher, when awakening and spiritual development is concerned, not the other way around. At least, that’s my experience in the everlasting learning curve in my life, increasingly so in the recent years.
      Good luck and be well!

      • As I offer myself computer time on this precious site/channel and follow the revelations and comments, I become happy, relieved ,and I stand in awe for those that consacrate their life energy on these actions and communicate here. Thank you all for keeping the path open and help us ascend by showing the way. Wa Salaam

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