Galactic Invocation, Kin 70–White Overtone Dog

Mother/Father – Hunab Ku!

Great Spirit – Wakan Tanka!

Buddhas of the Dharmakaya!

Buddhas of the Samboghakaya!

Buddhas of the Nirmanakaya!

The Christ logo signature of the DNA template of All!

The Solar Hierarchy — the Celestial Guardians of the Galactic Order!

Spirit Beings — Guardian Elders of the Central Sun

Who also dwell within the Earth!

Elementals and Divas!

We call you! We invoke you!

Hear us! Listen to our request!

We surrender our names

We surrender all false conditioned identity,

So that as pure flames we may burn

In the circle of Oneness.

We ask for insight.

We ask for vision.

We ask for the Highest Truth

to be placed in the temple of our hearts, 

joined as ONE in the circle which transcends time.

We ask that as ONE BEING

We may receive the command

of the Higher Collective Voice.

Let that voice enter us now!

Let us hear it — let us receive its imprint!

Let us remain naked and nameless in its power;

So that its power may infuse each of us to know

And to speak its command

In our own truest voice

So that the world–this blessed Earth

May awaken within our voice

Within our command

To the knowledge of the Greater Light


And that in this Greater Light

Our children and our children’s children

Will know and know that they know

Without fear and without lack


Which is in all without end

Oh Hear us! This is our request!

(by Valum Votan)