Psi Bank, Zoltan and the Cloud

As an externalized biological projection, the machine requires an equally rapid propagation and multiplication in the species generating the machine. The machine is the chief agent contributing to the condition of biogeochemical combustion.–Jose Arguelles/The Rinri Project

The advance of technology makes it much easier to understand the many facets of the Law of Time in context of the biosphere-noosphere transition.

Bio is life and Noo is mind, in essence the biosphere-noosphere transition also indicates a solar-galactic biomutation.

From this vantage point, the technosphere, as advanced as it may appear, is an intermediary stage in awakening to a much larger cosmic script.

This was highlighted to me on a recent ride in a Tesla with a Lyft driver named Zoltan (I had never heard that name and the next driver was also named Zoltan!)

So here I was gridlocked in LA traffic in a Tesla Model 3 with Zoltan immersed in a conversation about Artificial Intelligence on Kin 111, Blue Resonant Monkey.  Zoltan put his hands up demonstrating that he didn’t need them to drive explaining that Tesla’s are equipped to become a driverless car. His perception, much like Elon Musk, is that we are all living in a simulated video game matrix.

Zoltan expressed his enthusiasm in regard to 5G and the interconnectedness that he feels it will bring. He spoke about how transhumanism is a simulation of cognitive behavior, and was also excited about how Cloud computing contributes to, among other things, autonomous driving.

This interconnectedness is due to the imminent 5G, fifth generation of cellular mobile communication. 5G brings cloud computing to everyone and is the basis of the Internet of Things (loT), which allows everyday items to be computerized (such as cars, refrigerators and even clothes).  Smartphone is most popular IoT device.

Contemplating all of this got me thinking about the psi bank as an analogy to Cloud computing. Both provide access to a shared and evolving pool of information. One relies on internet connection, and the other does not.

Internet allows people to collect and exchange data. If the internet ever went down due to a cosmic event, none of these things would function. We would be left with our own mind and inner resources.

The “cloud” refers to data or software that physically resides in a server and is accessible via the internet.

Psi bank is the planetary memory and storage retrieval system.  It serves as the underlying mechanism governing the evolution of life and thought within the biosphere. It is a resonant structure operating in tandem with the electromagnetic field of Earth.

The Cloud is always on, it just takes internet connection to access it. Similarly the psi bank is always on, it just takes a calm and self-reflective mind to access it.

As the repository of all thought, unconscious and conscious, the psi-bank remains in the instinctual unconscious until the advent of self-reflective thought. The noosphere is the psi-bank made into the continuing conscious regulator of life. –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

Cloud computing via Internet is a prototype of the psi bank, and therefore of the noosphere. The noosphere refers to the planetary mind, or the mental field that is interacting with the electromagnetic field of the Planet.

In this way we can begin to understand that we actually live on a coded Timeship that operates as a fractal quantum supercomputer where all the vectoral programs of cosmic time may be unfolded.

The psi-bank is the “brain” of the biosphere, the guiding force of the evolution of time and consciousness governing the evolutionary stages of the biosphere. (See Earth Ascending by Jose Arguelles for detailed information about psi bank). 

On-Line All Time

Rainbows are to the noosphere what toxic waste is to the technosphere.–Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

Once you put information on the Cloud it is accessible anywhere (as long as you have Internet connection). Same with the psi bank, once information is inputted and registered it is always available to access.

In a sense everything you can imagine has already been done (in other times and places) and can be done again through replication.

The Cloud was developed in the 1990s, the same time as the four-year experiment to open the psi bank was being conducted through the Rinri Project (1996-2000). This experiment was practiced by people around the world to initiate a process to bring the planetary unconscious into the conscious, and ultimately launch the rainbow bridge.

(Because of the synchronic order of time, this process can still be entered at any time by following the daily psi chrono units in the 13 Moon calendar). 

It is interesting to note that in the book of Genesis 9:13, the rainbow comes out of the cloud“I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.”

Software and Hardware

The Cloud refers to software and services that run on the Internet, instead of locally on your computer. There isn’t just one cloud, there are many. They are in different physical locations and are run by companies big and small, universities, and the government.

There is so much exponential data that storage is becoming a problem. And now humans are being brain-chipped to store data. For more than 20 years (probably far longer than reported) neuroscientists have been developing BrainGate technology to connect human brains to computers as we see in many movies today.

Brain is the hardware. Mind is the software or the invisible code that makes the brain go. In the psi bank the human is the software and the psi bank is the hardware or the environment that the software resides in. To understand the psi bank you have to know its software (Know thyself).

Similarly to the cloud server software, there are conscious human servers who navigate their inner software to connect to the psi bank or Higher Mind, sometimes referred to as akashic records. These beings form an undetectable telepathic network that is evolving simultaneously to technology.

To gain access to this network one must be willing to accept the truth in all of its facets and have liberated themselves from the game of polarization and duality in all forms.  These sincere ones are now being lifted simultaneously into new understanding and a new perception of this multidimensional reality. We are in the process of redefining what it means to be human in today’s world.

Just as the Cloud is creating an A.I. collective so is knowledge of the psi bank lifting us into the realization that we are but a cell in a larger Planetary Body.  And the larger Planetary body is but a cell in a larger Galactic Body. It is all fractal. There is ONE Source that permeates all seeming parts.

We are now moving into cloud based quantum computing. And in a sense, the Universe is the ultimate quantum computer coded by patterns and numbers. Conventional computing is like the prewritten linear program compared to the radial quantum computing that opens into the multidimensional realm.

GOD is the Master Code. Full disclosure and revealment is just a Matter of Time.

All is a number. GOD is a number. God is in All. –Pacal Votan




15 thoughts on “Psi Bank, Zoltan and the Cloud

  1. This is an area I have been wanting illumination and focus. Many thanks! Dos Zoltans, wow! It is nice to know these tools are stepping stones for something greater. For me, at times the gadgets seems so crucial and exciting and others I let them go and don’t miss them. Going back and forth seems a good practice for evolutionary practice into noospheric ways.

  2. Dear Red Queen, this is so good article. I like how you compare Cloud and Psi bank. And after so many years of working with Dream Spell and Synchronotron I have a new prospective of seeing what is Psi bank thanks to this text. You have a wonderful ability to simplifies things to be understandably for anybody. I saw that in Zagreb last year and I forgot to tell you because it was a short time for conversation. Thanks again.
    White Electric Mirror from Belgrade, Serbia

    • A function of the wall that is constructed in the United States borders, will be activated as soon as 5G is in working mode. This will create protection for the American population. The material and design are chosen for that purpose.
      I believe that this is genuine info, for president Trump works with the wisest of planet Earth. For a good cause. I received this information from Simon Parkes.

  3. Great article, Stephanie South. There’s different views on how AI and its devices are finding root in the human nervous system, with an agenda for transhumanism and designs that seem to be smart, but in reality debilitating the human mind and the human right to live in autonomy.

    There’s valuable research, sampled and studied by Harald Kautz Vella, revealing what’s behind transhumanism, geo engineering, chemtrails, morgellon disease and the connection between all of these, related to mind programming and tinkering with our dna and consciousness.
    Here’s his presentation about Wilhem Reich’s Orgone and the presence of life force in sunlight, creating the building blocks of creation:

    Here’s Harald Kautz website:

    Sadly I find my former comment absent, although it was present just after I posted it. Repeatedly I find issues here in the comment section, leaving a comment. After posting I often find an announcement saying that my comment can’t be published. I’m always keeping a copy at hand, just in case this happens. But I don’t save them in a file. I hope this comment stays alive and visible.

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