Inner Climate Change and New Beam Plan  Kin 109Red Overtone Moon 

When the pattern of human life becomes too stagnant and self-destructive, we return to Earth again. –Galactic Maya.

Purificatory fires and emotional flooding are spilling over into the third dimension. Whirling and clashing belief systems, monster hurricanes, volcanoes and shaking at the earth’s core.

Frequency wars are being amplified. The heat is being turned up on all fronts. On September 6, Kin 105, the sun produced two massive X-class flares, the most powerful  and strongest in a decade. This is extremely significant as the Sun is Key to everything (see previous blog on Solar consciousness).

On Kin 108 (September 8, 2017) Chiapas, Mexico was hit with the largest earthquake ever recorded in modern history. This was coupled by mysterious blue and green lights in the sky. This was accompanied by Hurricane Katia.

Also on kin 108 we saw Coronal mass ejections and solar super storms along with Hurricane Jose following Irma.

For those new to this, the tomb of Pacal Votan and tomb of the Red Queen are located in Palenque, Chiapas. Pacal’s tomb was buried for 1,260 years (692 -1952). 1260 also refers to mechanical time, 12 month calendar, 60 minute clock as put forth by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan.

According to the Law of Time we are in the midst of biosphere-noosphere transition, which is nothing less than the Totality of Transformation of the Entire Spectrum of Life and Reality as we know it.

As the elements transform and the foundational structure crack, ventilation points are opened allowing for new patterns of perception and behavior.

If we could, we would cancel the heavy requiting blow which looms over humanity and the Planet. But for the Spirit to be liberated, the fetters must be broken. Thus purification accompanies the closing of accounts. The sky darkens when the storm breaks. Yet, when it is over, deep peace pervades. Our disciples are called the Sowers of the Future, for in the midst of darkness they herald peace. — –Trigueirinho

Root of Problem

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan proclaimed that the root of the world problem is the creation of a false and artificial timing frequency (12:60) which drives human life as if humans were machines. He saw that as human society becomes more “civilized,” nature is increasingly ignored in favor of virtual reality. And we live in a fragile system based on the functioning of the electromagnetic field.

This current world paradigm consists of a belief system held together by money, banking, political systems, religious institutions, chemical agriculture, and mass media. Its systems are organized by the Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock.

The majority have become so indoctrinated into the 12:60 paradigm that most people do not think to question certain aspects of existence, such as the history and effects of clocks and calendars on our psyche. Consider that all fear programs are embedded in the 12:60 frequency grid. This includes much of the media that is designed to keep people in a constant state of agitation and fear.

Artificial End-Game

“Evil is anything that distracts.” Frank Kafka


Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.” ~R. Buckminster Fuller.

The 12:60 (mechanical time) and 13:20 (natural/synchronic time) form a distinction of two parallel realities or timelines, each with a myriad of sub-potentiation.

The 12:60 frequency endgame is the full electromagnetic domination of the entire species encapsulated in a false timing frequency.

This process is accelerating with 5G, the fifth generation of high-speed wireless service. Wired magazine describes the 5G revolution as an information conduit being built to connect self-driving cars, VR headsets, delivery drones, and billions of interconnected devices inside the home.

This also means further automation, security and surveillance with indeterminate health factors.  Verizon is already testing it out in 11 US cities and ATT also conducting experiments. You can research.

Galactic/Cosmic intelligence is the antidote to artificial intelligence. Both originate in Mind. Choose your own adventure:

Behind Curtain 1 is: 12:60 artificial/machine frequency. The world of Cognitive Dissonance.

The frequency leads to a virtual life run by artificial avatars with brain-chipped corporate minds and digital hearts. Cold automatons and digital slaves educated for ignorance under the guise of super intelligence; sleeping with sex bots and living on a diet of nanoparticles and genetically modified food, desalinated ocean water and fake laboratory meat.  In this life you can choose to forgo access to your true essence and live forever as an automated robot with synthetic DNA.

Behind Curtain 2 is: 13:20 natural/synchronic frequency. The world of Harmonic Resonance. 

This frequency leads to a synchronized life run by self-realized cosmic avatars maintaining an organic garden culture in resonance with Natural cycles. Liberated beings navigating by synchronicity and with a fully activated holomind aligned with the Greater Galactic community. Their balanced brain hemispheres open a two-way information beam that ripples to and from the individual to the collective or planetary mind, and from the planetary mind through the Sun to the galactic core. Time Travel,teleportation and bilocation become fully accessible. Dormant healing powers activated and new aesthetics expressed.

New Beam Intervention Plan: Dream Yourself Awake

Through our collective work, the ground has been layed.

All of the knowledge contained in the Cosmic History Chronicles serve as seeds of a new galactic knowledge base that lays the gridwork for an alternative reality; a parallel universe attractor to counteract and provide a new timeline that is vastly different from the artificial transhumanist one that is now unfolding.

Benevolent Intervention is already happening and is surfacing as the emergence of an invisible intelligence network made up of diverse individuals that are being guided back together to fulfill a Covenant made in another time.

(I witnessed this Plan in full action continuously through my recent 66 days of travel, which will further articulate in a forthcoming entry).

The noospheric network is activating. It is all a time release program quickened by the Sun’s activity.  People of all walks of life are being telepathically contacted and receiving new instructions.

Individual storylines are now converging, and despite surface appearances, the Galactic Renaissance is at hand.

The New Beam Plan is not occurring in a conventional way. It is not centralized. Yet it is organized by a definite pattern. Its Plan is revealed by following synchronicity.  It is spread out mostly among the anonymous and humble ones.

The New Beam Plan is like invisible ink that has to be lived to appear.  This is its genius. It is the Revolution of Direct Experience. The Revolution of Presence. It is non localized and undetectable to those focused solely on the material plane or hypnotized by the nightly news.

A whole other Reality is being broadcast. Listen.  There is a Plan far Greater and More Beautiful than we might imagine. Do not lose heart. World events are meant to catalyze us into Higher Service and action.

Synchronic order, 13 Moon calendar and the codes of the Law of Time have as their function to raise our frequency so we can lift our heads above the regularly scheduled mind programming. The point of these daily practices is to liberate the mind and increase awareness of the magic of the synchronic order. This in turn opens us to new perceptions and awareness of other realities.

Study yourself.  Guard your mind.  Open your heart. Embody the knowledge.

Galactic Maya

Galactic Maya are masters of Time and Ilusion. They are the Universal Ones. You will find them scattered about in different groups, races, religions and nationalities. They are coded time release carriers of Universal Consciousness. They are traditionally unconventional.

Galactic Maya remind us to Dream an ever higher Dream.

The Way of the Galactic Maya involves the complete transcendence of all conventional thoughts, ideas and beliefs about reality, and the recognition that the entire world of form is mind-generated.

 If the mind is the root and source of everything we know as well as all of our perceptions of our self and the world, and we readily allow it to be enslaved by the screen of virtual or machine dominated reality for a preponderant number of our waking hours, doesn’t the mind also deserve to be refreshed by the experience of its own natural state? —Valum Votan


GM108X Transmission (by Valum Votan)

The GM108X is a continuum of transmission, a circuit that extends directly from the Hunab Ku, an information stream, knowledge template and spiritual probe, generating the race of Galactic Maya as its guardians and supervisors.

As the primary emanation of this stream GM108X for this cyclic turning on V.24.3, along with the complementary emanation, it is ours to embody this composite of information stream, knowledge template and spiritual probe.

For GM108X to take a human birth is akin to deep sea diving. The human psychosensory apparatus is our wet suit. We probe, test and leave deposits of knowledge at the dense bottom of the electromagnetic ocean of cosmic consciousness.

Remembering ourselves through meditational samadhi, our wet suits become but a porous membrane or filter, and in actuality, our mind is both the wet suit’s informant and its psychosensory processing system.

The point of the GM108X taking on the human birth is not to linger or participate in the unconscious subculture of the bottom of the electromagnetic ocean of cosmic consciousness, but to perform its evolutionary function, transmit certain teachings for the awakening and elevation of consciousness, leave the deposits knowledge assigned to then and to become reabsorbed in the continuum detached from or unattached to the wet suits of the psychosensory apparatus of the human body.

In this performance, the ‘personality” acquired or developed is used as a kind of surfboard in order to negotiate certain currents of being. As a spiritual probe, the GM108X deep sea divers transmit directly to the higher dimensional guides coordinating their dive, all of the experiences and responses to them that occur in the process of their mission.






21 thoughts on “Inner Climate Change and New Beam Plan

  1. During my meditation today (Dog 6, 2017) this message came…

    Though temporary, the fleshy space suit is of ultimate importance during its time on earth; it is the beast of burden and as such should be respected for the pain and suffering it oftentimes endures.

    If Dog represents my heart’s desire, what does this mean?

    The world is sick, and most of the people are sick one way or another. In this sickness there is a cure. You are an antibody, as you defeat the virus in you and around you, so does the cure manifest. So you could say that your heart’s desire is to defeat the virus, so as to effect the cure.

    Are you referring to the Wetiko virus?

    Indeed. This is the best description. A mind parasite of epic proportions.

    I am but one, and they are many. How can I make an impact?

    Each antibody is linked to every other antibody, and those connected by the calendar and codes of the Law of Time are working in concert, whether they know it or not. You are not alone.

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  3. greetings from the outer ring on our flat stationary plane, i am kin 226 my son joe kin 44 my youngest jack kin 231 and my mum kin 127 are resonating 13.20. Daily acknowledgement grounds to the reality of awareness in what we see compared to what we believe real eyes realize real lies. Valum Votan visited me before he was promoted to glory, so grateful, honoured by his being. Without his commitment i would still be an evolved monkey on a spinning globe if not dead in jail thinking money money money which is part of Gregorian stress machine. Love and Giving are daily synchronistic events being receptive to information my combined senses are showing. Look at what is real, nasa and outer space are fake all space agencies therefore all governments are involved. research flat earth ……. i am another yourself

  4. Hi Stéphanie
    How can we be in touch regarding your book and the galactic information field
    I ve something in reliance with the mother of cubes
    Certainly the fractal telektonon
    I built it either in 3d print , and fractal animation as a new generation of sacred geometry
    Belle journée à Vous


  5. Gratitud somos 1 Reina Roja Yo Soy Otro Tu

    Enviado desde mi iPhone

    > El 9/09/2017, a las 9:43 p.m., 13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT escribió: > > >

  6. Thank you for your effort and your message,thank you for your courage to speak the truth in this time of confusion and suffering.May all our sufferings be healed and all the love from the universe and this planet to emerge into our hearts and souls into a perfect sincronicity.Peace to all.

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