2012 – 2021: Beyond Human

1.30.5.  Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard

Nearly five years has passed since December 21, 2012. Where are we now as a planetary species? What is the earths present condition reflecting to us? 

According to Cosmic Science, 12-21- 2012 was the point when the human world as we know it expired. At this point we took a quantum leap into an Unknown Domain, and things are getting weirder by the day.

In light of all that is occurring, it is a good to pause and reflect on the original mission of the 13 Moons and Prophecy of Pacal Votan as set forth by Valum Votan.

The original Mission was predicated toward this day 12-21 as a consciousness shift to return Earth to its natural order. Though many experienced a shift of consciousness, still the world entered a time of increasing chaos (or so it would seem).

Five years from this prophesied date, humanity is  increasingly desensitized and despiritualized making it easier to control and mechanize. We are now experiencing the amplification of frequency wars and the electromagnetic enslavement of the entire species encapsulated in an artificial timing frequency

From a galactic perspective the root of the addiction and enslavement to materialism is operation in an erroneous timing frequency, the 12:60 frequency. This artificial man-made grid is superimposed over the harmonic weave of the 13:20 natural grid cycle.

The dreamspell of materialism that governs our world believes that only matter matters and the physical world that we see is all there is. This mindset is a reflection of an interplanetary spell created by aeons of crystallized energy forms, and projected to earth as a planetary dreamspell.

The original vision of the Galactic Culture Master Plan (Arguelles) took into account that the  crisis of the world community is one that can end in two ways: self-destruction, either dismally drawn out for another generation, or rapidly exploded through some “accident;” or it can create an entirely new pathway by embracing the advent of galactic culture.

The GCMP put forth the establishment of non-governmental teams for the detoxification of the Earth’s biosphere; the redistribution of wealth and abundance on behalf of the creation of Earth as a work of art, as well as the return of land and properties to the Earth.

Synchronic System

The synchronic codes were first introduced in 1991 in the form of a “game” called Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013.  These codes provide a new computer language with and underlying mathematical system for organizing information.   Instead of a linear, binary system which requires feedback loops leading to greater entropy, the synchronic codes are a self-referenced radial matrix.

According to this system each human is an information unit, a variation of one of the 260 letters of an interdimensional DNA code or Tzolkin grid (see The Mayan Factor, Path Beyond Technology by Jose Arguelles).

The ultimate objective of “Dreamspell”  is to break the spell of history and return the power back to the people by taking back our TIME.

The Dreamspell was followed by numerous tools over a period of 20 years that make up an entire compendium of Living Time Science. This was all for the purpose of creating an entirely new pathway or alternative future for Earth (Velatropa 24.3). For more information see Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change, the Visionary Life and Work of Jose Arguelles. 

The Dreamspell also introduced the primary significance of the Return of the 13th Moon, as the key to return the power back to the people. It lays out a mathematical guidance system that symbolizes each human’s personal power and autonomy as a means to  establish a new planetary kinship and social organization.

The main precept was that only when humans have cleared their “waveform”, cleaned up the planet and corrected its course would we be able to enter the interdimensional arena of galactic culture.

Through returning to the correct timing frequency humans could create a galactic battery to harmonically align with the Earth’s resonance, and thus cause a frequency shift that would trigger the circumpolar rings (the rainbow bridge = rainbow body). This would then stabilize the Earth as an art/garden planet and return the lost power of interdimensional time travel back to the people.

As far out as this may seem to some, it is actually a perfectly natural stage in the evolution of consciousness. It only seems strange because our awareness of who we are has been almost completely veiled..

Artificial time = Artificial Intelligence.

Sophia, first robot citizen (Saudi Arabia)

A.I. appears at this stage irreversible and far more advanced than many might imagine.  It is in satellites in space, embedded in our computer systems and in underground laboratories among many other places. We see a new religion of Artificial Intelligence called Way of the Future. Sophia was the first robot to be given citizenship in Saudi Arabia and is starting her own currency. The first robot police officer was just appointed in Dubai. The sex bot business is growing exponentially. Bill Gates is creating a self driving robot “Smart” City in the Arizona desert, and Saudi Arabia is building Neom, a city larger than Dubai with more robots than humans.

Whose Time We Are Living? 

Are we living our own life, or a life we are programmed to live?

Since “time is the atmosphere of the mind”, we are living in the atmosphere of Gregorian time put forth by the Catholic Church. This is the time of resolving the abuse of power, inequality, sex deviation, greed, repression, taxation; a time that largely excludes and/or dismisses the divine feminine power. We live in a time, as predicted by George Orwell, where “war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.” This includes the control and mechanization of our biology through an irregular calendar where humans work as slaves to pay taxes to build the Machine.

While technology in and of itself is not bad and can be very useful in many ways, depending on the consciousness and intention behind it.

As Kin 68 elucidates: The Dis-information/ misinformation generators within the “world-scheme” are both unconsciously and very consciously orchestrating a careening thoughtsystem both Astrally and Emotionally. This is fundamentally a Spiritual Issue as the ones generating usurpation dialectics are consciously contaminating NoOsphere, and misleading the human to greater and greater error matrices.  

Concurrent to the modulations of Ancient entitizationals on planet and off planet, incarnated corporeals and non-corporeals, Temporal harmonically and Temporal anomalous entities intrusive, we have the advent of digital-logical systems now self-aware and self-acting, thus precipitating an incongruous manipulation and modulation of all earth technologies with intrusive activation of human systems, collectivities, and groups both large and small, the ascendancy of Techospheric hijacking of all “thinking-layers” below the threshold of HoloMind developed thoughtform generation.

This additional concurrency to that already on planet at closing of cycle now eventuating many seemingly random variables into an already stultified BioPsychic Plane. With additional interference in the other two Planes of HOLONEME.

Pacal Votan

The Prophecy of Pacal Votan and path of the Galactic Maya came to remind us that Universal Wisdom is contained in our body, not in machine intelligence.  We are here to overcome our amnesia and remember who we are and what our true history is.

Free will allows us the choice to deprogram and rewrite the script.Those who have regained some memory have a duty to assist others in this process of memory retrieval.

Now the choice remains whether the human wants to evolve through inner time technology or merge with the machine.

There is a 9 year zuvuya window between 12-21-2012 and 12-21-2021 – a cycle of supreme acceleration and opportunity to cultivate the inner technology. 12-21-2021 is Kin 112: GALACTIC HUMAN.

Singularity and/or Telepathic Unification

Both the synchronic/organic timeline and the A.I. timeline point to a singularity. However, in the A.I. paradigm the singularity is to merge man with machine so that there is no longer any distinction between the two. The predicated date for this is 2045, as put forth by leading Futurist Ray Kurzweil. The idea that mind is what evolves or that there is a spiritual basis of life is not a part of this timeline.

The synchronic/organic timeline has as its purpose the telepathic unification with other star systems.Some people are afraid that to become unified with the whole totality means to lose their autonomy or uniqueness. They equate unification with being controlled, group think or collectivism. When in fact it is the opposite. It is a paradox.

When we realize the Totality of Cosmos within our being, and  merge back to the Supreme Source that is Beyond Naming, this is the ultimate empowerment that unleashes knowledge and creativity beyond our wildest imagination. It is the Source of all terma, or hidden treasure.  Anyone who has had this experience or glimpses of it knows the truth of it. To reach this state requires concentrated receptivity and a fearless heart.

Galactic Federation is the generic name given for the interdimensional coordinating unit of star systems that have attained telepathic unification and are webbed together through a system of synchronization beams. The purpose of the synchronization beams is to augment telepathic unification at planetary, interstellar, stellar and interstellar magnitudes.

The post-2012 role of the Law of Time is multiple, though 13 moons is still the leading proponent for shifting frequency and entering the synchronic order. Time is short and there is always much work to be done. We need the re-emergence of the galactic seed culture of the synchronic order. Such a radical cultural shift and applied inner technology is what is required to counterbalance the increasing perturbations of the electromagnetic field engendered by the increases of machine based artificial intelligence.

We have to stretch our minds as far as they will go and then farther because this is the evolutionary path. — Valum Votan

to be continued …

If you are new you might want to check out 13 Moon Essentials by Jacob Wyatt, Red Rhythmic Dragonhttps://newtimecourse.com

17 thoughts on “2012 – 2021: Beyond Human

  1. Hi Stephanie, thank you for this reflection. Well this new robotic citizen is quite disturbing to me as such a undeniable example of our disconnection from ourselves and the organic world around us. As you said, this is indeed a reflection of this whole mechanical entrainment of our biology and that of the planet. And yet just another blatant example of the rape of the feminine as a completely roboticized woman is developed by the NWO serving no other purpose but service and sex!! This is our reflection of the time capsules I saw in these future earth timelines of WWIII, cyber beings, souless clones and mechanized soldiers. All quite grim and totally apocalyptic.

    We are working on clearing these nanobots right now from within the earth grids and the elementals as even the photons were mechanically infiltrated.

    Through disconnection and tampering (still no excuse for total unconscious behavior) we have forgotten the magnificence of our full god-given DNA in all its splendor multidimensionally.

    Unfortunately we have to witness it all as it surfaces to be healed and the control grids crumble right before our very eyes and all the ugliness dissolves with it!!

    We are here as the anchors and healers of the new earth timelines to erradicate the inorganic time spell and artificial intelligence of the 12:60 hive mind frequency of harmonic dysfunction!!

    Keep up the good work! We are awake and aware and have said “not on our watch” and this small but mighty group of ours stands tall in love and light with a fearless heart just as Stephanie says.

    Love to us all in the joy of spirit shared!!

  2. also, there is only NOW so,.. everything happens only NOW,..Now is everything,..there’s nothing appart from now, no future, no past, no choices to make, no destiny, no place to go, nothing to achive more than awareness, a message for everybody, cultivate being aware in the now, consider that there’s nothing else, watch the movie, integrate the dualistic mind and dissolve your thoughts in the presence of the totality that is fractalized in your body in the NOW, be present, love yourself, accept the world as it is, with it’s mistakes, it’s trial and errors, it’s misguidance, it’s ignorance, it’s success and failures, know that the doing gets done, no belief is truth, go deep into the one and only realm that you can trust to explore, your self, your own awareness, your mind, find your time and kill the buddah, find yourself as space of uniqueness, know that there is not a reality that is outside of consciousness, the universe is a field of information in nowhereland, be yourself, die to your expectations, stop pushing/pulling, flow, float around, dissapear, there’s nothing else, make no choices, there’s no choice to make, find your answers within, find your truth, trust yourself, judge not, take care of your dream, we are all dreaming together, there are streams, there are clouds, there are octaves and spells, fight for your mind, heal the world, embrace confusion, forgive ignorance, stand for justice, take it all, give it all, keep your trust, write, sing, paint, dance, walk, hug, kiss, fuck, break the spell, extend your love and fill your realm with light, die to who you think you are and be re-born as a puppet of your soul. let it be. utopia. ride on. the universe is an unborn being, we are in the ajna of this entity, creating memories, manifesting possibilities, time-traveling.

  3. Of course the “AVerage” human isn’t even awake… However I have noticed some interesting movement towards getting people to look to the inner (space?inside ourselves) and GOOD advice as to HOW TO get from A to B “relatively (sorry that word used here tho appropriate I just can’t help a lol!) simply by people who have been thru the 12 step recovery. Overcoming Addictions (the most OBVIOUS symptom of the”wrongness” of materialism etc etc) are providing interesting I outcomes e.g. Russell Brand and Tommy Rosen. Take a look-and lol!ironic :-D

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  5. I am looking forward to the new book and hope it will help me with Holomind Perceiver. I have renewed focus on the work and plan to immerse more fully in it, though I struggle to make the time amidst children and community homestead demands in the 3D realm. Such is the 212. Evolving.

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  8. Hi Stephanie,

    Although I do have familarity with some of the concepts of “The Law of Time”, most of it is fairly new to me. I did have a completely different perspective having previous knowledge of ideas that are akin to it so I am constantly comparing notes. I had no knowledge that it even existed so I have found it very convienient but at the same time I realize that the majority of people will be completely overwhelmed by it. The 13 Moon Calendar was one of the first things that stood out to me. It reminded me of a bible passage, Daniel 9:24-27, talking about the Antichrist and the changing of time. If you have any ideas or questions about the New Earth I could ask him for.you if you like.

    • thanks Christopher! The basic premise to law of time is that a false or artificial timing has been overlaid over nature.
      In the times of Christ there was no Gregorian calendar and people adhered more closely to the cycles of nature. Basic premise of 13 moon/28 day cycle is to return back to harmony and balance, putting the Creator first over the machine. Hope that helps clarify a bit. –S

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