Notes from the Portland Underworld

I am reposting this recent article by my friend Paul Levy, as it sums up many collective feelings of the time.                                                                                                           Paul Levy, White Crystal Wizard


Living in Portland, lately I feel like I live in the center of the universe. Portland seems to make headline news all over the news on many days. We are currently experiencing a natural disaster the likes of which I could only imagine would happen in a dystopian, Philip K. Dickian Sci-Fi novel. Wildfires have ignited all over the west coast of the United States, and are now on the outskirts of Portland. Living in the middle of a major American city, I never expected to even have to seriously consider – what would I take with me if I received the news that I had to immediately evacuate?

The air is so filled with smoke from the fires that it is dangerous to go outside; I recoil the first instant I open the door. For the moment the outside world has become uninhabitable. Yesterday, Portland had the worst air quality of any city on planet earth. It is like the apocalypse is at my front door. Even locking the door doesn’t keep the smoke out; with all my doors and windows shut, the smoke has still found its way into my house. I have no doubt that the smoke from the fires, considered toxic, has seeped into my body, into my lungs, into my cells. The dangerous poison isn’t just “in the air,” it IS the air itself, it’s in the breath of life itself. There doesn’t seem anywhere to escape its effects. When I ask myself what the deeper meaning of this is, I feel that I can no longer hide from facing something in myself.

This feels like a slowly unfolding natural disaster that is nonlocal – it is everywhere, simply in different forms depending upon where you are. It seemed like just the other day we were dealing with hurricanes. More and more we hear about how this is climate change—whether we deny it or not—coming to a theater near you!

Add to this that every night for over three months there have been protests and/or riots in Portland. It’s as if Portland is a looking glass that is revealing that the social fabric of our society—and our ability to have a civil discourse—is unraveling. It’s easy to forget that on top of this we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. And that the economy is melting down and unemployment and homelessness is going through the roof. And the threat of nuclear war is increasing – the doomsday clock has never been as close to midnight. Not to mention that fascism is spreading its roots all over the world. And don’t even get me going about the upcoming American presidential election. It feels like we are going through a shamanic death/rebirth experience, and are currently in the middle of our descent into the dark underworld of the unconscious.

We tend to think of the times before the pandemic as if they were “normal” – and yet, let us not forget, the “good old days” were as over-the-top crazy as humanity still is. Our species is suffering from—and acting out all over the world—a collective psychosis of Titanic proportions. We don’t even recognize this, but think the problem—and the solution—is outside of ourselves, which is not only an expression of our madness, but only feeds our ever-increasing insanity.

I remember before the pandemic emerged in our world, I was thinking of writing an article about the Biblical locust plague that was happening in East Africa, as this seemed so symbolic of the mythic times in which we are living. It feels like we are living in the prophesied end times. To say that what is happening in our world feels apocalyptic is not hyperbole, but accurate – this is exactly the inner meaning of the word “apocalypse:” the unveiling and revelation of what has been hidden. Whereas in religious language, the apocalypse has to do with the Incarnation of God and the coming of the Messiah, psychologically speaking, “the apocalypse” means the momentous, world-shattering event of the coming of “the Self” (our wholeness) into conscious realization.

Humanity is dreaming about—literally thirsting for—a savior. To quote the doctor of the soul C.G. Jung, “But, in the end, the hero, the leader, the savior, is one who discovers a new way to greater certainty. Everything could be left undisturbed did not the new way demand to be discovered, and did it not visit humanity with all the plagues of Egypt until it finally is discovered. The undiscovered vein within us is a living part of the psyche.”
Seen through the eyes of “symbolic awareness” (which is to see this life as if it’s a dream and interpreting it as such so as to extract a deeper sense of meaning from our experience), it is as if we are dreaming up modern-day “plagues of Egypt” to help us wake up to something unconscious within us. It’s interesting that Jung chose to use the image of a “vein,” for veins bring the essence of life, blood—symbolically considered the seat of the soul—throughout the living body. To amplify this image, there is a heretofore unknown life-enhancing vein within the human psyche in which the savior is to be found.

On an individual level, the unconscious, the dreamer of our dreams, often creates a life-endangering situation where we are totally at an impasse, out of our comfort zones, right to the very edge of our process so as to bring out of us gifts that we didn’t even know we had. May this same process be happening collectively? We can only dream.

14 thoughts on “Notes from the Portland Underworld

  1. With a lot of compassion and prayers for the people enduring all this mayhem, i would like to point out that these fires are mainly caused by DEW’s and not natural or lit by farmers. That’s why there are still trees in front of the driveways and the burnt houses are white instead of black. The locust population in Africa was extensively rained upon to make all the eggs come out at once. All these deeds are done by the Deep State, who know their time is up. As with this plandemic it’s all about pushing their Agenda 2021 or 2030, they’re all the same. Many good people are helping to bring about the inevitable changes, with POTUS and John John working with tens of thousands of other White Hats. After the elections we will see more truths coming in the open. Yes, these are the end times for the cabal that has ruled thousand of years, but in the new time there’s no place for those kind of people. All countries have already agreed to NESARA/GESARA (and peace treaties being signed) and there’s no stopping the way to world peace. Keep faith and trust in yourself and the Creator, for this is the time of the Great Awakening.

    • On DEW’s and rain in Africa created by said “deep state” I ask that you provide hard evidence on this comment thread in the form of fact/science based articles. Nothing made up or conjured. NESARA/GESARA, I ask the same. Provide evidence, and it will be considered. Provide no evidence, and it’s simply, malarkey.

      • Afriendtothepeople. I suggest you start doing your own research, for that’s the most substantial evidence of factual truth, that is, as far as information present in the cloud is factual. For myself, I can say that when you’re sincere in looking for facts, scientific and coming from personal experience backed up with images, sounds and other witnesses present, and you trust yourself by exercising the muscles of discernment, for they truly need exercise when they’re not used much, you will find answers to your questions and the building up of confidence, knowing that you found your answers by making efforts to find them by yourself.

  2. Thank you, Paul, for your considered thoughts; and to you, Stephanie, for sharing. For ourselves as individuals, self-knowledge is a grace that reveals we are indeed “another yourself,” as Mayan tradition reveals and our personal experiences affirm. Recognition of one’s self in all others begins by witnessing a knee on the throat of a dying man and dying with him. We feel the suffering of another in our hearts and suffering becomes us, in untold ways daily. As our capacity for compassion grows, we discover our own life’s vein in service of others, without which our compassion cannot be made manifest. Now the ability to see all of humanity with our own eyes, for the first time in human history, is maturing us collectively. The difficult path of self-knowledge has become the difficult path of our collective consciousness of Self. May it be so.

  3. As much as the devastation of the environment by fire is happening and the pollution of air, daylight and starlight, on the coast of the US, and emotions are triggered and as much as one needs to be prepared for evacuation, making a list of things to carry or pack in the car, there’s great advice and support, from brave human souls and those beings who remain in the invisible realm as long as we’re growing up in public, from the toddler phase onwards.

    I’m comfortable myself, in Europe, but we need to prepare ourselves, as heroes on our path with heart, joining other heroes on their path possibly, for more disruption and chaos in the coming years. This is what it takes to take systems apart, as I see it. Keep an eye on the change that is happening on a level that is kept silent by the mainstream media. Sell your television, talk with neighbours, make a plan, dig the soil of your garden and plant food, camp on the beach with the safety of water nearby. Use your creativity and join hands in the work that needs to be done.

    And while we’re all living in our physical bodies, transforming and dismantling old systems, we’re welcomed to breathe through it and perceive much drama around us as energy, as consciousness, that is part of the matrix losing its nuts and bolts, collapsing before our open eyes, when we’re willing to see for ourselves. I wish all who are in tribulations and anxiety, support from loved ones and security of shelter and warmth, in whatever form, whatever it takes. Espavo and….. In Lak’ech 🎇

  4. And yet, the flip side of the systematic roll-out of a dark agenda is simply the lashing out of a dying paradigm. As the GREAT influx of light and purification is releasing the overload of toxins from our society and the hearts of polluted individuals…We shall emerge, as a phoenix from the ashes. Reborn to a NEW DAY very soon, with the freedom to truly Co-create as we are meant to.

  5. Well said Paul.
    Orderly oration of an oracularly orchestrated ordeal ordaining optimistic ontogeny… All hail onomastics !
    The great news is there is a way out; Valum Votan and Red Queen have the map now we must translate it into todays precedent, easily consumed and disseminated.
    As the new Law of Time information is formulated by Red Queen and becomes more resonant to the 50% of conscious beings and the same 50% of conscious beings release enough of the need for self destructive ends we will see a photo-negative of the events occuring today, instead of destruction mass creation, time = art. Preternatural Noospheric overture.

  6. “The Elementals/Devas/Devis provide the paths and bridges in consciousness” ….Weather is affected by the thoughts of the community at large. … “This Results in the Perversion of the Elements” … resulting in Cataclysmic Weather and Natural Disasters. …

  7. This is related to the ceremonies and significance of the date Dec. 21 2020
    I’m sure there are many views and explanations, in different words, about the significance of that date. Astrologers offer helpful explanations as well, about the celestical configurations related to transformational processes. I highly recommend this presentation about the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction by Pam Gregory:

    Here’s a message about the ceremony in Australia at Uluru rock, the large red rock some of you may know of. This is planned for Dec. 21 2020.

    Uluru Prophecy – Elders Message
    “We need to be truly focused on a singular, focused, specific thought, feeling and intention.

    The purpose of this Ceremony is for the *(Rainbow Serpent to become the Rainbow Bridge)* to rise up to connect with the light of the sun and go straight into the heart of Mother Earth. Cleansing, energising and reinvigorating Mother Earth and ushering in a new era of consciousness for Mother, and her children.

    To be clear ~ the focus is on Mother Earth, not on ourselves.

    We need to focus on reinvigorating Mother Earth, and raising her consciousness. If this Ceremony is supported by enough pure love, energy, and support of the shared specific intention, it will be successful.

    The byproduct of a successful Ceremony will be the new era of consciousness for Mother Earth and her Children. Us. We need to ensure our focus and love is on her, Mother Earth, and on this specific intention.”


    Amidst an intensity of change and shifts that, to me, is hard work at times (feeling like that frog in a pan with water slowly reaching boiling point) I wish you all to keep your focus on quality time with yourself, in tranquility, in just being with yourself and be present fully in your body. Visualize, feel and believe in a reality that you wish to manifest coming from the 💙 never force yourself as if you’re obliged to perceive it as “homework” or a task placed on your shoulders by someone else.
    Keep in mind that simplicity and clarity are most helpful qualities, now and possibly… always 😚
    Blessed be and Happy Christmas Holidays!

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