Maya: The Magical Practice of Reality Yellow Galactic Sun: Kin 60 “I harmonize in order to enlighten … “

The more we awaken to the Reality of our current global situation, the more overwhelmed we can feel. There are those beings, both on and off planet, who are radically against the work of divine evolution and do everything possible to thwart it.

We have to prepare ourselves psychologically and emotionally for the next scenes of the earth movie. All we can control is our inner perceptions and states of consciousness. We are being called to operate from a whole other level of Being.

Now is the time to invoke the Higher Magic. Here is an ancient-future memory put forth in an unpublished document by Valum Votan called Maya: Magical Practice of Reality. 

It reminds us that Reality is not a given but must be practiced into what it becomes. May it tap your memory circuits.

“Now is the account of the Galactic Maya from within the Earth.

From there in the Crystal Chamber, where the listening occurs, deep within the Earth, where the four mystic channels that run to the center of the Earth return from the fields of Night and join as one; where the messengers deliver their songs, their codes, their harmonies woven from the starry cloth of Being; this is how the Maya came, this is how the Earth learned of Maya. 

When no one knew, yet everything was known, it penetrated. Being from beyond the Sun penetrated, and entered the polar fields where the dawn lights rain and crackle in endless splendor. There in the polar fields where the four mystic channels have their influx and outpouring, this Being from beyond the Sun arrived and became manifest. 

Hunab-Ku, it was called. 

Hunab Ku made itself known. Even to the depths of the oceans among the myriad mind-palaces of the dolphin deep, Hunab Ku became known: One Giver of Movement and Measure, the Being from Beyond the Sun, the One without a Face, the One who gives birth to Itself through Light—Hunab Ku. 

Streaming through the eight polar outlets of the four mystic channels, Hunab Ku penetrated Earth, entering deep into the Crystal Chamber, where the listening occurs. 

Meeting Itself in the center of the Earth, in the Crystal Chamber where the harmonics of space and time transmit each other, Hunab Ku met Itself. 

In an explosion of radiance never before known, Hunab Ku, while remaining in the Crystal Chamber, also burst back out through the eight polar outlets of the four mystic channels, burst back into the polar fields where the magnetic lights twinkle in the Shaman dawn. 

Everywhere the mantle of Earth became rich, becomes seeded with knowing. Memory occurred where there had been none. Star thoughts textured the mantle of the Earth with wondrous signs. Birth by Light happened in caves, on river banks, on mountaintops. Even those beings already born experienced birth by Light—the wondrous gift of the Maya. 

Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

The elders, the sages, the wise ones took the gift of Maya, birth by Light, and turned it into the practices of Reality.

And this is how it was taught, Maya, the gift of birth by Light, the magical practice of Reality. 

Reality, the stuff of the sense fields, is a practice. Reality is not a given but must be practiced into what it becomes. Mind is active in Reality as the practicing agent. The Sense fields are the palaces of Reality practiced by mind. Within a field of total clarity with no attachment in mind, Reality is practiced, the sense fields are synchronized, and everything around becomes within. 

This is no mystery, for synchronicity is the law of the Earth, the expression of the Earth force. Only deluded beings of the later age, the night of Smokey Mirror, disbelieve this, and so wander in a maze of doubt, hatred, and senseless passion. 

It is for this reason at this time that the conch of the Maya is sounded in the beehive of the Earth, arousing the bees of awakened insight to busy themselves with the task of cleansing the mirror of the wheel of the senses. For soon, the time arrives when the warriors of inner Earth, riding waves of synchronicity, will release themselves upon the Earth!. 

The sacred spine of earth running from pole to pole pulsed and sang … with a wondrous crash, the great force of synchronicity first issued from Earth, exuded in swells of Light from her pores, passing through the eight octave outlets, sounding deep within the seas booming upward her rocky clefted landmass. 

Receiving this great rush of synchronicity, the sages, the elders, the wise ones awakened anew. Great was their power, the magical practice of Reality. Whatever mind conceived of instantly became. Clouds, mist, mountains, valleys, all manner of fruit, and nourishment—all arose instantaneously. 

The reason for this lay in the fact that the elders, the sages, the wise ones rested on the root of knowing, which is called synchronicity. And this synchronicity is how the whole Earth remains as one.”

Releasing Illusion: Final Days of 12:60 Matrix

The Time that we have been preparing for is NOW. 

Many do not realize the magnitude and whole systems aspects of what is currently unfolding.

What is occurring is beyond the scope of most human comprehension. It is of cosmic proportions.

Planet Earth is the focal point for many other world systems.

We are now experiencing the amplification of frequency wars and the electromagnetic enslavement of the entire species encapsulated by the artificial timing frequency. 

We are in the final days of the 12:60 matrix. We are called to FULLY AWAKEN NOW!

The 12:60 has its tentacles in all institutions and seeks total control over humanity, including its biology. We are in the final battle of the War of the Heavens. The end sequence of the 12:60 Beast has been unleashed on Earth. There is a War on Consciousness; A War on Freedom;  A War on Imagination.

All that is occurring is to merge us with an artificial frequency grid. 

Stay vigilant. 

The root of this frequency war is embedded in the mechanized 12:60 timing frequency. This is a subconscious implant that seeks to control and program our perceptions. It seeks full control of our body, mind and soul.

Consider that all we have been taught about reality was generated within an artificial frequency: the 12:60. This means that we must reconsider everything, even perceptions that we take as second nature.

“All fear-based programs and dis-ease have their origin in the 12:60 frequency. When fear programs become collective belief systems then an unconscious playing out of previously unresolved histories takes over.” –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

All of the work of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan was to warn and prepare us for this Time if humanity had not chosen to return to natural cycles. 

He reminded us that everything goes in cycles. There is a Time of Corruption and a Time of Redemption. The Prophecy of Pacal Votan is about Time and the redemption of Time; it reminds us that Universal Wisdom is contained in our body, not in machine intelligence. 

The Law of Time describes the process of going from unconscious to conscious. The purpose is to wake up from the Dreamspell of history and all false perceptions. 

See through the illusions.

To begin to grasp the whole system energetics playing out now requires us to rise above conventional thinking, polarity, and personal biases to see the bigger picture. This is the purpose of our work with the 13 Moon Calendar and Law of Time. 

We are witnessing the climax of the break of the Universal Order. This manifests as a polarized split in the Mind that is projected out into the phenomenal world. All of the Universe is unified in our Minds. The break or fracture of the Universal pattern manifests physically as all sorts of diseases, neurosis, and psychological disturbances.

To Return to Nature is to return to the Universal Pattern. The Universal Pattern is experienced as the Synchronic Order, where beauty, order, and harmony reign supreme. This is what we are returning to. 

The new Tzolkin cycle began on September 1, with Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon. This cycle concludes on May 18: Kin 260: Yellow Cosmic Sun. The choices we make in this cycle will determine the future. Taking care of our emotional body and keeping our own inner harmony is key. This might mean you need to respectfully disengage from certain people or relationships.

We do not want to waste our energy in relations where we have to explain, defend or argue our perception. We want to keep our frequency and energy as high and balanced as possible as we pass through the next stages of the eye of the needle. 

The Original Mission of the Law of Time stands true: Return to Natural TimeReturn to Nature.

Jose Arguelles’ original vision took into account that the crisis of the world community can end in two ways: “self-destruction, either dismally drawn out for another generation, or rapidly exploded through some ‘accident;’ or it can create an entirely new pathway by embracing the advent of galactic culture.”

Losing our comprehension of the higher worlds, human civilization has veered from the sacred path. We cannot underestimate the spiritual dimension of our current planetary crisis. 

This year is the 20th anniversary of 9-11, the symbolic puncturing of the old Time. This day lands on Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey. This event inspired the book Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs, which explains how the 12:60 world goes through 28-year cycles, which brings us to 2029. 

This is the purpose for putting out the nine-year vision plan. 2020-2029. This is merely a structure to organize our activities within the Timeship. See links at bottom for 9 year vision map and the recently published Planetary Kin Report.

There is a transmutation taking place in every cell of our human body and planet body. Information that was coded into our DNA is now being activated. 

We are in an age of embodiment.

Do not succumb to the fear virus. Stay calm and centered.

Envision the world you wish to live in. Envision it in detail. 

Take action, as guided. 

The New Way will be unlike anything that came before.

New instructions are being given. 

Let’s turn off our monitor screen and Listen.

Pacal Votan: Time’s Special Witness Blue Magnetic Night, Kin 183

Seek the origin of the present circumstance

As I write, it is the 69th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan: Crystal Moon 17 (June 15, 2021): Blue Magnetic Night. Without this discovery, none of the knowledge of the Law of Time or Cosmic History would be.

Human history is the opposite of Cosmic History.

Human history is the history of materialism, power, and domination. It is based on how economic history conforms to materialism.

This materialism is embedded into the 12:60 artificial frequency, and is exemplified by the fact that now the world’s eight richest people have as much wealth as half the human race.

This materialism is ruled by Saturn and maintains itself by manipulating death fear, represented by Mars (think pharmaceutical and insurance companies).

This mechanized  frequency disconnects us from Nature, each other, and ultimately our soul. We now live in a world where we are databased and categorized; Our information is bought and sold for marketing purposes.

All that is pure and true has been hijacked and inverted by what is referred to as the “theft in time.” In this inverted world, we are not encouraged to freely speak our heart, express our creativity and trust our intuition, but instead are expected to recite premade scripts, platitudes, and slogans that fit the prescribed narrative.

Globalist (Time is Money) Bankers seek to create a shadow world ruled by a divide and conquer mentality. They own pharmaceutical companies; they own scientists; they own hospitals; they own media; they own churches. All to advance a particular narrative, based on total dominance of the third dimension and all of its bodies in Time.

When considering modern communication, we must also focus on the chief method of globalization, which is marketing propaganda on behalf of consumerism. Marketing is the use of means of mass communication to control the mind of the consumer. In the final stage of globalization, marketing replaces consciousness –Jose Arguelles, Time and the Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs.

The Prophecy of Pacal Votan and the Path of the Galactic Maya came to remind us that Universal Wisdom is contained in our body, not in the machine. Our bodies are the keepers and temples of Ancient-Future wisdom.

Understanding this prophecy and its teachings requires us to lift our mind above current circumstances, and join our Awareness with that which is Eternal. At the Ultimate level, all is within us, including those who appear seeking control.

The prophecy of Pacal Votan was brought through Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, making the clear distinction between artificial time (12:60) and natural time (13:20). Though it may sound simplistic, when grasped, it has world-changing implications. If new to this, go here:

Origins of Current Earth Movie

Whereas human history is based on materialism, Cosmic History is based on cycles of time and the prophecy of Pacal Votan.

According to this prophecy, all that is playing out is a Babylonian script with its origins in the destroyed planet Maldek (now the Asteroid Belt). This is an archetypal story that has also occurred in other world systems.

This prophecy of Pacal Votan was a time-released response to the destruction of Maldek. The unresolved trauma on Maldek was carried to Mars, and then to Earth by a radio genetic time ark, as recalled by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan.

Radiogenetic refers to genetic memory carried and transmitted through radio or electromagnetic waves. We are electromagnetic beings who vibrate with the farthest plane of the cosmos, to the most subatomic part of the cosmos, to the most stellar parts.

Radiogenetic time ark is defined as the invisible mind thread carrying genetic information transmitted like radio waves from one point to another.

Additonal Synchronic Notes: (send me corrections if any errors, and send additional synchronicities if you find :)

The occult (or hidden power) for the Blue Magnetic Night is White Cosmic Mirror, Kin 78. This is significant, as 78, is the total sum of the tones of the 13 Pacal Votan Clear Signs found engraved upon Pacal’s tomb in Palenque.

Furthermore, the 78th year of the tomb opening in the Yellow Spectral Seed year (2029 – 2030. This year is written N.S.1.42. 42 is a number of key significance. There are 42 years between the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan and the tomb of the Red Queen. 42 months is often mentioned in the Bible and is equivalent to approximately 1,260 days. The Spectral Seed year opens us to the remaining four year of the 13 year cycle to establish the Noosphere of Timeship Earth (2020 – 2033).

Interestingly, there are 1,320 days from June 15, 2021 to January 24, 2025 (NS This is Resonant Moon 15 of the Rhythmic Storm Year. We will be in the fifth time dimension of the nine-time dimension vision map: which is signified by the Divine Masculine. This year is also my 52nd return.

This day is Red Rhythmic Dragon, Kin 201, which is also the 86th solar return of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan and also the midway point of the 13 Moon year.

(please pardon the technical challenges … it seems the machines are making a lot of changes without consulting humans–hope this reads OK)

Inner Earth: Number Synchronicity

In a world that seeks to divide us, the Synchronic Order Unites us All. 

This series of synchronic reflections that activated on Kin 120: Yellow Electric Sun while visiting Mount Shasta. This day, Planetary Moon 10, began the 65-day cycle of the Season of Enlightenment (April 13, 2021).

This cycle concludes on Kin 184 (June 16, 2021) one day after the 69th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan.

Use these synchronicities as a jumping off point for further decodement of your own journey and world unfoldments.

As I write this, it is the 20th day of the Planetary Moon (April 23, 2021), White Cosmic Dog. This is the 113th day of the Gregorian year (3-11) backward.

This day is also 13 months and 13 days ago or 1 year and 44 days since lockdown began on 3-11-20: White Galactic Wind.

White Cosmic Dog is Kin 130 and is located at the center of the 260-day Harmonic Module (Tzolkin). This is also known as the mystic column, the 33rd harmonic, the void harmonic. This day also concludes the 13-day Mirror Wavespell of Endlessness.

Its guide is White Cosmic Wizard: Kin 234, the signature of Carl Jung, who coined the word “synchronicity.”

Two days prior, the “Queen”, Kin 33, celebrated her 95th birthday on Yellow Spectral Star, Kin 128 (April 21, 2021).

This was the 111th day of the year. 111 is my current address, having moved in on Kin 111 (Samhain, 2019). The following day was November 1 (11-1).

This past Easter Sunday was Kin 111

Yellow Spectral Star, Kin 128, also coded the 66th anniversary of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan (June 15, 2018). 66 = 33 x 2. This day was especially significant, as Kin 113 and myself landed in Bucharest on our way to the “inner earth” of Transylvania.

66 steps descend the Pyramid of Inscriptions into Pacal’s sarcophagus in Palenque. 66 = 6 x 11—the power of the six symbolizes the coming Sixth Sun, awakened Solar Consciousness.’

99 is 66 upside down. Prince Philip died at age 99 on the 99th day of the year on 6th day of the 10th (Planetary) Moon (April 9, 2021). Solar Moon 17 was the 10th year anniversary of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan’s passing on Kin 99 (March 23, 2021). (Not that I am a royal fan, but synchronicity is still interesting).

There are 66 days between April 30, 2021, and the 4th of July, 2021, kin 202. 202 was my street address in Mt. Shasta, prior to 111.

July 4 is the 185th day of the Gregorian year. This day is 245 years since 1776, the commemoration of the Declaration of Independence in the United States. Kin 245 is the psi chrono of that day. And the kin equivalent is 96.

Kin 95 codes this year’s total Solar Eclipse on Overtone Moon 20, Kin 95 (December 4, 2021). This eclipse will come to Antarctica and will be a powerful time. 

The following day, Kin 96, will be one spin since I had the Dream of the inner Earth on the morning of kin 96, Equinox (March 20, 2021). This day will also be the 15th year anniversary of the “alchemical wedding” (See The Uninscribed: Inititiation into the Heart of Time).

Inner Earth Equinox Dream, Kin 96

I awoke to an intricate dream of inner earth beings on Equinox, Kin 96 (March 20,2021). 

In the dream, I was giving an intimate talk at someone’s large house in the forest. Two very unusual beings entered the room. They were familiar, yet strange, polite, and attentive. They had a powerful presence. They were unusual looking, and both felt to be female, but with an androgynous quality.

As I spoke, they telepathically flashed images of what I understood as the inner Earth. I saw many crystals, in particular amethysts and flowing streams of pure water.

 I finally got into a room with them, and they were eager to communicate. They opened their mouth to speak, and at first, though their lips were moving, I heard nothing. They seemed to struggle to form words into earth language. I intuited that it was not easy for them to hold form in the density of this surface plane.  

The sound vibrations increased in frequency and I saw several spheres, and within them I saw new worlds emerge, beautiful landscapes and structures. I felt excited, as they continued to demonstrate how worlds are created through sound vibration. But there was– Something ELSE that they were communicating–and I am still trying to recall it even as I write.

When I woke up, I felt to simplify 3D activity as much as possible for the Lunar Storm year in order to be more receptive to what is coming.

24 days Later: Yellow Electric Sun: Mount Shasta

24 days after the dream, I traveled to Mt. Shasta on Kin 120: Yellow Electric Sun. My purpose was to clear out a storage unit. But the day felt to be a continuation of the equinox dream. Many memory circuits and synchronic weavings began to occur. 

My storage number is 52. Nelektra, Kin 227, has storage unit number 19 at the same place. So 19 and 52. 1952 is the year of the opening of the Tomb of Pacal Votan.

19 + 52 = 71.

Valum Votan was age 71 when he last visited Mt. Shasta on Kin 117-118 (August 3-4, 2010).

On Kin 117, Red Cosmic Earth Votan and I were in Mt. Shasta and had a simultaneous experience of being taken to the inner Earth. (This was Overtone moon year. TFI 1443, BMU 120).

The final day Valum Votan was in the United States was Blue Lunar Storm, kin 119 (August 5, 2010), this year’s signature (2020-2021). 

This day was the 11th day of the Magnetic Moon, written 1.11. 

Jacob, Kin 201, director of communication for FLT and his wife Kelly, Kin 240, drove us to the airport that day as we made our journey home from Portland, Oregon, to Melbourne, Australia. 201 + 240 = 441.

The four of us added to kin 117: Cosmic Earth, the day the Dream of the 441 first came to Votan, four spins prior.

Jacob was born on the 119th day of the Gregorian year (April 29) on kin 201.

Synchronically, 145 Days before the lockdown began, there was a pandemic simulation exercise in New York called Event 201 on October 18, 2019, Kin 98. It was organized by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Also interesting to note that Pope Francis lives in suite 201 of the Vatican guesthouse. 

Back to Mt. Shasta on Kin 120

After clearing items in storage on Electric Sun, Kin 72 and I went to lunch in downtown Shasta. Sitting at the restaurant, I felt a spontaneous and immediate shift of consciousness and full vertical alignment of the spinal column. It felt as though I was both sinking deep within my body and expanding outward, though I was still present in 3D.

Suddenly I could see inside the Earth, though than purely physical, it felt more interdimensional. I felt the Presence of the two beings from my Dream a few weeks prior, who seemed to have guided me there. 

I became aware of multiple realities within the Earth simultaneously. The main message was to learn to LISTEN in a new way—unfiltered Listening. To hear requires letting go at the core and embodying full Presence. Any bias creates static, and communication becomes distorted. 

Pure attunement transcends all. Memory that No one has ever done anything “to” anyone. Those are old victim programs, keeping us in duality. As long as these tapes are playing, we will see no justice in 3D. Release artificial mental inserts designed to distract us from Hearing. Get out of the way. Allow clearing.

The beings pointed to a stream of flowing crystalline water. So pure. They told me this represents our Blood and its purification. Blood is Key to understanding the paradigm “time is money.” Blood is the actual currency, not green paper. 

Fire and Blood. 

Water and Sky. 

Unravel the mystery from On High. 

Purification of BLOOD is key. I saw seas of Blood flowing. What is Blood? What is Water? To open into inner time/inner earth, we have to become like structured water.

To enter the new Earth is to enter ourselves wholly for the First Time—which was the original vision at the tomb of the Red Queen (see The Uninscribed). 

WE ARE the NEW (Timeship) Earth: a Re-coding and Transmutation is taking place.

Transmute Perception. Only by transmutation of Perception will REALITY change. 

We paid our bill, which was $33.33. I recalled to Kin 72 that Votan took me to Shasta for 3 days retreat for my 33rd birthday in the Yellow Cosmic Seed Year (2006).

After Shasta, we stopped at the home of Kin 24. I told her about the experience, and the dream 24 days prior. As I was leaving, the local taxi passed by with its phone number in large numbers: 333-3333.  

Also, the 24 awakened my memory to an earlier synchronic practice: Cubing the 24 Elder Futhark Runes. The key to this practice is to synchronize the psi bank with the inner Earth and awaken the noosphere (see Star Travelers Almanac of Synchronicity). 

More Number Magic

Planetary Moon 27, April 30, is the 120th day of the year. It is also one of the eight sabbats. This day will be kin 137: Red Resonant Earth, also known as Ah vuc ti kab, Lord of the Center of the Earth. It will also be the 66th birthday of N’Elektra, Kin 227. Beltane follows this day. 

There are 42 days between Equinox and Beltane. 42 backwards is 24. . There were 42 years (21 x 2) between the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan and the tomb of the Red Queen. Harmonic Convergence came 42 years after the bombing of Hiroshima. In the Bible, the number 42 is often given, as it is approximately 1260 days.

Also, there were 137 days between the 3-11-20 shutdown and the Day out of Time, July 25, 2020, Magnetic Mirror, Kin 118. And on and on :)

The synchronic order of fourth-dimensional reality is both a heightened quality of experience and the whole system of universal order manifest in any given “Now.” Synchronic order is the natural condition of synchronicity and is to the fourth dimension what gravity is to the third. Valum Votan, Rinri Project Volume 1, Number 3. 

19 Years: Cosmic History Maldek Remembered Red Spectral Moon, Kin 89

Solar Moon 7 (March 13, 2021) marks 14 spins since the passing of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. In light of the world situation, his work has never been more important. Synchronically, this day is also a New Moon, just as it was 19 years ago on this day when occurred the first transmission of Cosmic History.

Cosmic History is a continuation of the Law of Time that traces our present civilization back to the “theft in time.”

This “theft in time” is also known as the “Fall” (from sacred to profane). This created a split of the two hemispheres of the brain (yin and yang, night and day, male and female). When this “theft” occurred, the balance of equality was lost, and the energies became dominated by the left brain (male). The planetary guardians designated Earth as a quarantine zone to isolate the problem and allow humans to correct the error matrices.

This “theft of time” accounts for the active suppression of knowledge throughout human history. Much knowledge has been lost or forgotten and replaced with various forms of distractions and misinformation designed to keep the masses asleep.

Cosmic History Memory Retrieval Mission

It was this “theft in time,” that precipitated the first Cosmic History transmission on White Overtone Wizard, March 13, 2002 from Valum Votan to myself.

The Cosmic History transmission was the vehicle to connect points of lost consciousness between Maldek and present-day Earth. There was a sense of urgency to this process, which cannot be fully articulated. Now it is all becoming more clear.

Here is an excerpt of the memory of the destroyed planet that led me into this mission of Cosmic Memory retrieval. This excerpt is from The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time.

“The memory of the destruction of Maldek led me to my path of destiny. Twenty-four days before taking my role as an apprentice, I had an elaborate dream on New Year’s Eve 2001, White Spectral Wind:

I am on Maldek. I am very young.

Many people clamor in a state of unrest like a wild, chaotic party. 

Crowded and loud. 

Several dreams merge into one now, but they are all with the same energy. 

Like the entire red-light districts of all world systems trying to drink away the impending destruction.

An incredible pressure builds. 

Voices. Movement. Panic. 


And I am hurtling through space at top speed. I sense the presence of a male counterpart with me, though I see no one. 

Traveling through the stars, I unfold over myself—somersaults in space—over and over and over. I am naked. I look at my hand in attempt to wake myself up. But I am not dreaming. I see a silver ring on my finger. I look closely. It is inscribed:

Red Electric Serpent.

Later I am in a big city with tall buildings—a similar scene with lots of explosions. I am running, running, trying to warn people to get out of the buildings. 


Some listen. Some don’t. Christmas celebrations are everywhere in large high-rise buildings. I am walking alone in a field on the outskirts of the city in an undeveloped area between buildings when I see what appears to be little bombs exploding on the horizon.

They all seem connected by a time-release fuse. Then I see a fire and a huge building explode into flames. 

Then I remember that I am supposed to pick someone up in one of the buildings. I am stopped by a police officer. He asks if I am responsible for what is happening. I say no. He says, “Of course you are not.” He has a comforting smile—I feel safe.

He keeps me close by as we navigate through chaotic bars and streets. It appears like a masquerade ball at the world’s end. A final toast. People are disoriented and confused, carrying on with eating and drinking and ignoring the explosions.

I woke up feeling that this wasn’t a dream but a memory. And there was much more to remember.

Fastforward a year later to March 12, 2002, Red Self Existing Skywalker.

I am now living in Mt. Hood with Valum Votan and Lloydine/Bolon Ik. On this day, I was sitting by the wood stove in our Mount Hood home, and Votan was sitting on the couch while Lloydine was out running errands.

While we were sitting in silence, Votan began experiencing vertigo and lay down on the couch. He told me he was having an “optical,” where his field of vision would be replaced by colorful geometric shapes. He was accustomed to this type of experience and told me it was the way information was transmitted to him.

I felt a tingling surge of energy in the back of my head, and warmth filled my body as he began to narrate what he saw to me. He said he was viewing a parallel life through a thick interplanetary mirror. He recounted his experience of how life was lived, simultaneously, on this planet and another planet. Then, he saw the scenes change, and all of a sudden the civilization of Maldek (now the Asteroid Belt) appeared before him, before its destruction. 

He narrated that he was seeing a form of humanoids moving through constructs similar to modern-day city blocks. They were engaged in activities that appeared identical to those of the present Earth world. Yet, something else was going on. The beings seemed simultaneously frantic, ecstatic, and oblivious to a catastrophe about to occur. As he narrated, my skin tingled as this memory matched precisely my own dreams. 

When the intensity had subsided, Votan spoke of the similar enactment presently occurring on Planet Earth. He explained that our job is to help wake humanity up to divert it from repeating the disastrous catastrophes of Maldek and Mars. It was because of this potential replay that we were called together to receive the knowledge of what we would later call “Cosmic History.” 

For more see: