Mexico: 2005-2019 – 7 Caves and 7 Light Gates

The future is encoded in the past.

Our job is to remember the future.

This is the mission of our upcoming journey to Palenque and Teotihuacan.

Palenque: 20 July – 23 July.  Cosmic Moon 24-27: Kin 8-11                                                                 Teotihuacan: July 26. Magnetic Moon 1: Kin 14.     

There are two separate events. People can choose one or both, or just join us at the Free Day out of Time event at the pyramids on Kin 13: July 25, 2019. 

Our four days in Palenque is a journey of memory retrieval and inner transformation that includes a sacred cacao ceremony, as well as a galactic renaissance ceremony activating the stories and songs of tomorrow. If we listen closely, we might hear the whispers of our interplanetary origin.

This will be followed by a Day out of Time ceremonial march for peace, water ceremony and rainbow bridge meditation at Teotihuacan on Kin 13: July 25, 2019.

Galactic New Year: Magnetic Moon 1, Kin 14. July 26, 2019 

Our Galactic New Year event in Teotihuacan: Encoding the Future and Steering the Timeship, will feature several diverse speakers who will invoke the future of community, future of medicine, future of free energy, future of science, future of social organization, and the future of Time and Art.

Wherever you may find yourself on this day, we encourage you to envision and speak the future that you wish to see. Take a day out of the cybersphere if possible.


The Avenue of the Dead is the main street of Teotihuacan, and stretches more than 2 miles and contains 3 major pyramid complexes: Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon, and Temple of the Feathered Serpent (Quetzalcoatl).

Encoding the Future will be held at a venue on the Avenue of the Dead, near the entrance of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent.

Mexican prophet Quetzalcoatl is associated with the feathered serpent, symbolizing the merging of heaven and earth.

Quetzalcoatl also represents the inner transformation that has to be undergone to attain higher wisdom and is often associated with the return of Christ.


By the time the Baktun of the Maya (435-830), Teotihuacan was an unrivaled metropolis, possibly the biggest city in the world at that time. Population of over 200,000 people.

The Pyramid of the Sun is the tallest pyramid in Mexico and is built on top of a mysterious cave. It also has the same base measurement as the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt. Both Egyptians and Mayans recognized long ago that July 26 correlates as a starting point of the heliacal rising of the star Sirius. 



Synchronic Number 14

The Moon waxes and wanes, each for 14 days.

Jose Arguelles was age 14 when he had his first vision atop the Pyramid of the Sun in 1953. 53 is the number associated with Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, symbolizing the merging of heaven and earth. See previous blog:

This year’s Galactic New Year day is on Kin 14 next to the Temple of the Feathered Serpent.

In 2014 archeologists discovered liquid mercury in a subterranean chamber beneath the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, which they speculate may lead to royal tombs.

20 + 14 = 34. Kin 34: White Galactic Wizard,  began the 13 Moon Dreamspell count July 26, 1987.

Twenty days after our Encoding the Future event is Kin 34, which is the first Full moon of the Magnetic Wizard year.

The following day we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Harmonic Convergence  (August 16, 1987), that concluded the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl (of which tens of thousands people celebrated at Teotihuacan alone).

The current 14th Dalai Lama is Kin 14.

The number 14 is associated with death and resurrection as connected to the Egyptian goddess Isis, associated with star Sirius.

Isis found her husband Osirus’s body cast up in the Nile river, the place where his brother Set drowned him. Isis hid the body, but Set found it and tore it into 14 parts that were distributed around the country. Isis found and assembled the parts of Osirus who then became god of the underworld.

7 Caves of Tollan-Zuvuya

14 years ago on Rhythmic Moon 9, kin 252 (December 21, 2005), Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan did a ceremony, “the purification of the fifth sun,” at Teotihuacan, which initiated the seven caves of Tollan-Zuvuya.

Each year we would open a different cave symbolizing the seven-year gestation of the new human, homo noosphericus.

The seven caves were: 1) Crystal cave: 13 Seed year; 2) Jade cave: 1 Moon year; 3) Turquoise cave: 2 Wizard year; 4) Obsidian cave: 3 Storm year; 5) Onyx cave: 4 Seed year; 6. Gold cave: 5 Moon year; 7) Silver cave: 6 Wizard year.

Since Zuvuya is the hotline that links past, present, and future, we will review this ceremony of the 7 caves of Tollan-Zuvuya in the words of Jose Arguelles:

“In the Nahuatl, these seven caves are known as Chicomoztoc, the seven caves of origin or gestation. These are also the caves of emergence and return.

The number seven refers to the primal seven clans of origin, those in whom is the remembrance of the original order of the universe.

For the Maya, these seven caves are known as the Vucub Pec (Seven Caves) of Tollan Zuvuya.

According to the Popul Vuh, the four prophets, Balam Quitze, Balam Agab, Mahacutah and Iqi Balam were the first to go to these seven caves of Tollan Zuvuya: This was the name of the city where they went to receive their gods.

The Popol Vuh states:

When they arrived at Tollan Zuvuya, Vucub Pec, Vucub Zivan (seven ravines), the old traditions say they had traveled far in order to arrive there. There in Tollan Zuvuya, whence they had come, they were accustomed to fasting, they observed a perpetual fast while they awaited the coming of dawn and watched for the rising sun In Tollan power came instantly to them; great was their wisdom in the darkness and the night.

These words speak directly to the prophetic nature of the initiation that occurred on the Pyramid of the Sun (on solstice 2005).

Tollan is the primal place of origins and the place of Return, the heavenly city. Zuvuya is the path of the cosmic memory, the sacred way of return. Just as the seven caves were the place of the first emergence, so they are the place of reemergence of the new human of the Second Coming.

7 Caves: 7 Light Gates

2005-2012: Opening the seven caves of Tollan Zuvuya

2013-2020: Opening the 7 Light Gates/Sirius

Seven Lights

Seven lights are there in the Most High and therein dwells the Ancient of Ancients, the Mystery of the Mysteries, the secret of Secrets: Ain Soph.” –Zohar

These seven lights are the rainbow: this is why the Rainbow Bridge project is central to the entire system of Galactic Mayan time science. The Rainbow Bridge already exists, yet the purpose of the rainbow bridge meditation is to practice until we vibrate into its dimension.

This Galactic New Year, Kin 14, we are opening the final ray in the Rainbow Portal:      Violet ray: Divine Omnipresence and Spiritual Love

At Galactic Synchronization (26 July, 2013), we opened the first ray of the rainbow portal with 7 years to build the Rainbow from the ground up (2013-2020).

2013-14: Galactic seed year: Open Red ray: Spirit of Life.                                              2014-15: Solar Moon year: Orange ray: Spirit of Sanctity.                                              2015-16: Planetary Wizard Year: Open Yellow ray: Spirit of Wisdom.                              2016-17: Spectral Storm Year: Open Green ray: Spirit of Eternity and Evolution.                                             2017-18: Crystal Seed Year Open Blue ray: Spirit of Truth.                                           2018-2019: Cosmic Moon Year: Open Indigo ray: Spirit of Divine Force.                        2019-2020: Magnetic Wizard Year: Open Violet ray: Spirit of Divine Omnipresence and Supreme Love.

In the prayer of the seven galactic directions, the seventh direction is the CENTER, which is the Galactic Source WITHIN.

This GALACTIC SOURCE  is Everywhere at Once.  

When everyone connects to this Inner Source all-at-Once, then Divine treasures of the purest love an unimaginable Joy pour forth onto all the Planet.

“May everything be known as the LIGHT of mutual LOVE!”

This is the purpose of our Mexico events.

      “The culminating goal of the Law of Time is the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge (planetary antahkarana), the making permanently manifest the interdimensional circuit by which all creation is bound as a single unity.

    When the Rainbow Bridge becomes a reality, it will be as if a cleansing fire descends down its arching pathway, cleansing forever the erroneous mindset spawned by false time resulting in the material suffocation of the soul and near-destruction of the terrestrial biosphere.

   Instead, there will be the glory of the telepathic unity of the noosphere – an unprecedented moment in cosmic evolution on Earth.” –VV






Notre Dame: Synchronicity and Symbolism Yellow Electric Human, Kin 172

A wave of sadness rippled through the planetary body today as we watched the magnificent cathedral of Notre Dame go up in flames on Planetary Moon 12,  Kin 172: Yellow Electric Human/April 15, 2019.

The significance of the destruction of this ancient icon will continue to unfold and much will be written in the coming days and years to come. But no matter the cause or case, this was a time released event that is a deeply coded synchronic punctuation mark.

Much could be said, but for the sake of this particular blog entry I will lay out some synchronic skeleton keys for others to unlock and decode.

This Kin 172 will recur in 260 days on Gregorian New Years Eve, December 31, 2019.

The cathedral structure was completed in 1260, one-hundred years from when its construction first started. It was remodeled in the thirteenth century and partially restored in the nineteenth century, with many codings and subtle keys held within its framework.

Magnetic Moon 3: Red Cosmic Dragon, Year of Blue Spectral Storm. July 28, 2016.               Photo by Kin 218.

13 thousand oak trees were used in the construction of the cathedral, and originally there were 28 statues along the main facade. (these were decapitated in 1793 in the French Revolution)

The interior space of the cathedral is 108-feet.

The spire, which was originally built as a bell tower, and has been standing since 1852.

Also, there are 140 steps leading up the bell tower.

The spire was adorned with copper statues of the 12 apostles of the New Testament.
Christ  is  the  hidden  13.

This iconic Catholic landmark went up in flames six days before Easter Sunday, resurrection on April 21: White Solar Mirror, Kin 178.

Note on the 13-Moon calendar, the Easter psi chrono unit is Yellow Overtone Sun, Kin 200, signifying the redemption of the 7th lost generation. 

During the time of the fire, the Cathedral was in process of being reconstructed at an estimated cost of 169 million, as reported by the New York Times.

Kin 169 codes this Red Cosmic Moon year, with its affirmaiton: “I endure in order to purify.”

13 x 13 = 169.

Simultaneously to the burning of the Cathedral was a fire at revered Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem.

As of April 15 there are 101 days left in this Red Cosmic Moon Year that concludes on Kin 13 with the Day out of Time, July 25, 2019 (join us in Teotihuacan, Mexico!).

mary magdeline statue notre dame

13 is the number associated with the sacred feminine, as well as the serpent. Notre Dame, means “Our Lady” in French and is said to be dedicated to Mother Mary.  Though many believe that this and other significant Gothic structures throughout Europe were actually dedicated to Mary Magdeline, Jesus’ consort.

The mysterious 13-part Le Serpent Rouge (Red Serpent) also hints at this.  

This document relating to Rennes-le-Château appeared in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in 1967, but its origins are a mystery. Each verse is named after the 12 signs of the zodiac, and with an extra sign Opiuchus, the serpent-bearer to make 13.

It is verse 7 associated with Leo that mentions Magdeline and Notre Dame. Here is the full verse:

I am aware of the scent of the perfume which impregnates the sepulchre of the one I must release. Long ago, her name was Isis, Queen of the benevolent springs: COME TO ME ALL YOU WHO LABOR AND ARE HEAVY LADEN AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST. Others know her as Magdeline with the celebrated vase full of healing balm. The initiates know her to be NOTRE DAME de CROSS.

April 15 is the 105th day of the Gregorian year. Kin 105 is Red Magnetic Serpent.

Red is also the color of flames that engulfed the Cathedral. It is also the color associated with Magdeline, as is the skull and alabastar jar.The cathedral contained three Rose windows, one of which was supposed to be the biggest glass window in the world produced in the 13th century.

Since the fire at Notre Dame occurred in the fire sign of Aries, I was drawn to read the entry for Aries in Le Serpent Rouge:

“In my arduous search I was trying to hack away with my sword through the dense vegetation of the woods. I wanted to reach the place of the “Sleeping Beauty” in which some poets can see the Queen of a lost Kingdom. Desparate to find the way, I was aided by the parchments of my friend, they were for me like the thread of Ariadne.” 

See previous blog:

It also must be noted that in 1909 the courageous Joan of Arc was beatified in the Notre Dame cathedral by Pope Pius X.

Crown of Thorns

Notre Dame is known for its Good Friday ritual when people from all over the world flock to kiss the crown of thorns. The Crown of Thorns, along with other relics of “Christ’s Passion” were allegedly bought by King Louis from the Latin Emperor of Constantinople.

This crown, along with other relics, was apparently saved from the fire.

32 years ago, The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology was released on Good Friday, April 17, 1987, Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard. This initiated the path of the Galactic Maya.

Note that Kin 194 is also the signature of the opening of Temple 13, the tomb of the Red Queen, in Palenque, Mexico.

Those who follow synchronotron know that today’s telepathic frequency index is 1326 (13 + 13 = 26). And the kin equivelent is 26: White Cosmic Worldbridger, which is the 13th of 13 clear signs on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan. The base matrix unit is 3 and falls in the fourth time dimension of the Cosmic Cube in the Sirian forcefield.

Portal of the Last Judgment. Magnetic Moon 3: Red Cosmic Dragon, Year of Blue Spectral Storm. July 28, 2016.               Photo by Kin 218.









Enter Galactic Holomind: a New Timespace Kin 149: Red Rhythmic Moon

The non egoic state of mind is the gateway to galactic holomind and meditation. When you are nobody at all, God is present; the Great Beyond is staring you in the face. … This is the Primordial Self whose authenticity you have been seeking all this time. –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

In honor of the eight years since the passage of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan on Solar Moon 17, Kin 149 (March 23, 2019), here is an excerpt from his powerful booklet: Galactic Meditation.

It is suggested that you read this excerpt when you are in a focussed and undistracted state of mind so that you can really enter into the depth of this self-reflective realm.

Also join us now on the Timespace 6 meditation and ride across the interdimensional bridge of time — please feel free to share messages received at:

We are working on the final Timespace 7 Rainbow Bridge ride coming soon!

.….Chapter 12: Techniques of Galactic Meditation by Valum Votan (2003)

” … In Galactic Meditation, emptiness is not really emptiness but telepathic density.

If you are able to sit for a good measure of time without chasing any thought but simply experiencing the self-originated and luminous condition of mind, you may realize that while the space is void of any conceptualization, it is not really “empty.”

There is a kind of “white noise” pervading the entire texture of the space. This white noise effect is actually the “buzz” from the telepathic ground of reality. This buzz is the telepathic text of the interdimensional messenger service.

It is important to tune into this buzz and stay tuned to it, but without seeking or rejecting or even trying.

This telepathic density will yield, from time to time, “messages.”

Do not try to figure out or strain to hear, but simply follow the meditation technique while paying attention to the telepathic density.

It is into this telepathic density that you will eventually enter and then pass into another dimension.

What we are dealing with here is the embryonic experience of the Holomind Perceiver.

It is cultivation of the ego free mechanism of the Holomind Perceiver that leads us into the new evolutionary condition of becoming galacticized.

In addition to this non-conceptual experience of the telepathic density we also apply the codes of the synchronic order, particularly those having to do with sensory teleportation and time travel. (See Dynamics of Time free PDF:

For it is through such practices that the budding Holomind Perceiver hyperorganic sense organ gets activated.

… As you sit, ask yourself: Who is meditating? If it is not you, and you are in a state of non-ego, then who is meditating?

To whom belongs this primal self-abiding intrinsic awareness?

Is this God who is contacting you, or rather with whom you are coming in contact?

Where does this awareness originate? When we say it is self-originated, does this not also apply to God?

… All attributes of Universal Mind and consciousness are the self-originated Creator and Author of all creation which stems from nowhere else but Gods self-originated meditation and unceasing awareness PERVADING ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

So the ultimate value of meditation is that you are in contact with God, or the Presence of God.

It is because you learn how to remain in contact with Gods presence over prolonged periods of time that you can develop so-called divine powers.

These are the powers of the knowledge of the Galactic Maya and of the nature of manomaya.

This is how the opening to the Galactic meditation and holomind perceiver becomes a direct route to understand and participate in the powers the Second Creation-the reward for cleaning up your soul …

The true Self is the Face of God. And the Face of God shining upon you is the wisdom light of divine knowledge and power that allows you to transcend your third-dimensional self-perception, while endowing you with powers, until now only latent.

This attainment is not so you can become a better Buddhist, or Sufi, Muslim or Gnostic Christian, etc.,  which is good and fine enough, but to prepare you for the adventure of collective telepathic mind-merge in order to facilitate the advent of the noosphere and the next stage of the evolution of life on Earth.”

Basic Meditation Instructions

  1. Find a quiet space and undistracted time.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position with your spine erect and with hands on knees.
  3. Follow your breath, targeting your out breath as the point of focus.
  4. Whenever thoughts arise, just take note and consciously dissolve the thought with the out breath.( If you have to move, or have an itch, first see if you can just let the urge pass. But if you really must scratch, do it deliberately and consciously.)
  5. Try to sit like this for half an hour if you can, or even an hour. After awhile, you will find that an hour is hardly enough time to just settle the mind, so you then might try sitting for two hours. 

You will, of course, realize that your thoughts may be in the nature of a torrent, very hard to control, and you may have long lapses between remembering to dissolve the thoughts and return to the breath. This is the point of the exertion in meditation. It is quite all right if it takes you a while to get the hang of it.

The point is to remember to dissolve the throught by exhaling. At some point you may note that there are actually moments free of thought.

Those are the moments that you want to exert in cultivating. Those moments between the thoughts are the treasure lode. Why? Because that is the concept free space beyond your ego.

Further questions for self-study

  1. Who is manufacturing your thoughts?
  2. Where does that person who is manufacturing your thoughts reside?
  3. Who is that person chewing on these thoughts – and why?
  4. How do compulsive thoughts arise?
  5. Who is it that maintains them after they arise? And who is it that dissolves them with the exhalation?
  6. What is the nature of mind?
  7. Who is being aware?
  8. Has this state of mind always existed?
  9. Is mind the same as space? Who knows?
  10. Is there an awareness that self-exists apart from your own thoughts? Where did it come from? Who is meditating anyway?

The state free of thought or clinging or attachment is the ego free state. One of the points of meditation is to come to recognize the difference between the egoic and non-egoic states, but without judgment, because this actually is the point at which you may begin to develop self-acceptance and compassion.

Now we are starting to get somewhere …”

For the entire Galactic Meditation booklet go to:


Completing the Cosmic Moon/Mexico Events

Everything is  changing.

Our consciousness grid is shifting in order to match incoming future energy structures.

From the moment you started reading this entry, to the moment that you complete this sentence, something inside you has changed.

Change is the only certainty.

We are now at midpoint of the 260 day cycle of Cosmic Healing (Kin 144: Yellow Magnetic Seed/18 March, 2019).

In 130 days it will be Galactic New Year: White Magnetic Wizard (26 July, 2019).See previous:

Kin 144: Yellow Magnetic Seed also marks 36 spins since the first year of the Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan. (“Spin” is a 260-day cycle).

In two days is the Equinox and third Supermoon of 2019 (20 March 2019, Kin 146).  This gives us an opportunity for the magnification of the balance needed to help us break out of false dreamspells, clearing past illusions and healing ancestral DNA at their deepest level. (Noting Kin 146 is the White Electric Worldbridger, sign of Mars and galactic signature of Elon Musk).

The Equinox is followed three days later by the the eight year anniversary of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan’s passing on Solar Moon 17 (23 March), Kin 149.

José describes his initial awakening in Teotihuacán:

... outside of Mexico City, on top of the Pyramid of the Sun, when I had this experience like a vision or an inner knowing that it was my life mission to learn or remember again the cosmic knowledge that had been used to build Teotihuacán in the first place. And that was my life mission and journey—from that moment in 1953 when I was fourteen, my life became increasingly devoted to decoding the Mayan mathematics and prophecies.

Solar Eclipse and Mexico Events

A total solar eclipse will occur July 2, 2019, Kin 250: White Electric Dog, occulted by Kin 11, Blue Spectral Monkey.

This will be the first total solar eclipse since the”Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 (Kin 90: White Crystal Dog).

Eighteen days later, our Mexico events begin in Palenque on Kin 8, July 20, 2019. This is followed by the Day out of Time on July 25, and Galactic New Year day in Teotihuacan, July 26, 2019.

The purpose of our two events in Mexico is to first anchor the new beam of consciousness in Palenque and then to carry the energy to assist in “encoding the future” in the cosmic city of Teotihuacan. This will be followed by a global synchronized meditation. To learn more or register, see here:

To learn more or register for Palenque or both events:

To learn more or register for Teotihuacan only:

“All knowledge of this world and previous worlds is encoded in the Pyramid of the Sun which is in process of transferring from the fifth to the sixth order or “Sun”.” — Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

The knowledge that was encoded by the Galactic Maya, was designed to be remembered at a future time, as was first put forth in The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology (Arguelles).

The Galactic Maya were originally a people from beyond our solar system and physical plane dimension. They first seeded our planet some 2500 years ago. Their purpose was to create a model civilization based on galactic time in a remote part of the world far away from the Babylonian influence of the Old World.

Sixth Sun and Holomind

The sixth world or “sun”  has to do with development of the mind as science and telepathy. The sixth sun of consciousness completes the human being by integrating the senses into wholeness and activating the “holomind” which opens us to new perceptions.

The Pyramid of the Sun literally embodies the knowledge templates of the five senses. This also relates to the fifth sun of consciousness.

The five steps and five platforms that form the Pyramid of the Sun correspond to this completion. The lowest platform of the base foundation corresponds to the sense of touch, the next is taste, then smell, then hearing, then sight, and the sixth is consciousness.

The sixth sense is also known as the holomind perceiver which can also be understood as a nano-chip or circuit board of consciousness.  The 21 x 21 Holomind Perceiver is the fractal representation of this new multidimensional grid.

 It is interesting to note that  many have commented that from the air, Teotihuacan’s city layout  resembles a computer circuit board with two large processor chips: the Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon. At the center of the city is the Citadel of Quetzalcoatl.

Join us this summer:



The Courage to be Nothing: an Inner Update

Kin 136: Yellow Rhythmic Warrior

Who are you? Who are we?

Sometimes in the middle of a sleepless night, the Unborn Essence is contacted.

When this realization comes there is a sense that YOU actually never existed, and what you thought was You was just a personality construct.

In the Middle of the Night, your life appears as a sequence of dreams with no substance, a hologram of moving images projected from an unnamed dimension.

When you see and experience this and realize that is actually true all the time for Everybody and Everything throughout the Universe, your heart breaks for all the absolutely unnecessary grief and pain experienced everywhere all the time.

And yet at the same time, the underlying Truth is that the Original Nature is always there unobstructed, waiting for us to Awaken from the Dream.

The following are some reflections and middle of night notes on current inner contemplations ….

 MIstaken Identities and Courage to Be No-thing (what a relief!)

To become No-thing requires courage.  It requires the deepest letting go into the vastness of our true Being.  It requires siinking so deeply into the silence of the present moment that all trouble and worry liquify and flow into the ocean of Consciousness.

This world is like a case of mistaken identities. People attach to an identity. Then they are afraid of losing it. But why?

The truth is that we are ever changing multidimensional beings. Each one of us learns different lessons at our own pace. We are each a coded time release program.

When we learn to access the  No-thingness then paradoxically the path quickens. Within the No-thingness are the portals to higher dimensions of being.

New stories, perceptions and ways of thinking and being are so needed on this planet. The  Law of Time is  living knowledge that introduces higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. This knowledge changes only according to our perception.

We need testimonies of those living life according to the inner dream rather than based on external appearance. This path can be extremely lonely at times, but a loneliness that touches the deepest poetic heart.

Currently “I” have been immersed in rewrites and edits of Uninscribed about the experience as a female initiate and apprentice to Valum Votan and GM108x. I am aware that this can sound “far out” to minds not accustomed to that type of reality. Yet for me it’s as normal as breathing as this Path emerged from becoming No-thing.

This project has been wrought with distractions and challenges.  It is also putting me into a state of deep self-reflection. I had stopped several times for various reasons. I can feel the inner censorship and all of the levels of consciousness interpreting it even as I write it. It is an interesting process of self-study which  opens to a full spectrum of reflections.

Personal is the Universal

It is interesting to note the recent spate of disparaging messages that I have received (and over the past  7 years)  from people who want to tear me down for being whoever they feel that “I” am. Or else they point out how “I” am not living up to what they feel I should be based on their particular perception of reality. Even some close to me feel “I” should respond a certain way to politics or world events. It is an interesting psychological study.

I forgive them all as they just dont realize that they are projecting onto a transitory No-thing (in lak’ech). Though simultaneously it appears that  certain knowledge (or frequency medicine) has been given to “me” for the benefit of others, so there is a duty to evolve and share it as authentically as possible.

Being hermetic by nature, I have hesitated to be overly public in order to focus on the inner work.  I am currently not on social media and do not check email and text on an every day basis (so if you are reading and I havent yet responded please dont take it personally :)) 

The Universal journey comes with the Reminder:

What you are capable of has nothing to do with what other people think is possible for you.  What you’re capable of achieving depends on what you choose to do with your Time and Energy.

Reflections on Social Media and Mental Health

Whose life are we living?

Are we living a life of Heart trusting our intution to guide us? Are we following our joy and passion? Or are we living a life we have been  programmed to live (by society or family, etc)?

Recently there is much talk in media about mental health.

Suicide rates are skyrocketing. Many are falling into feelings of depression, despair and addictions of all types.

At its root, issues of mental health stem from feeling disconnected from Source. This can be viewed as part of a process of spiritual awakening rather than as a failure. It is an opportunity to get in touch with our true feelings and learn to master our mind and emotions.

Many people do not even know what their true feelings are, only what they are told to feel; and those feelings must fit into a politically correct box.

Operating our lives based on roles assigned to us by society (including friends or family) can be mentally and emotionally draining.

We live in an increasing hive-mind society where conformity and inauthenticity are celebrated. Those who dare have a thought outside the herd are treated with suspicion (at best).

Anyone who dare question the indoctrination is generally not met with kindness. And now in China we see the implementation of the  “social credit score,” where every move you make is monitored and scored.

But why are people so threatened by those who question the status quo or mainstream narratives?

Perhaps because the Truth isn’t profitable. Or perhaps truth might disrupt every aspect of life as we have known it. The whole system would need to be rethought. Why else would we not take time to reflect on our most deeply engrained belief systems? 

The most deeply engrained being the Gregorian calendar and false time matrix that holds the entire host of illusions in place. All the knowledge about the Law of Time was put forth as preparation to help people get off of the old grid of consciousness held in place by the mechanized 12:60 frequency. This frequency creates a fuzzy distortion matrix with increasingly amplified polarities without a greater vision.

We have to take time to find our own rhythm rather than try to fit into other peoples ideas about who we are or who they think we should be.

No-thing is the Doorway to Every-thing

The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity. –Rollo May

 All the worlds problems can only be resolved in a new consciousness.  

Time operates in a spiral, bringing similar circumstances to our present time until they are resolved.

Outer activism can only be truly effective through the  inner transformation of consciousness.

To become Nothing is harder than it might seem. It requires complete forgiveness of everyone and everything, including yourself. It requires the deep desire to want to feel Love and Connection above all else.

In this inner process we don’t avoid feelings, but honor and acknowledge them as a passageway into new levels of being.

These thoughts and feelings are experienced as different  thinking layers held together by frequency waves.

Each of these frequency waves is guarded by (what may be interpreted as) interdimensional entities that test us by attempting to pull us into a particular time loop by manipulating our emotions. The trick is not to get stuck anywhere.

This is why it is so important to continously work to raise our frequency and expand our love and compassion for all beings. Rather than getting stuck in repetitious thought forms, we allow them to liquidize and wash clean the magnetic field imprints.

The Most High places a Shield of Protection around those who can accept Love into their hearts and who seek to see the harmony beneath the apparent chaos.

In this state of utter transparency we become ungraspable, slipping radially into the Nameless Center where we Remember that we have always been pure and