Red Serpent, Magic 13, and Rennes Le Chateau

This 144-day cycle has been highly initiatic as the cosmic kaleidoscope keeps shifting to reveal new perceptions and facets of being.  With the advent of the new galactic beam, the nature of planetary initiation is changing in order to match future energy structures. Our job is to recognize the truth behind external events and the archetypes behind form.


Sacred staff of initiation. Original drawing by Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles. (Note that the midway point of this 144-day cycle: Day 72 occurred on Kin 216 (6 cubed).

White Planetary Mirror, Kin 218 marks 87 spins since the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan on June 15, 1952 — the basis of the synchronic codes of time.

New Perceptions = New World

Every location on Earth contains a unique vibratory structure loaded with many levels of information. The synchronic codes offer us a means to decode this information through a new perceptual lens. The more sensitive and open we are, the more we can receive these coded messages deposited into the astral field. 15

Recently while in Europe for workshops, I visited three key places: Rennes-le-Château in Southern France, Montserrat in Barcelona, Spain, and the Tor and Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England.

It is clear that nothing is as it appears. A new story is arising within us and within the planet.  Some are choosing New Beam consciousness, while others are clinging to a past that is no longer there. With the shifting electromagnetic field our timespace is being altered. What appears as past is simply an old electromagnetic frequency bandwidth, a ghostly thinking layer. As Swami Vivekananda says, the human chooses to remain in ruts because it is easy.

It takes consistent exertion and discipline to rise above the status quo and manifest a new existence. We always have a choice: to release the dead and enter the Light of the New Sun or remain in the shadows of an illusory past conjuring its deadening force field.

As we make our way to the center of the labyrinth of our own mind, it is important to step back and pause to untangle ourselves from the maze of frequencies that manifest through others’ opinions and projections of who we should be and what we should do.

Once these frequencies are untangled from our core essence, then we can re-order them, directing them to higher channels that ultimately merge as one thread.  This is why unity is first an inside job. Everything else is just show.

CHC Vol. 4

CHC Vol. 4

Planetary Shamanism

Our body is an alchemical transmutation chamber. As planetary shamans, we input, register and transform lower vibrations emanating primarily from the human emotional body. Then through an act of galactic alchemy we offer the lower vibrations to the Stars where all darkness is extracted and returned as as new light.  Once these holographic registrations are purified in light of a new perceptual structure (holomind perceiver), then a new story is revealed and a new consciousness is unearthed. 


Rennes-le-Château is a mysterious place in southern France, of which I scarcely knew of until it was brought to my attention by Kin 113/Ruben. The land is  steeped in analphic engravings of the Cathars of Monsegeur, Knights Templar,  Mary Magdeline and the Merovingian Dynasty. It was brought to public attention The DaVinci Code (which I have neither read nor seen), though author Dan Brown is Kin 185: Red Electric Serpent. 

The mystery of Rennes-le-Château revolves around a man named François-Bérenger Saunière, Kin 53, Red Magnetic Skywalker (sign of Quetzalcoatl and beginning of prophecy wave spell). Sauniere was the parish priest of Rennes-le-Château and allegedly found a hidden treasure on the premises.


François-Bérenger Saunière tomb at Rennes Le Chateau

There are many mysteries around Rennes-le-Château that we will not cover here (see book Holy Blood, Holy Grail), but the key theme is that of hidden treasure or terma. In other words the treasure is not external but rather hidden in the mind field.

Saurniere dedicated his church to Mary Magdalene. The Magdalene tower curiously houses the symbol of Nicholas Roerich’s Banner of Peace. It is also said that this valley is built on the temple of Isis.DSC00125We visited this mysterious place on Kin 192: Yellow Planetary Human (thanks to Veronique-Planetary Eagle, Paul-Electric Storm and Amaia-Spectral Sun). This day was the 288th day of the Yellow Galactic Seed year.  In other words, this was the 288th day of the New beam. This number has been appearing everywhere (See previous blogs).

288 also codes the Serpent Initiate position in the Hunab Ku 21, galactic tree of life.

Unknown Le Serpent Rouge

The 13-part Le Serpent Rouge (Red Serpent) is a document relating to Rennes-le-Château that appeared in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in 1967, but its origins are a mystery. Some say it gives clues to locate a hidden treasure at Rennes-le-Château. The verses are named after the 12 signs of the Zodiac beginning with Aquarius and ending with Capricorn. There is an extra sign (Ophiuchus the Serpent-Bearer) inserted in the 11th position between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

It begins:

How strange are the manuscripts of this friend, great traveller of the unknown. They come together as white light but for one who knows separately, they are the colours of the rainbow; for the artist these six colours unite like magic in his palette and form black.


This friend, how would you know him? His name is a mystery but his number is that of a famous seal. How can one describe him? Maybe like the pilot of the everlasting Ark of Noah, impassive like a pillar on his white rock looking beyond the black rock towards the south.

In 13 short verses it mentions the rainbow, the Ark of Noah, the Queen of a lost kingdom, 64 scattered stones, the Cube, Jesus, Isis, Magdalene, Holy cross, Knight’s tower and Seal of Solomon.

In the 13th verse, Capricorn, it says that the text came from a dream experienced on January 17 (which is written 1-17) on the day of St. Sulpice. Kin 117 was the day that Valum Votan first had the dream of the 441 cube matrix.

Opiuchus, Sole Atom and Time Travel


Sole atom contains 36 compressors and 3 forcefields: gravitational, biopsy chic and electromagnetic. These 3 forces are also known as the Resonant Field Model first introduced in Jose Arguelles’s Earth Ascending

Ophiuchus (the serpent bearer) is a constellation  located in the center of the Milky Way galaxy opposite to Orion. Mayan prophecies tell of serpent ropes extending from the center of the galaxy to earth, linking us to heavenly worlds. It is often related to Quetzalcoatl’s return.

Cosmic Science tells us that at the center of every galaxy (inclusive of the Hunab Ku) is a sole atom.  This is where the mass and energy of the galaxy originate and emanate. This sole atom contains 36 compressors and 3 forcefields. It forms the divine blueprint of the human and planetary chakra system.  It is also an interdimensional portal and key to time travel and can be accessed through our solar plexus chakra/kuxaam suum. (for more in depth see CHC Vol. 2).

In the 13th secret chamber of RA are the six types of cosmic electricity which create the
lines of force. Serpent is associated with life force, the kundalini energy.  My first vision in 2000 at Temple 13 (tomb of Red Queen) was of the earth kundalini being activated through  underground electronic lines of force that connect all  pyramid structures on the planet. Once connected and activated then a new earth comes to Light.

Activate Serpent Portal to Reveal New Light Codes. 

These codes are specific to the frequency of 13.

13 (Moon calendar)
 = Cosmic Consciousness

13 clear signs on tomb of Pacal Votan. Christ was 13th of 12 disciples. King Arthur was 13th of 12 Knights of Round Table. There are 13 light gates guarded by 13 new species that unlock the new timespace hologram.  …

Everyone and Everything is a symbolic code

meant to remind us

of God’s

Vast, Divine, Wondrous and Magical Play of Creation …

Image 101


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  1. …amazingly enough, i first answer Your email alking about 53, and then read the blog…kkkkkkk…


    On Friday, June 6, 2014, 13:20 : FREQUENCY : SHIFT wrote: > timeship2013 posted: “This 144-day cycle has been highly initiatic as the cosmic kaleidoscope keeps shifting to reveal new perceptions and facets of being. With the advent of the new galactic beam, the nature of planetary initiation is changing in order to match future energy” >

  2. Thank You. The 13:20 Tzolkin Time Matrix and 13 moon calendar is our best choice for bringing heaven here to Earth. I was busy for 3 years destroying the vatiKan’s 12:60 Gregorian control time matrix where time is money. You see Jose Arguelles would understand why this had to be done first. IT is finished. Babylon Is Fallen. Kate of Gaia at read everything there. watch the 11 minute spoken and written video’s in all languages. Rejoice. The Universe has our back. We stand in truth at any cost. we are being crucified on a daily basis by family and friends who do not understand who they are. god. The writings are claimed to be in their words by the readers themselves. They are from your higher self.. Kate has put them on paper for us. 13:20 and Sovereign Human art and creation communites will be formed shortly. I am an music artist. I read all your works and I watched all of the michelvec youtube videos on the law of time, cube, noosphere. I am the most faithful follower who never forgot Valum and red queens works. Others seem to have. Please get back to me. I am free and need like minded souls to be around in the physical. You may join us at the “Emerald Table” on Outside the Box with Kate of Gaia every evening. We already pulled the lynchpin holding this whole house of cards up. It’s the legal name on your birth cert. .the prima facie evidence of the fraud perped at birth. Its spiritual soul warfare this maritime/admiralty commerce system along with vatiKan Canon Law has enslaved us with Phoenician phoenetics intent of like word and sounds(creation) Its too deep to explain but dire you get it. Michael Davino No secrets and No names here mate!

  3. I read these transmissions fascinated but basically flying over my head with most of it . Could not summarise other than these clues, codes, dreams have all been left for discovering and they appear to be discovered or deciphered for their deeper significance at key times…..but where do I fit in….time will tell….other than knowing all is not as it seems.

  4. Thank you dear Stephanie. I have to tell you there is been a great deal of psi-activation since the last time you share with us, all is related to this; a lot. You did indeed open one mind treasure; I would like to tell you more about it, but at this stage is like many pieces of a puzzle, all scattered… like the scattered stones.

    If I don’t miss the path, I will share, I promise. My deepest love and devotion now. The Seed.

  5. Dear Stephanie,

    What do you mean with: ‘Saurniere dedicated his church to Mary Magdalene in 1059’, if he arrives at Rennes-le-Chateau in 1885?

  6. Many thanks Red Queen… your post is most synchronistic to the info that I (and Shirley Kin 107 too) have been getting. When I read that you had wrote about Mary Magdalene, I was overcome with knowingness as I have been feeling her energy and have spirit give me so many signs about her or from her.
    I too, have been guided to read up on the Da Vinci Code and I have never read the books or watched the film either! I have gone through several books on the matter… In 2012, before I had ever met you, I was asked by Spirit to take crystals to certain spots in the UK when I was there… I went to Rosslyn Chapel with a piece of clear Quartz which had been imbued with Divine Intent that I had to leave somewhere! It took me ages to do it as there was so many people there but I found the perfect place. As you know, Rosslyn Chapel is an integral part to the whole Da Vinci code and just now I thought to decode the day that I was there – Kin 116 Crystal Warrior!
    I have also been receiving huge synch with the Serpent and on Kin 211 , I was on the way to see Shirley (Kin 107) for a reading when I stopped off at an organic shop. I saw you there! My brain was so sure that it knew this person that I opened my mouth to greet you when I realised that you were over in Glastonbury (I knew by seeing photos on facebook) but the girl had the exact same blue top that you had been wearing in the photo. It was uncanny. In the reading from Shirley, the Quetzalcoatl energy revealed itself. Shirley has always been very aligned to the energy but this was the first time for me. The energy has been very apparent since – I even bought a Warrior Serpentine necklace $111! I have also been getting eggs with the serpent energy. I meditated and saw Valum Votan with an egg in his mouth , the image was so clear. I do indeed have a Serpent’s egg (or betyl stone) although I only realised when I read this article (after I googled Valum Votan egg)

    It all ties in with the Stone Circles (Shirley just received a skull made of the same stone as Stonehenge)
    Then I read your ‘Who is Votan?’ blog and although I had read it previously, I saw it through it a different lens. ‘Valum Votan means interdimensional portal.’ which tied in with the egg ‘ an entry portal to this World’ see link above. I could go on and on!

    Lots of love, appreciation and respect to you My Other Self
    Paula Kin 96 xxx

  7. Again, multiple synchronicities… I did not know that Valum Votan first dreamed of the 441 matrix… my former lover is kin 117, and he is a Sagittarius, which as we know is where Hunab Ku is in relation to Earth… how strange and exciting… My most recent lover… kin 239… began writing a musical with me about the story of Merlin and Arthur… As much as I don’t want to talk about former lovers, well, my Occult is kin 245, Red Spectral Serpent, and my left hip received a zap while reading the last few paragraphs of this post where you discuss the Serpent… come to think of it, both my hips receive this sort of communication, but I usually notice my “electric” hip more… this is truly divine creation, how we are all connected… there is nothing to fear… we are Love…

    In Lak’ech

    • Come to think of it… Today I began experimenting with relationship Destiny Oracles… perhaps now is the time for me to learn from the past by calculating the Oracles of these former lovers… I see more clearly now, thank you so much, Stephanie/Red Queen… so much love and light to you…

      In Lak’ech
      Kin 16

      • Another comment… sorry for the many posts, but another synchronicity with my lover I’ve just gotten involved with… Yellow Planetary Human, same day you saw the Banner of Peace in the Magdalene tower… reminds me of 3 of Pentacles in tarot symbolizing cooperation and building together… I really need to meet you sometime, either you or others who have learned from you… I am holding space in Waco, TX, as a beacon to my friends yet have only learned from Law of Time through the Internet and your books… it was difficult at first being the only one of my circle who believed, but as time passed I noticed more and more synchronicity, and now the New Beam is replacing my old programming… I’m quite excited, really…

        Okay, enough emotional outpour… I am sure you’ve had enough, ::) ahaha. ^~^ <3 I am very sure now of my purpose…

  8. RQ, how marvel-ous to read this blog upon your re-turn from the journey in New Galactic Time! It was very much in sync for me since I emailed before the post of the last Heptad and all codes of the Cosmic Cube in 4th Dimension. This read was such an un-folding of knowing the Light of the New Sun upon us. The challenge to un-tangle, step back and pause has been very apparent to me and the guidance of the Le Serpent Rouge 11th sign and Magic 13 is indeed activating the Portal to Reveal New Light Codes which I will in-tegrate in practice of the HP. I appreciate the re-vealing too of the Sole Atom and the thread to tie Unity to Earth with new Consciousness. I marveled to KIN 185 you share with Dan Brown, who I have deep admiration for. Also the Magadlene Tower and the Symbol of the Banner of Peace. Lewis Cosmic Star just posted of his leaving Mt. Shasta and driving 80 on Route 80 to Michigan and I felt he was so in sync with the 288 you speak of. Most conscious for me though was your reference to the “ghostly” layer of the current 3D thinking and the consistent exertion and discipline to rise above the distraction. Re-turning to the Synchronic Order and the Tones of the Day is a vital and effective way of aligning. With deep gratitude for the work you do and share so freely. Delia Serpent 5

  9. Im so happy to share on kin 222,White Magnetic Wind IN OZ ,BLUE BIO REGION..Your visit with Ishram .. to Avalon /Camelot/uk ..on Kin 197 thru too kin 200..was divine in itself ,all in synchronic order the kin coming together to make it all happen… the codes speak for itself ..and the ultimate in the Heart of Hunabku was the transition of our beloved Bolon Ik..on White Electric Mirror…anchoring our Return to Camelot ..Oh Yum Hunabku Evam Maya Ema Ho …Navigator /Galactic Earth /Caban ..sharing the beam engrossed In the COSMIC HISTORY CHRONICLES TODAY ON A SUNNY WINTERY DAY …TOES ARE WARM !!!!!AND A SMOOTHIE IN TOE HEHEHEH

  10. Remember your chakra’s keep the root chakra to the crown chakra always clear when dealing with the universe..

  11. Dear beloved Red Queen, you are fully welcomed for the visit in Rennes-le-château :-))
    It was such a pleasure to share these precious moments full of mysteries… We come back there whenever you like. As secrets are unfolding, the synchronic order is everywhere.
    Numbers are everywhere, and 288 is a magic portal!!!

    Thank you for your visit and activation in South of France, the seed of the new knowledge base has been planted, we take care of this beautiful seed so that it could blossom and grow!!!


  12. Thank you very much for the light given through your words. Your post has became to me a evaluation test of telepathic connexion grade of evolution. I keep on at that conscientious journey since “be initiate” at moon 7. Truly feeling resonance at your words. Truly, any thing coming up at conscience, what ever come from the past or from new science investment {as happened with constant fine structure, alfa 137}, any it is able to be “read” and understanding on Law of Time foundations and Cosmic History paradigm for the present and the coming times.
    Its clear to me that no a thing is casual, even more when we have a mistake with numbers or accounts… this times, much more concentrated on details I do find a very common ones, which I suppose comes of Factor (+1), and mostly given additional meaning.
    This is the case of day 288º of the year, that you mention at Kin 192… this goes with a mistake on day kin 193 at the Almanac (says day 289º and it is 290, not been a common daily information!!). As I can see, day 288º happened to be on Kin 191 (your own hidden kin on transit, kin 70 and PSI Kin 192), with a PSI : Kin 207, and intervals as 137, 121,16
    From that, becomes much more information if you consider what happened on day Kin 69 –factor (-1), attending the “math/magic” game I started at 7 moon, ending Inner Resonance course, I call it “ Ola Retorno Galactico”,a 3 kin (+Psi+hidden) coding each day, soon I will share the work made on it at this G.S. Group. There is only 3 intervals equal 0 this year, one of then is on day {6.26} kin 69, plus kin 96 and Kin155, all of then, when are related with ring Ns1.19, Kin 209 *even intervals 0 on that “Sincro/Sirio Year” gives, at least, a “clue” of interval equal 45.
    There is another common “mistake”, if it is so, all of us have when counting days at any cycle, as on 144 cycle, depends really if we get the proper kin 144 into the account or we are counting the “vacuum space” between then… again Factor (+1).
    And one more, as ending, it is related to consider n`1 as primo at the ordinal account of prime numbers, which, no doubt, are given “clue” of meaning. Commonly, at web sites, number 1 is not take in account, but I have just realise that Valum did it so. I use to consider “primes” number order, its relation are really lighting meanings, but they are always factor (-1) at Valum notes.. !!
    Finally, I rich a conclusion to consider, when at numbers “cronotopology” practice refers, plus the proper number, the factor (+1) and factor (-1), and therefore became 3 again, from 3 comes any thing else !!
    My love and respect to you and your life mission, In Lackech
    Ana, Kin 191

  13. interestingly enough, I am only given the sighting of this blog today.. kin 229 galactic moon, it seems to have held off coming thru my email and I have been on away for the past 8 days, so just catching up.. however as we know timing is perfect.. moment to moment, unfolds the play ;).. the information is pretty clear isn’t it.. regarding the words in the 13 verses of the document, layer upon layer of time , information is hidden, from us being revealed in the moment perfect for revelation and understanding.
    Having been involved with the crystal skulls , as you know for a long time and they have shown many of us the energy and connection of importance to Rennes-le-Château , quite some years ago, at that time, of course i didn’t realise my involvement would unfold with yourself and the law of time and V V”s work , so lovely synchronicity to see this revealed .
    I am seeing the full circle of the serpent in this moment, .the ‘ouroboros’, which seems to be very pertinent also for a while now, .. blessings as the journey continues to unfold, and the sharing of which keeps us all connected , .. i will enjoy learning more about the 13 verse document, … blessings RQ.. and much love .

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  15. Feel to let you know that this download from you RQ, appears to have been much more easily picked up by people whether they were involved within 13:20 or not, much love , 221

  16. This morning, I awoke to a vision of a totem pole with which only the bottom of it was visible. On its surface was etched the image of a creature that had the eyes of an eagle and the mouth of a serpent.
    The eagle is a creature that is equipped with the tools to benefit from the efforts of those beneath it. Similarly, this creature effaced on the bottom of the totem pole was a serpent but with the large globular/dilated eyes of an eagle.
    Paul, I have read your bio and you should not be so reckless with your life. You carry great sacred knowledge of a new form of timekeeping. Your life is precious and you should treat it as such. Do not fear at the aspect of certainties. Doctors lie, loved ones lie, everyone lies. The matrix lies. Everything is an illusion. The Earth in its current form is already passing. Nothing is permanent. The greatest gift that the serpent has is in its ability of indecision.
    Sometimes, not deciding, or making up your mind is the most powerful thing that you have. It is the antipode of the Eagle which is symbolic of a decision or the act of “making up our minds”. It is the difference between the Warrior (Serpent) and the Opportunist (Eagle). Some will say that it is harder to learn if I never make a decision. This is not true. Decision-making employs the scientific method with its Hypothesis (initial decision), Experimentation, and Conclusion (refined decision). Non-Decision-Making or deciding that “Nothing is ever certain” employs more of a spiritual journey out of divulging answers. Most questions are unimportant, and the important ones, take our whole life long to get answered. A lot of this is Taoism.
    When I first began memorizing the codespells and how they apply to daily life, I employed a very scientific effort. I continually asked myself, “Is this how it is? Or is it how I am looking at it?” “Is it real, or imagined?” The truth is – it is both. Check the youtube video on Dr. Quantum Double Slit Experiment. This video illustrates how particles (or waves) act differently when they are being observed. Here is another video which illustrates the same – the Original Double Slit Experiment. Could it be that because I am looking through the new lens of the Tzolkin that particular events, people, and objects are behaving differently because of how I am looking at things? Very much so. Is the scientific method skewed because of initial biases? YES. Do we have the power to transform matter with our minds? YES. Will some people think us delusional? Sure.
    You have a strong mind. The more you envelop yourself in the teachings of the synchronic order, the better equipped you will be to free yourself from the illusion of Samsara.
    A serpent with great vision has the ability to benefit from the efforts of those above it. Know that you are a part of something greater than yourself. The Earth very easily could be the electron of an atom, in your body. Feel the connection between yourself and another individual on a spiritual and non-physical level. God is there. He is both parts, you and I, one part watching after the other. Know that you are constantly surrounded by angelic forces. These are graceful beings of light and are compassionate forces that exist, though they really have no reason to do so. They just are. Guided by the same greater power or omni-galactic source that you are. They are people you see in everyday life.
    Universal water takes the path of least resistance. Fearlessness generally takes the path of most resistance. But there IS an intelligent flow out there. You ARE Hunab KU. The 20 solar seals are the individual components you are made of. They are constantly in communication with each other. They influence each other. From your brain, to your heart, to your reproductive organs – It’s all connected.
    “Every man (and woman) is a universe within itself.” – Bob Marley
    The root chakra is at the base of your spine and is symbolic of the Earth. There are a lot of organs down there around the root chakra. You have reproduction and waste. Take care of the Earth in your universe. It has a large amount to do with the quality of your life while you are here. There are excesses and deficiencies. Strive for balance.
    I imagine good things for you. Never worry for anything. Many times, we worry about loved ones because they are not near us physically. It is ever more important to imagine the best for our loved ones. By knowing who they are, you are more equipped than anyone to send them thoughts of amplified blessings. Imagine them in their best forms or what you believe to be the best case scenario for them. It may be just enough for a random person to come up to them and say, “You know what, someone really does love you. It may not be who you think it is, but trust me, they’re out there. And they hold you in the most profound and loving light imaginable.”
    Blessed love waves and light to all.
    -Kin 165

    • Mark,
      Thank you for this…
      “You should not be so reckless with your life.” These words carry much power. I’ve been letting go of so much in my life recently, and love has been pouring in like never before. I understand that I am not supposed to live on the edge of destruction, but instead I am to live day to day without fear of what is to come. With electric night as my analog, it makes sense I’ve been having premonitory dreams lately, and with electric world-Bridger as my antipode I’ve been having to release those things that would undo me. I’m still learning, and I appreciate your message, Mark. It is right on the Mark. Thank you…


    • Mark,
      I am amazed you read my bio… I completely forgot I had it here. I am happy to say that since writing it I have changed a lot and take much better care of myself now. =) Much love and light to you and all who see this!
      Kin 16

  17. Paul you are Kin 16 or Blue Spectral Night (Kin 63) combined with Red Overtone Skywalker (Kin 213).
    63 + 213 = 276
    276 – 260 = 16

    You are the fifth Yellow Electric Warrior that I have had communication with (that I am consciously aware of. I’m sure there are many others but I don’t know everyone’s birthday.) You are the second Kin 16 that I have met that identifies with their galactic signature. Thanks again for being a constant light in my life and having the courage to share your story. I will have to read your update. :)

    My favorite Electric Warrior is a small child. She was born from the same woman that was carrying my “biological” child in her womb, aborted a year before. On one occasion I was able to spend some quality time with her. She rubbed my arm at the elbow. I later found out – this gesture means “Thank You” in Arapahoe Indian. Maybe, somehow she knew that I would read about Arapahoe Indians later or perhaps because her compliment is intuition. It could have been an endearing gesture that she had picked up from her mother KIN 143. Either way, she was a very happy toddler and charming to say the least.

    Being that I am 30 years old as Kin 165, I became Blue Cosmic Eagle on my last birthday. The hidden power of the eagle is transformation of death (or as I like to call it “intelligence acted upon”). I feel the culmination of the last 13 years of my life amounts to the acquisition of valuable knowledge of how the Pineal gland has influence over our thoughts and consciousness. This gland is a tiny organ shaped like a pine cone in between and below the hemispheres of our brain. See David Wilcock: The Source Field Investigations ( (David Wilcock is Yellow Planetary Seed. I discovered this person and his video 3 days ago (from the time of this post) on KIN: 244 Yellow Planetary Seed.) Synchronicity is the hidden power of the seed.

    We are constantly being bombarded with electronic frequencies. The Pineal gland bears the brunt of all this. It is a gland made up of rods and cones, similar to the ones in our eyes, but these receptors actually pick up on waves. Radio waves, cell phone waves, and wireless signals, I believe, are potentially harmful to our Pineal glands. An over-calcified Pineal gland can be a precursor to brain tumors, headaches, migraines, and mental illnesses. My grandmother Kin: 205, died from a brain tumor.

    There are ways to de-calcify the Pineal gland which includes drinking distilled water, eating organic foods (fruits and vegetables). Eating fish I think is better than chicken or beef. You can also put a piece of quartz at the top of your head near your crown chakra. I have a small geode for this purpose. I use a bandana to affix it in place while I am meditating and sleeping at night.

    I have been meditating a lot recently in the last 3 days (at least a couple of hours each day). The Natural Mind Meditation I found is very difficult to master. The hardest part for me is dissolving the thoughts as I exhale. Some thoughts grip me, and I will think about them for 2 or 3 breaths instead of just one, until I finally dissolve it. I am getting better though, and I don’t give up.

    The way I initially learned how to meditate is slightly different from the Natural Mind Meditation. In addition to breathing and upholding erect posture, I also imagine myself and how I look meditating from six different points of view.

    The best way that I can describe this is to imagine you seated in the center of a six-pointed star (Star of David). Each of the star points are a different point of view.

    I will begin with breathing, and focus on being inside myself, inside my body. Each point of view is equidistant from where I am seated. The first point of view I will adopt is the one directly behind me. For a full inhalation and exhalation, I will imagine myself and how I look from 5 yards behind me. I will then come back into my body and check on myself for another full inhalation and exhalation. I will sometimes ask myself at this point in the most endearing tones possible “Are you okay? No, really, are you doing okay? What can you do to make your existence better?”. I believe doing this begins to open the gate to the celestial realm. For only by spirit, and our tones of voice, are we able to navigate to various forms of righteousness.

    Next, I will move counter-clockwise to the next star point (point of view) adjacent the the one behind me. Again, for a full inhalation and exhalation I will face myself and imagine what I look like. When I keep my mind active like this for a long time during meditation, it is easier for me to dissolve any other thoughts that arise. After a while, any thoughts of fear seem to dissipate altogether. Also, if you push one of the star-points very far away from your body, and if you can accurately visualize what is in that location, then you can pick up on thoughts and feelings of those in that location.

    After a long period of time, extremely benevolent thoughts will descend upon me. These are sensations and visions of the future that seem incredibly powerful and beautiful. I dissolve these thoughts anyway to maintain discipline. But they keep coming. I also note that there is a tingling sensation around my temples that seem to creep towards the center of my forehead. My whole body is vibrating on some profoundly positive level. I can feel my merkaba activating in my mouth, throat, chest, and heart – from the breathing. (The same sensations I get while singing the “HU” for 20 minutes; see Eckankar)

    Sometimes tears will come to my eyes, and I will realize how foolish I have been to live my life for so long – attached to material possessions. I could easily be happy meditating all day long, and I feel this may be the most positive existence for me. I first learned how to meditate like this when I was Red Resonant Serpent, a full gregorian year after I had first been exposed to my galactic signature and reading some of Arguelles’s work (Time and The Technosphere). I remember initially studying meditation because I could not sleep at night.

    During the day, I was working in the records room of an orphanage of abused and mistreated kids. I remember needing a refuge for my mind. I thought meditation was the best way, and it helped, although my early attempts were almost always unsuccessful at quelling my anxiety.

    “Though on the surface things can appear muddy, a whole-system rebirth is well underway. Remembering that diamonds are formed from the blackest of earth undergoing tremendous pressure.”

    I thank god someone decided to make this blog. I thank everyone who has ever persevered through the rigors of meditation. Thank you Mr. Arguelles, for allowing the possibilities of this synchronicity. Thank you for the last post Red Queen and for pushing me through to perseverance. The 144 day challenge is not over. My journey is far from over. I feel like I have accomplished great feats in meditation, but I am still very new to the 13 moon calendar.

    Thank you for the link 1y2x3. I have actually been looking for something on Electron Orbital Models to further my discussion with KIN 51. Hopefully your link will provide fruit of multiple topics of conversation. Thanks you Red Queen for all your hard work on everything and providing a platform for communication. Again, thank you Paul for the courage of sharing your story.

    In Lakech
    -Kin 165

    As soon as I finished writing this post, the power went out. Yet my computer stayed on. It was destiny that this post was to be transmitted. Or, my battery happened to be fully charged. :)

    • Dear Mark,
      What a beautiful, enlightening comment…

      I have been noticing 143 recently, and the one that sticks out in my memory is a can that says 1.43 on a price sticker in the art room in which I have been modeling the last three weeks. My last day was today. Side note: the room number is 108, Yellow Self-Existing Star. Also, 888 simplifies to 108. And the top hits radio station in Waco is Power 108. The art class is a life drawing class in which I modeled nude in order to get over my insecurities, and it worked. I am being paid for it, and today we finished up at 13 hours. :) 143 is 13 x 11!

      I identify with your Electric Warrior friend… many times I have inadvertently brushed against others, opening up new worlds of physical awareness because my natural tendency is to shy away from people’s touch. Fortunately that is changing, in addition to many other aspects of myself. I have to say everything is changing, really.

      Your meditation technique is so helpful… the star of David has always held special significance to me since David is my middle name. I will keep it in mind in the future. ^_^

      Thank you for your encouragement and your presence… At this point in time electronic communication is the best form of transmitting thoughts as enlightening as yours to me, and I thank you deeply for all you do and will continue to do. Your compassion is quite evident, and I hope to meet you someday. :)


  18. I had couple of weeks off from work starting last week of July for some some reason I kept researching about the stock market which led me to other subjects to research.. finally on the 1st September 2014 after over a month of Internet research something happened to while I was awake staring at the computer screen… My brain just started to put all my past life experiences into a matrix kind of formation making me understand why everything happened the way it did in my past which led me to this website which I am trying to understand bit by bit please help me understand things a little better. During this time I deciphered most of the major religions which are all somehow connected to the number 13.

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