The Courage to be Nothing: an Inner Update

Kin 136: Yellow Rhythmic Warrior

Who are you? Who are we?

Sometimes in the middle of a sleepless night, the Unborn Essence is contacted.

When this realization comes there is a sense that YOU actually never existed, and what you thought was You was just a personality construct.

In the Middle of the Night, your life appears as a sequence of dreams with no substance, a hologram of moving images projected from an unnamed dimension.

When you see and experience this and realize that is actually true all the time for Everybody and Everything throughout the Universe, your heart breaks for all the absolutely unnecessary grief and pain experienced everywhere all the time.

And yet at the same time, the underlying Truth is that the Original Nature is always there unobstructed, waiting for us to Awaken from the Dream.

The following are some reflections and middle of night notes on current inner contemplations ….

 MIstaken Identities and Courage to Be No-thing (what a relief!)

To become No-thing requires courage.  It requires the deepest letting go into the vastness of our true Being.  It requires siinking so deeply into the silence of the present moment that all trouble and worry liquify and flow into the ocean of Consciousness.

This world is like a case of mistaken identities. People attach to an identity. Then they are afraid of losing it. But why?

The truth is that we are ever changing multidimensional beings. Each one of us learns different lessons at our own pace. We are each a coded time release program.

When we learn to access the  No-thingness then paradoxically the path quickens. Within the No-thingness are the portals to higher dimensions of being.

New stories, perceptions and ways of thinking and being are so needed on this planet. The  Law of Time is  living knowledge that introduces higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. This knowledge changes only according to our perception.

We need testimonies of those living life according to the inner dream rather than based on external appearance. This path can be extremely lonely at times, but a loneliness that touches the deepest poetic heart.

Currently “I” have been immersed in rewrites and edits of Uninscribed about the experience as a female initiate and apprentice to Valum Votan and GM108x. I am aware that this can sound “far out” to minds not accustomed to that type of reality. Yet for me it’s as normal as breathing as this Path emerged from becoming No-thing.

This project has been wrought with distractions and challenges.  It is also putting me into a state of deep self-reflection. I had stopped several times for various reasons. I can feel the inner censorship and all of the levels of consciousness interpreting it even as I write it. It is an interesting process of self-study which  opens to a full spectrum of reflections.

Personal is the Universal

It is interesting to note the recent spate of disparaging messages that I have received (and over the past  7 years)  from people who want to tear me down for being whoever they feel that “I” am. Or else they point out how “I” am not living up to what they feel I should be based on their particular perception of reality. Even some close to me feel “I” should respond a certain way to politics or world events. It is an interesting psychological study.

I forgive them all as they just dont realize that they are projecting onto a transitory No-thing (in lak’ech). Though simultaneously it appears that  certain knowledge (or frequency medicine) has been given to “me” for the benefit of others, so there is a duty to evolve and share it as authentically as possible.

Being hermetic by nature, I have hesitated to be overly public in order to focus on the inner work.  I am currently not on social media and do not check email and text on an every day basis (so if you are reading and I havent yet responded please dont take it personally :)) 

The Universal journey comes with the Reminder:

What you are capable of has nothing to do with what other people think is possible for you.  What you’re capable of achieving depends on what you choose to do with your Time and Energy.

Reflections on Social Media and Mental Health

Whose life are we living?

Are we living a life of Heart trusting our intution to guide us? Are we following our joy and passion? Or are we living a life we have been  programmed to live (by society or family, etc)?

Recently there is much talk in media about mental health.

Suicide rates are skyrocketing. Many are falling into feelings of depression, despair and addictions of all types.

At its root, issues of mental health stem from feeling disconnected from Source. This can be viewed as part of a process of spiritual awakening rather than as a failure. It is an opportunity to get in touch with our true feelings and learn to master our mind and emotions.

Many people do not even know what their true feelings are, only what they are told to feel; and those feelings must fit into a politically correct box.

Operating our lives based on roles assigned to us by society (including friends or family) can be mentally and emotionally draining.

We live in an increasing hive-mind society where conformity and inauthenticity are celebrated. Those who dare have a thought outside the herd are treated with suspicion (at best).

Anyone who dare question the indoctrination is generally not met with kindness. And now in China we see the implementation of the  “social credit score,” where every move you make is monitored and scored.

But why are people so threatened by those who question the status quo or mainstream narratives?

Perhaps because the Truth isn’t profitable. Or perhaps truth might disrupt every aspect of life as we have known it. The whole system would need to be rethought. Why else would we not take time to reflect on our most deeply engrained belief systems? 

The most deeply engrained being the Gregorian calendar and false time matrix that holds the entire host of illusions in place. All the knowledge about the Law of Time was put forth as preparation to help people get off of the old grid of consciousness held in place by the mechanized 12:60 frequency. This frequency creates a fuzzy distortion matrix with increasingly amplified polarities without a greater vision.

We have to take time to find our own rhythm rather than try to fit into other peoples ideas about who we are or who they think we should be.

No-thing is the Doorway to Every-thing

The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity. –Rollo May

 All the worlds problems can only be resolved in a new consciousness.  

Time operates in a spiral, bringing similar circumstances to our present time until they are resolved.

Outer activism can only be truly effective through the  inner transformation of consciousness.

To become Nothing is harder than it might seem. It requires complete forgiveness of everyone and everything, including yourself. It requires the deep desire to want to feel Love and Connection above all else.

In this inner process we don’t avoid feelings, but honor and acknowledge them as a passageway into new levels of being.

These thoughts and feelings are experienced as different  thinking layers held together by frequency waves.

Each of these frequency waves is guarded by (what may be interpreted as) interdimensional entities that test us by attempting to pull us into a particular time loop by manipulating our emotions. The trick is not to get stuck anywhere.

This is why it is so important to continously work to raise our frequency and expand our love and compassion for all beings. Rather than getting stuck in repetitious thought forms, we allow them to liquidize and wash clean the magnetic field imprints.

The Most High places a Shield of Protection around those who can accept Love into their hearts and who seek to see the harmony beneath the apparent chaos.

In this state of utter transparency we become ungraspable, slipping radially into the Nameless Center where we Remember that we have always been pure and






24 thoughts on “The Courage to be Nothing: an Inner Update

  1. ” Pure and Uninscribed” like the vast cosmic exspanse.. Such music for our soul! Its been hard to remember this, but there It Is, like a sirens song.. Pure Gratitude SoS .. RQ

    • I was picking up on this vibration for sure. Immersion and Surrender. Words came “there’s so much I could say…but they are just words in your face…why don’t we listen to the trees…” rough mix with pictures from Earthen Heart walk in ice land. In Love and Connection, 212

      • Thank you, Julian Lauzzana, I appreciate your creation, seeing it as your conscious awareness of your living space and living with it actively. I’m similar in holding the awareness of my home and garden in an alive mode. It’s what helps me stay in connection and gratitude for the freedom in that presence, which is unconditional, non personal. At least, as I perceive it. part of Source as much as of the manifestation of it.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I always look forward to you perspective. Being no thing on a planet that 99% only values what type of thing you are or do, can be a challange. Right before my dad passed away (1993), I was able to say to him, “different doesn’t mean wrong. ” it was very freeing. This past week I did not go into work or leave the house. It was very freeing, also. Time shows itself in a very different way when we are not attached to a flows & is fluid, not hard , demanding & precise. To just Be with no labels is our basic nature. Some of us have to slip into a role to make a living in order to make money to eat & have a roof over our heads. But when we get back home, we can let loose of all that and dance as a no thing, joyous of living & grateful for loving. Blessings

    • It is a very sad realization when you learn that there are many systems that are in place to limit us all. Deadlines and schedules seem ever present creating an unnecessary rush causing anxiety and panic. Time is our true currency, the rate of exchange for money is always changing. Things are temporary and we should be aware of that and spend less time consuming and replacing and more time doing what we enjoy and sharing that time with the people we care for. The truth is we develop our patterns based on what we are comfortable with. If you can learn what and why you think, speak and act then you go beyond your self and can start to comprehend the same for the others around you. By doing this you begin to coordinate yourself as you will rather than reacting to things as you have. Have the courage to express yourself as you are instead of how you think someone else expects you to. This way you become an example for all to follow. Remember expect nothing and accept everything

  3. Uninscribed Rigpa, timelessly abiding. Boundless Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. A warm Aho, from the Dragon’s Heart!

  4. Thank you for your sincere and courageous words comming from your heart and soul,you are amazing and i can not describe the energy and the synchronicitys regarding your writings <3

  5. Thank you, what a beautiful post, I totally get it. I think ;)

    I know what courage is and the state of emptiness in the sense that my presence isn’t disturbed by external turmoil and dramatic events in people or the world at large. That’s something I’ve experienced in fits and starts during the last 7 years or so. I’ve learned the mechanism of survival mode and how it affects my mind and nervous system, my immune system as well. First on a personal level, with a few internal affairs, through 2010 and the following years and since 2015 on a more collective level, in Britain.

    Since July 1st 2015 I’m living in the S.W. of England. I’m Dutch by birth and lived for 65 years in Holland, until retirement has set me free. Hence the jump overseas, to my beloved landscape Dartmoor and other natural landscapes around, on this rocky island with a public footpath network all over its surface. A natural landscape and silence in nature, which I appreciate very much, is becoming somewhat scarce in Holland. It’s a small country and densely populated.

    The sudden shock in England, of Brexit, the choice to leave the EU was made on June 23rd of 2016 and Britain leaves the EU officially in 18 days, March 29th, has thrown many islanders into survival mode, causing a rise in hatred to foreigners (I’m not affected myself) a growth in competition finding a job and an enormous division in the British Parliament, which is mainly conservative.

    On the richest level of British society, many live according the old adage “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable”. Turning one’s back to what causes a feeling of discomfort, as a justification of one’s status, is programmed in many men who’ve endured the British boarding school system, which teaches boys to suppress their empathic ability by forcing manhood on them as a false persona. That regime is the present “machinery” in Britain’s society. It’s destructive.

    Austerity measures, since the financial crisis of 2008, are creating poverty, homelessness and disruption in the education system and medical industry, including the quality of care for the elderly. There’s an enormous contempt towards the government and the legislation system is fully corrupt here. I’ve made sure to talk to many people of all walks of life and all educational backgrounds.

    To live as a Dutch citizen in this condition is an enormous learning curve. I’m sensitive to energy and I’m able to sniff the presence of an elephant in the room. Coming back to the state of non-identification with one’s persona, living through this time of change in England, is a constant reminder of and training, to witness the effect of a collective hypnosis, in a state of confusion, fear and deeply ingrained submission to a still ruling class system in England.

    It’s the main ingredient in the culture shock I’m experiencing in Britain, since I live here now for 3,5 years. In the many years of holidays in Britain, one month each year, I was blissfully ignorant of British society’s program and how it works out in daily life.

    For a Dutch person, who’s used to think independently, living with myself as company, to observe this dynamic is an eye opener, showing me the effect of how a survival mode is a devastating condition when people don’t educate and inform themselves properly.

    Often in a state of numbness and a loss of courage, a surrender to victim-hood and much drink/drug abuse, also succumbing to junk food and obesity. Since the rents are very high in Britain, I’ve lived in 8 different homes, as a lodger, meeting all sorts of people with a rather immature attitude and an untidy lifestyle as well.

    Giving each other honest feedback, sharing one’s feelings, plus the discipline of self-examination, is a rarity in Britain, at least, compared to how much it is present in the Dutch society. Which is more frank and direct, no beating around the bush. Although weird folks are also present overthere
    To be a stranger in a strange land, is showing me the mechanism of (my) attachment to a collective consciousness and how it’s expressed in daily life, at home, on the work-floor and in public space.

    The vote for Brexit, a year after I arrived in Britain, has changed my whole outlook on where I hoped to spend my retirement years, in peace and quiet, with my writing and crafting work, my work on the land, on organic farms and my hiking in unspoiled nature, on the beach or on the moors. It means chewing on disappointment and a grieving with a sense of loss. I might return to my home in Holland and wait until this rocky island is in calmer waters, for a second jump overseas

    To find out if that’s a wise decision, I’ve decided to return to my home for longer periods of time, just to experience how I feel to be part of the Dutch society again. Where separating the chaff from the grain is as much part of my living condition as in England, I’m aware of that for sure. What I mean with that “chaff and grain” metaphor, is the discernment between living under the dictatorship of a collective human consciousness and a surrender to one’s inner voice, being autonomous.
    Listening to the voice of the observer, which might be called the higher self. Where one knows without knowing why, without a doubt.

    To be conscious of one’s inner motions, reactions and motives, is a helpful tool, I find, meanwhile creating a comfortable life with physical and spiritual exercise. Not taking myself too serious and not succumbing to my highly analytical mindset, as yellow cosmic star.

    The tendency of a tone 13 is always looking forward to the next project, instead of enjoying what’s achieved right now. Restoring quietude of my mind in nature is helpful, having a good laugh about my antics and strong will, using it as a sublimation of living in trust, also.

    Looking at the larger picture, it seems that there’s a slow dawning in those of us who remain awake and aware of the difference between truth exclaimed as a deal, and truth that is found untouched, unblemished and examined in the light of day and the dark night of the soul, with the courage of a heart that is willing to accept truth as a friend, in integrity.

    The prophecy of transformation of matter, sparked since the year 1987 August 16-17, the Harmonic Convergence, is coming to fruition, as I perceive it. I wish you all pleasant travel companions and joyful vistas on your path, through the waves of change that are upon us.

  6. Next question would be. Who’s that I that thinks? Cant you be free from the known? Why is it that we’re not at all creative? Completely attentive? How come we think that we’re free from ourselves and have creative minds but in actuallity we’re just repeating our thoughts/repeating the known? Or maybe does that I feel secure in that imaginative Persona we’ve created from past expierences and may it be that this I just likes to hear itselfs intelectual thoughts as a form of pleasure/mental masturbation? May it be that otherwise it would live in fear..fear of not being something..anything? Do you think..wait who’s that you that thinks? What kind of negativity are you implieng to; does that mean necesearly that your lifes full of Positeveness; or maybe it just implies that that You you percive to be has just lived artificially allways in pursuit of pleasure and happiness..ignoring or even fighting the cold reality wich is not the one or the other positive/negative.. ?what if polarity is just made up as perception of that you? Have you ever given a go on..not knowing? Or does that make you negative feelings? You tought that you knows..have all the answers.. now your on your throne..every fool looking up for ready answers..but the truth is.. ? I bet that You knows.

    Nobody trieng to pull you down if you dont climb on that throne at the first place and stay on the eye level with the rest.. Joses greatest trick..illusion he playd on you: hope you realize it was magic..but it was all an illusion..your just a vanity snake- nothing personal.

    Kin 12

    Truth is the maximum respect you can offer your friends. Truth is love. Truth is order. Justice is not love. Justice seekers are the cause of division.

    Peace is a word we often say- but it cant exist as long the ape is here to stay. ________________________________ Saatja: 13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT Saadetud: esmaspäev, 11. märts 2019 2:59:20 Adressaat: Teema: [New post] The Courage to be Nothing: an Inner Update

    Electric Serpent posted: “Kin 136: Yellow Rhythmic Warrior Who are you? Who are we? Sometimes in the middle of a sleepless night, the Unborn Essence is contacted. When this realization comes there is a sense that YOU actually never existed, and what you thought was You wa”

  7. A HO! AH YUM HUNAB KU EVAM MAYA E MA HO! Thank you Beloved RQ for resonating at such a deep place inside yourSelf that you can share and articulate these truths and keys to the Planetary Kin. May you be supported in all ways! U R LOVED! In Lak’ech, 173

  8. it is done its is done halleluja it is done you are always in my heart never will we be apart om nama shivaya :)

  9. It is fascinating to “see” “others” that have the same ability of gift to “see” this world for I do not know if we all “see” the same… the capitalist effect is slowly destroying the fabricate of a foundation of family and community. But to not be a negative rather a positive there are things happening for the better. I did not know there were others here on Mother Earth. For the Lakota oyate the stories of the seven sister stars… yo it is realer than ever… thank you for your words for everything I go through in this life I read this information and it’s like your reading my mind and I say this all the time. It is all about our “time”. Tomorrow prophecy could take place it just depends on “us”

  10. you might want to reach out to vdy at . she helped arguelles . the blessing of her wisdom mind has shifted subtle views and obscurations that were preventing actualization of profound visions .

  11. Obrigado querida diretamente do coracao brasileiro do Kin 143 noite cosmica azul, estamos em sintonia, sua reflexao è minha! Te reconheço, valorizo e respeito, in lack’esh!

  12. Telepathy has been forefront now for me in guidance toward participation in No-thing. Leading by example, RQ, you have uncovered a path that can move from Kin 144 inner work of Yellow Seed through the 12th Wavespell. I made a decision to cancel immediate travel to stay in frequency with what is Harmonic. Thank you for All 🎶‼️
    In Lak’ech- Delia Kin 5 Serpent Initiate

  13. Oh the night brings clarity, isn’t it strange?
    Endless personality layers seeking One Self
    The answer, the question, the dream, a wave
    It comes and goes, no thing to grasp but breathe, what do we share?
    who says what? are you you or what is who?
    …. hu hu hu >>> ha ha ha <<>>>>>>>>U R I & I R U<<<<<<<<<<<<
    () ()
    IIIII /\
    III WW

    warm hugs!

  14. Oh the night brings clarity, isn’t it strange?
    Endless personality layers seeking One Self
    The answer, the question, the dream, a wave
    It comes and goes, no thing to grasp but breathe,
    ……………………………………………………..what do we share?
    who says what? are you you or what is who?
    …. ho ho ho >>> ha ha ha <>>>>>>>U R I & I R U<<<<<<<<<<<<
    () ()
    IIIII /\
    III WW

    warm hugs!

    • What we share is the capacity, to each his/her own, to outgrow our limits and realise love, do you agree?

  15. I started my journey to the truth of the no-thing when I wondered “What can contain everything?” And the answer came quickly “Nothing” The infinite zero that from which ever thing came from. Infinite inward and outward spiraling and braiding through each other, but never touching until they are ready to merge their polarity of male (positive) and female (negative) and become whole. By becoming a hole or a tube in the 3 dimensional sense. What you are attempting to do is to define the undefinable. When we use our sensory references to attempt to describe the indescribable it will quickly fade away or you lose the experience. For something to be truly infinite and everything and none of them at once it can not be limited to our personal perception. So it can be known but not shown or heard or really shared unless the individual has had an identical or similar experience

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