Who Controls the Past Controls the Future


“People without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture, is like a tree without roots.” –Marcus Garvey


Where there is peace there is culture. Where there is culture there is peace. –Nicholas Roerich

I recently returned from Brazil to inaugurate the Galactic Education Center with a magical five-day event entitled: Return to Sacred Time.

At the event, we reviewed the Original Mission of the Law of Time and 13 Moon Calendar, as well as explored the New Context for the accelerated time that we now find ourselves in. The key themes were “healing the ancient trauma” and “memory retrieval” (which will feature in the next post).

While contemplating the meaning of what it means to “Return to sacred time”, I realized that to return indicates a “departure.”

What have we departed from?

We have departed from our Original Frequency.

We have detoured into an artificial frequency that causes us to repeat time loops and erases our memory. This frequency is reinforced daily by a mechanized timing cycle that is out of synch with our own biology.

This artificial frequency disconnects us from our body and is the thief of Memory that casts us into a state of intermittent amnesia.

To Return to Sacred Time is to unplug from the false frequency matrix and reconnect to the Source.

Once reconnected to Source frequency, we regain Memory of our cosmic origins and our natural feelings of Wholeness and interconnectedness returns. Our heart opens and we are flooded with beautiful, warm electrical feelings. The veil on our perceptiosn lifts and we see a new world, and it is more beautiful than we imagined.

This world was always there, but we have to raise our frequency to see it.  Once enough see it and are able to maintain these higher frequencies, the world will change. As this is a world based on collective perception.

This is what it means to Return to the cycles of Nature. This is sacred Time.

Sabbats = Sacred Time

As I write this it is Samhain, Celtic New year, which begins the first of the 8 sabbats.

Sabbat means “sacred time” and signifies the original seasonal celebrations of Natures patterns.

To Return to Sacred Time is to return to the cycles of Nature.

“…Who controls the past controls the future.” — George Orwell, 1984

Many on the path of Light would rather not look backward, which is understandable.

However In order to vibrate in the New Positive Future and attain wholeness, it is important to comprehend and resolve the Past frequency distortions and trace current events back to their origins if true healing is to occur.

So in honor of the Return to Sacred Time, I felt to bring back memory of the Judgement Day Tribunal that Jose Arguelles and his former wife Lloydine hosted in 1996.

The purpose of this Tribunal was to formally acknowledge and make conscious the error and “crime in time” known as the Doctrine of Discovery, the Papal edict issued in 1452 by Pope Nicholas V.

This document states that if any Christian “discovers” a land or territory possessed by non-Christians, that the Christian has the right to dispossess the non-Christian of that land.

However “Christian” in this sense refers solely to the Vatican’s definition of the word.

Among the many guests were Mother Tynetta Muhammad of the Nation of Islam, Sir Reinhart Ruge of the World Parliament Association and Dr. Emoto of the Hado Group. Also in attendance at the event was Father Luis Acosta of Colombia, a Catholic Priest brought in as a silent witness for the Judgment Day Tribunal.

Vandir Casagrande, former prosecuting attorney for the city of Sao Paolo, read the “crimes of the millennium.” These “crimes” included the Doctrine of Discovery, the genocide of the cultures of the New World, the burning [or theft of] the Mayan time knowledge, and the imposition of the Gregorian calendar on all conquered peoples. Father Acosta assented that, indeed, the Vatican had committed these crimes against humanity.

Not only did the Doctrine of Discovery lead to the destruction of Mayan time knowledge, but also stole the time and culture from countless indigenous tribes around the world. We note  also that all of our “holidays” are based on the original 8 sabbats, which were later coopted and demonized as pagan rituals by the Catholic Church, and are now often sold as ‘witches calendars.”  (Research the pagan origins of holidays as well as the Council of Nicea).

This crime against humanity was institutionalized by the Gregorian calendar, imposing Western ways and customs upon the indigenous and minorities; a cultural genocide that is still happening today.

“There is enormous relief, as well as anger and sadness, when people realize that without a culture one not only is  a slave, but also has in effect collaborated with the slave trader, and that the consequences have been long-lasting and devastating, extending back through generations.” Wangari Maathai, The Challenge for Africa

Until the issue or ‘karma” of the past is resolved it continues to replay in a Time Loop.

 Crime in Time

In a booklet for the Tribunal event, José wrote that this Doctrine of Discovery was a crime against humanity, as it deprives others of what is naturally theirs.

Note that in 2014 the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers also went to the Vatican with a request to revoke the Doctrine, but to no avail. http://nativeamericanresources.blogspot.com/2014/10/what-is-papal-bull.html

Jose wrote:

With no one to question the Vatican-European right to dispossess others of their land, nor of the genocide they had committed through policies of colonialism, the 12:60 mental order of the European mind has come to dominate totally the mental order of the planet.

Any mental order established on criminal intent and a fundamental error in time can have no hope of redemption.

The intentions of the Doctrine of Discovery were tested in AD 1492, with the Vatican-backed mission of Christopher Columbus who sailed westward on behalf of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. is same year, AD 1492, also marked the nal expulsion of Islam from the Iberian Peninsula and Europe in general, in a battle that the Vatican had waged for eight centuries.

The “Doctrine of Discovery” and the struggle against Islam are inseparable aspects of a type of “foreign policy” that prevails to this very day in the dominance strategies of the US State Department and its G-7 structure of monetary alliance.

Within a generation one of the most spectacular acts of cultural genocide in all of history had been committed. Warfare and disease had decimated the populations of the two major civilized regions of the New world: Mesoamerica and the Andes.

The records demonstrate that the invading armies sought no real dialogue with the “non-Christians”, and indeed, whenever possible, destroyed all the indigenous knowledge bases, including the slaughter of those deemed knowledgeable or wise.

Within a century of its declaration, the Doctrine of Discovery had changed and mapped the face of the entire globe. What had at first been advanced by the Vatican and its faithful kingdoms of Spain and Portugal spread to other European nations, namely France, England and Holland, which joined in the competition spawned by the Doctrine of Discovery. Land three, four, or five times greater than the European land mass had been “discovered” and forcibly appropriated on behalf of the “Christians” of Europe.

With such great largess spreading before them, the Christians instituted the African slave trade in AD 1555, in order to have a populace to work the “new” land taken by force or deception from another race which itself was in the process of being exterminated.

This incriminating act of the Doctrine of Discovery on behalf of the dominance of the erroneous timing frequency and belief system in general of the European conquerors was the destruction [or theft of] in AD 1562 of the Mayan libraries at Izamal, Yucatan.

This act sealed the “Mayan Apocalypse”:living an error in time, the inevitable karmic consequence of depriving the world of the knowledge of the science of Time was to be the creation of the mechanistic, artificial time bubble of industrial civilization: the illusion of material power, Mammon incarnate, Moloch the insatiable.

AD 1582, ten years after the burning [or confiscation] of the Mayan books, Pope Gregory XIII was able to consolidate on a global scale what had been initiated by Pope Gregory I, “the Great,” a millennium earlier: the Gregorian Calendar Reform, which gave the now largely conquered Earth its present standard measure of time.

The perfection of the mechanical clock simultaneous to the mission of world conquest, only secured the illusion of dominance over others and Nature itself.



Alaska Mission: DNA, Poles and Immortal Body of Light

Each human brain is a microcomputer with the

 same operating system as the Planet.

How to recognize this?

Balance Brain Hemispheres.

Shift self-identity from the 3D mind of limitation to

 5D Mind of Multidimensional Consciousness.

This is our Immortal Body of Light.

Light is the Medicine of the Future.

These were key working themes on a recent trip to share the Law of Time in Fairbanks, Alaska with Dr. Jewel Pookrum’s advanced students in the School of Immortality. This was followed by a more public workshop in Anchorage during the Equinox.

Dr. Jewel, a trained medical doctor, teaches that the majority of disease is due to a chronic state of consciousness that originates and is exacerbated by living in the 12:60 machine frequency.

The remedy is to realign our thoughts and change our frequency in order that the chemistry of the blood stream can self-correct and our Immortal Genes can be activated.

Dr. Jewel runs Immortal Science courses for those who want to learn how to actualize their God self and live an immortal life. https://drjewelpookrum.net/about-dr-jewel/.

Journey Begins

We started our journey in Fairbanks as it is a good viewing place for the Northern lights. Fairbanks is 30 miles south of the town called North Pole, complete with Santa’s workshop.

Our core group all knew that this was a date with destiny and that Now is the Time to further unify our knowledge within the context of the New Time.

Our group intention was to assist in the upgrade of  planetary DNA and thus anchor and accelerate the shift into the New Beam of consciousness by embodying the 21st century human.

In preparation for our journey, the group had been studying Accessing Your Multidimensional Self along with Dr. Jewel’s brain balancing program, which utilizes sacred geometry to realign and balance the brain.

This program results in the heightened ability to focalize the mind and retain and cohere larger amounts of information. This prepares the mind to think in wholes and enter more non-conceptual states of consciousness. These are prerequisites in understanding how to operate the Holomind Perceiver (sixth sense).

The Holomind Perceiver is part of the Synchronotron system as brought through by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. To learn more click here: http://www.lawoftime.org/lawoftime/synchronotron.html

Application of the Holomind Perceiver gives the ability to move consciousness into other civilizations by using mind to travel through different (non-conceptual) thinking layers.

Light: Medicine of the Future

Thoughts are frequencies of light that have always existed and mind is an energy field that encompasses the entire body” Dr. Jewel.

Dr. Jewel prefaced the journey by signifyng a 6,000 year pole shift. She reminded the group the importance of the quality of light we receive daily for overall health, and the importance of full-spectrum lighting when indoors as the blue light of computer effects our endocrine system.

She reminds that the color black is actually a combination of all the.spectrums of light. When all the colors merge together it appears as though there’s no light. So it appears black to our eye.  But black is full of light, though  its chemical structure is such that it allows no energy to escape.

A key part of this  journey was about absorbing the frequency of the Northern lights and utilizing the electromagnetic or magnetic-electric energy to turn on our DNA.

DNA is ultimately energy, which at its most biological base form is identified as a double helix. It is also related to blood and bloodlines.

In its origin DNA is first a mental geometry and is thus permeable, not fixed. This geometry then steps down into form to become atoms and molecules that then create different chemical elements and structure.

Our DNA has been short-circuited by mechanization and artificial environments and so it is not functioning to full capacity.

The connecting DNA geometry can be envisioned to extend out and spiral through time into other dimensions. All DNA spirals ultimately lead back to the center Source, which is immortal by Nature. In other words there is a Central emanation point where awareness is beaming out from. This is the point where the beginning of time is always taking place.

When we reach the Source, we see that despite surface appearances, the Totality of Cosmos (as the sphere of consciousness) is always going to a Higher end.

Viewing through this lens, seemingly negative or destructive elements simply come up so that blocked energy can be cleared and the soul essence can keep spiraling higher. In other words: Everything serves to Further the Greater Plan.

Mystery of the Northern Lights

Much of our core group went outside in the middle of night to lay on the ground and experience the Northern Lights (and the rain). Many shared powerful experiences.

Aurora Borealis is derived from the Greek words “Aurora” meaning sunrise and “Boreas” meaning wind. But no one really knows for certain what these lights are.

Zoe, Kin 211, the youngest of the group

There are many legends, and we heard a few when we met with some of the elders.  They said they were always told  not to look at the auroras or your head would be cut off.

Red lights are said to be an omen.One woman shared that the day before September 11, 2001, the sky was filled with red lights.

Others believe that the auroras are the dead or ancestors. Another belief is that the   Northern lights are a reflection of a city in the inner earth which is accessed at the North Pole.

One of our participants, Omiyale, said that she felt that the energy was coming from within the earth rather than the opposite.

I found this most intriguing and it tapped the rememberance of  Admiral Byrd’s diary. He was the first to fly over the North Pole in 1926. In his diary he tells that at the North Pole he flew into the inner earth and spoke with a leader of the city of Agartha, who gave him a message of warning to give to the “surface people” in regard to their invention of the atomic bomb.

I also recalled the experience Russian scientist Alexander V. Trofimov had in 1975 with the auroras that set him on his path to study consciousness. He was on an expedition for medical school in a small village in the far north, when he walked outside and saw the auroras in a cone shape.

He felt that his mind and the auroras were interacting and experienced how his thoughts could change the colors. This is what set him on his path to learn about cosmic consciousness.This demonstrates brain as a transmitter and receiver. If people adjust their brain frequency and transmit a new perception, everything is possible, from changing our physical bodies to changing the weather.

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan points out in Time and the Technosphere that seen from the perspective of whole Earth, the rainbows and spectral plasmic effects, including the auroras, are the free energy released by the Noosphere (planetery mind). 

Plasma, Poles and RA

Our group also discussed the the significance of Plasmas as conductors of electricity. These Plasmas enter through the Poles of earth and unite at the crystal core to create an interactive force-field. They are key in activating the Holomind Perceiver to bridge the hemispheres.

In contemplating the significance of the auroras and the Poles, I was drawn back to Cosmic Science (Volume 2 of Cosmic History Chronicles) that states the secrets of the Poles are hidden in the fifth chamber of RA in Egypt (33 chambers in total).

RA is understood as the engineer of the solar system, similar to Kinich Ahau in Mayan terminology.

No sooner was I contemplating this than I received the book Sacred Woman from Queen Afua who was with us. She and Queen Esther had been on the same flight as me from Anchorage to Fairbanks.

Queen Afua, Dr. Jewel, Queen Esther, Dr. Heather Pearman

In the introduction of this book Queen Afua speaks of the Afrakan (rather than African) heritage and how few understand the true origins of Ancient Egypt.

She points out that Afraka literally means “flesh and soul of the hidden sun,”  and that Afrakans are the original star travelers and people of the Sun.

The Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan is called the Inner sun, mother of all prophecies. The 13 Moon calendar coincides with the rising of the star Sirius on the Nile.

My mind began to wander to Egypt and I contemplated the connection of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan and the Great Pyramid, which have nearly the same base perimeter of approximately 750 square feet.

I wondered what are the secrets of the Poles hidden in the Great Pyramid? And how is it all connected to the Atlantean experiment? According to Edgar Cayce the Great Pyramid will reveal all of its secrets when the Hall of Records is opened and proof will be found of its Atlantean origin.

The collective knowledge and intelligence that this group held tapped my memory bank and many pieces of information began to cohere and are still cohering.

Cultivating Inner Time Technologies is the way of the 13:20 Future.


Albion, Tollan and the Original Template

The world of imagination is the world of Eternity

–William Blake, A Vision of the Last Judgment


“…  the loss of imagination, of eternal vision, has left humankind prey to the petty competitive interest that dominate and divide our planet – materialism, racism, nationalism.” –Jose Arguelles/Transformative Vision

British visionary poet William Blake wrote about Albion as the “Angel of Presence” in his epic poem, Jerusalem (1804). Of course Albion is also the poetic name of Great Britain.

This past Day out of Time at the Shire Farm in Tetford, England, my attention was turned back toward Albion and the awakening of the earth. See previous blog: https://1320frequencyshift.com/2017/08/15/shire-farm-earth-geomancy-and-day-out-of-time/

Blake describes Albion as the “Human Form Divine”, a giant who is the blueprint of all men and women. This giant has long been sleeping, but is now awakening.

Blake’s main theme is human redemption and the  return to our true universal state – eternal vision. He used the power of art and imagination to transform what he calls the “Satanic Mills” (dark forces) in the “New Jerusalem” (world of light).

As Blake tells it,  Albion has a high rank in the spiritual worlds and is favored by God. Upon incarnating on earth he fell into a state of amnesia and forgot his divine origin (familiar story).

Blake writes of Albions suffering:

“In a dark & unknown Night/Outstretch’d his Giant beauty on the ground in pain & tears,”

Being trapped in the density of matter Albion experiences the “seven diseases of the soul” and feels “sick to death” from “horrible falsehoods” spread by his sons and daughters.

Author and Planetary Geomantist Richard Leviton in his book Santa Fe Light, gives the vision of Albion “chained to a table in the pit of the Earth, similar to the way the Greeks envisioned Kronos (Father Time) exiled and jailed in the golden halls of Ogygia”.

As each facet of humanity comes to light, Albion begins to awaken and is joined with Vala, his “Bride and Wife in great Eternity.” Vala personifies Nature (or Gaia).

As Leviton points out, Albion is the body for the awakening of the noosphere. The union of Albion and Vala is the symbolic wedding of spirit and matter that lights up and turns on the noosphere.

Albion and Tollan

O Earth, O Earth, Return!
Arise from out the dewy grass;
Night is worn,
And the morn
Rises from the slumberous Mass.

William Blake, “Songs of Experience” – 1794

All archetypes, myths and legends ultimately merge.

Albion’s awakening also coincides with the awakening of Tollan, the archetypal template of the Absolute.

In the Popol Vuh and other Mayan texts relating to Quetzalcoatl, Tollan represents the paradigmatic kingdom and the world of enlightened government. Every culture has its version of Tollan, such as Shambhalla.

Blake speaks of Albion bringing a gift for the world:  the “lovely emanation” of Jerusalem.

In the Western tradition, Tollan relates to the heavenly city or city of New Jerusalem as foretold in the Book of Revelations.

New Jerusalem represents the regeneration of the human soul and mind that occurs  after the judgment, or after the “Satanic Mills” are cleared, to use Blake’s languaging.

Tollan and Galactic Maya

According to Cosmic History, the radiogenetic codes projected through the template of Tollan seeded the culture and mindset of the Galactic Mayans at the time of their earthly incarnation.

Ancient texts also have their coded origin in the archetypal template of Tollan.

These texts carry seed code templates that instructed our ancestors to  build cities, urban centers and ceremonial centers. This is how the blueprint of Tollan was incarnated radiogenetically  in the DNA of the Mayan and the Toltec people, the Nahuatl.

Cosmic History Volume 6: Book of the Timespace was revealed largely through the channel of Tollan:

“…Tollan, as described in this volume, serves as a focalizing point, sending down transmissions of Cosmic History to create specific programs that assist human evolution. These are wholeness and totality programs. — Arguelles/Forward: Book of the Timespace

Tollan can also be thought of as one of the star bases that projects information through our Sun, and then into the planetary field.

This information is projected and imprinted through mathematical geometries into the DNA codes and psi bank.

Primal Tollan: Journey to the Center 

The Popol Vuh says Tollan is the place where the gods appeared. This indicates the destiny of the journey toward this primal Tollan, where the people travel onward until they reach Tollan- Zuvuya (as it is sometimes referred).

Zuvuya is the center point where all memory of past, present, future meet.

The Annals of Cakchiquels describes how peoples of every direction came to Tollan (or Tulan) seeking knowledge.

Tollan, then, can be interpreted as the universal core that each of us must first access from within.

To arrive at Tollan is to arrive at our original blueprint where knowledge is derived.  It is the God Center that is reached through vibrational purity and is not based on religion, race or tradition. Any sincere person from whatever background can access it.

The Popol Vuh says that the people leave Tollan in the night looking for the first dawn. They are led by the four elders or star prophets, the Balam Quitze.

When they arrive at the four crossroads: the red road, the white road, the black road and the blue-green road, they each take one of these roads and are each appointed a different direction.

The Balam take the people looking for the first dawn. When the dawn arrives, Tollan is reduced to memory.

This memory can be reactivated through the imaginal realm, art and music.

The Popol Vuh says “the people shall return to Tollan.”

And similar to the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl’s return, Blake promises that Albion shall arise again.

“The time will arrive/

When all Albion’s injuries shall cease,

and when we shall/

Embrace him, tenfold bright, rising from his tomb in immortality.”


Harmonic Convergence 31: Future of Humanity

NS. Kin 190
White Galactic Dog

“Harmonic Convergence represents the moment when the values of acceleration and progress are replaced by values of resonance and synchronization.” –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

No one can grasp the changes that are coming so quickly to our lives and Planet.

All that the higher galactic intelligences have wished for humanity to learn on a planetary scale is this: the only way to break the cycle of fear and destruction to which you have made yourselves hostage is by creating a complete planetary field of trust. 

Thirty-one years ago on August 16-17, 1987 (Kin 55-56), Jose Arguelles spearheaded the Harmonic Convergence, the first synchronized global peace meditation with the purpose of synergizing the Highest Collective Intention of Humanity.

He envisioned that the synchronized intention of a human collective would create a signal more powerful than the atomic signal at Los Alamos in 1945.

This date was also the conclusion of a 1144 year Ancient Mayan prophecy of the 13 heavens and 9 hells. Arguelles put out a call for 144,000 people to meditate simultaneously at sacred sites around the world to establish a planetary receptacle to activate a new harmonic grid.

The testing and release of atomic radiation into the atmosphere of Earth on July 16, 1945, Kin 34, set up a signal which drew the immediate attention of the higher galactic intelligences.

He foresaw that with enough humans synchronized with peaceful intentions, the benevolent galactic intelligences could then stream communication through high frequency beams to catalyze the mental field of the planet and set up a new harmonic grid.

This would  activate a new planetary field of trust and initate the passage from competitive conflict to a time of collaborative cooperation. He envisioned this moment to be the first step toward transitioning civilization from a military state of terrror to a “de-industrialized, decentralized, post-military planetary society.”

In this vision all governmental and political structures would be replaced by vast numbers of bioregional local cells. He layed out plans for the dismantling of nuclear plants and all related armaments industries and technologies as well as the deployment of new technologies and worker reeducation programs.

He envisioned that by 2013, galactic synchronization, humanity would have evolved into beings possessing a brilliantly simple yet sophisticated technology based on the matching of solar and psychic frequencies.

At this stage, the planetary grid would be operating on non-polluting technology, and with the “majority of humans living comfortably in small bioregional groups, strung together as information nodes on a communications system finally free of wires.”

He envisioned the transformation of technology, through the recognition that our own bodies (activated to their full bio-electromagnetic capacity) are the best and most sophisticated technology there is.  He put forth that the Human Body, once awakened and properly activated, is the path beyond technology and the meaning of the Galactic Mayan return.

All of his subsequent work had as its purpose the harmonic realignment of human, planet and cosmos, as well as practices and codes to turn on our forgotten technology via Galactic Mayan Time Science with its simplest daily application of the 13 Moon calendar.

“The meaning of the return of humanity as a planetary being bound by one common timing standard, the natural universal frequency of synchronization, is that the human mind and spirit will again become attuned to a perception of harmony and oneness with Nature.” –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

31 Years Later: 1987 – 2018

Thirty one years later and the world is vastly different than this vision. Technology has been weaponized through cyber warfare. Transhumanism and the hybrid age is rapidly advancing in the technological war against humanity. Even language is weaponized these days.

There is a vast gulf between our civilization and the recognition of earth as a total living system.

The collective did not enter the harmonic timeline. Yet there are still groups and inviduals evolving in the new frequency and strengthening the harmonic grid. We send infinite gratitude to these beings from every tradition, for it is their light that allows others to see in the dark.

We are now in a final battle of the war of souls. Everything appears inside out and upside down.  A Great Uncertainty pervades. No one is exempt from the fluctuating waves now bombarding our Planet.

Misunderstandings and aggression are rife. People are suspicious of each other. Depression and substance abuse is skyrocketing. Suicides are on the rise.

We are living in not just a polarized world but a multi-polarized world. Multiple forces, both on and off planet, compete simultaneously to influence the human mind. Some seek to enslave and dominate, while others seek to empower and liberate.

The primary mode of enslavement is through division and distraction. With so much information at our fingertips, people are losing their ability to introspect.

Our job is to stay awake, keep and open heart and not  become hypnotized. Those with the most illusions and attachments suffer the most. Much compassion is required. Stay open to update your perception as new knowledge is revealed.

All the veils are now being opened. Many cannot handle it and so split off into “comfortable” realms of the Unreality of their choosing. Every day, it seems, there are more versions of reality to choose from as the fragmentation is now quantum.

But there is only one Path that gives Life. That Path is the Reconnection to Primal Source by whatever name you call it. 

We can experience this reconnection by focalizing our mind into its Unoriginated Condition, while at the same time maintaining Omnipresent Consciousness, i.e. “Be still and know I am GOD.” 

Once we reach this Center point we can feel the New Living Cycle that exists on its parallel track of which many are attuned to.  But this Cycle, or new paradigm, cannot come into full Regenerative Focus until we, as a collective move out of the Past vibratory entanglements into the Present fractal-free waveform.

This requires an ever deepening purification of mind and heart, with the willingness to let go of preconceptions and face the possibility that Reality may not be anything like what we thought. The Harmonic Convergence is still happening and will continue to happen until everything is brought back to at-one-ment.

Those who are truly attuned to the Harmonic Convergence cannot be so if they are in judgement even against the fundamentalists. The point is the expression of universal compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love for all of life. Those who are without sin shall cast the first stone. Sin may be understood to mean, that which interferes with another’s free will. Harmonic Convergence is the exercise of the common free will on behalf of all.–Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan


If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation. –Lao Tzu


 Join us for a Global Meditation this equinox, Blue Rhythmic Hand, September 22, 2018. See blog:http://livingtimescience.com/2018/08/15/global-equinox-meditation-kin-227-september-22-2018/

Hope to see you in Brazil in the Electric Moon (October 8 – 14) for the magical event to Return to Sacred Time and open the Galactic Education Center.  See details here: http://sincronariodapaz.org/returning-sacred-path-time/


Cosmic Moon: Don’t Expect Others to See What you See Yellow Galactic Seed, Kin 164

We are now entering the year of the Great Cosmic Purification.

On July 26, 2018 we enter the Red Cosmic Moon year, the year to Transcend old structures.

This year concludes a 13-year purification cycle that began on July 26, 2006 with the Red Magnetic Moon year and ends on July 25, 2019, Kin 13 (of which we are planning a big celebration in Teotihuacan, Mexico).

At the midpoint of this 13-year cycle was December 21, 2012 (Kin 207) the closing of the 13 baktuns of history as well as concluding the larger 26,000-year Pleadian cycle.

This Red Cosmic Moon year is Kin 169 (13 x 13). Our guide this year is Kin 13, Red Cosmic Skywalker.

The predominance of the number 13 is greatly significant to the amplification of the receptive feminine energy combined with the purificatory power of Universal Water. This reminds us to let go and let it flow.

The day after New Year there is a full lunar eclipse which is also a blood moon on July 27, 2018, White Magnetic Dog. It will pass over much of the earth and is said to be the longest this century. The lunar eclipse happens when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, which blocks out the sun’s rays making the moon go darker.

In Cosmic Moon year we “endure in order to purify”, as we will witness more of the psychic wounds which underlie our collective consciousness  bubbling to the surface.

Millions of humans struggle for survival every day in the midst of an ever-threatening collapse of the natural order on our Planet.

The Earth’s present condition is a reflection of humanity’s spiritual amnesia that makes us forget our cosmic origins.

Humanity is governed by institutions of conformity and indoctrination that are designed to keep us asleep. Hive mind and group think is rampant. People caught in this hive mind will throw all sorts of assumptions about what is possible or impossible, what you should say or not say,  or what you should do or not do. But if we allow others to define our dreams and abilities, then we enable them to hold us back.

People within the hive mind often feel they are free thinkers. But are they? Who is? Are you? Am I? And what is a free thinker and where do thoughts originate in the first place?  What does it mean to Transcend and become truly liberated?

In these volatile times it is important to know who your allies are and have a positive field of people around you, as the negative currents of the world mind can be a challenge to navigate alone.

The veils of illusion run deep. Each one must arrive at the Truth in their own way. This world will not give us truth, it may give certain clues, but True Reality has to be experienced from within.

If you get overwhelmed by too much conflicting information then just sit quiety and ask to know the truth about whatever situation that you are confused by.

Ask that your eyes may be opened to see the truth: your ears may be opened to hear the truth; and that your heart and head may be cleared of illusionary influences. it is through this process of deep reflection that truth is revealed.

Examine everything that comes into your field. Question it. Seek to know the truth about everything. Pay close attention to everything you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing. It is the job of Those Who Hear the Call, to redirect energy and create a new vision of the World, from the inside out.

Magic Map

It is as though we were each born with a magic map which contains a unique template, but its contents are mostly blank.

In this way our life is a treasure hunt where we are led through a series of experiences to pick up missing pieces of information so that we can fill in our map.

The Magic Map Book by May Byron, /Alan Wright, ill, Frowde,

We can’t see the whole picture until we go through the experiences and assemble the missing pieces.  It is a process of color by number. But, once more of the picture starts to reveal itself, dont expect others to see it.

Only YOU SEE what YOU SEE!

Sometimes it is wiser to keep quiet on what you are seeing when you are still piecing your map together, otherwise your process can be interrupted by those who want to negate you, thinking that their map is the correct one. :)

In piecing together my own map for the Cosmic Moon year,  my attention was turned back to the Regina prophecy as popularized through Mexican author Antonio Velesca Pina. Here is an excerpt of Regina being given the knowledge  from her Tibetan lama teacher. The prison of the moon can be thought of as the spell of the false matrix of time cast on the planet.

“You have progressed very much in the understanding of all kinds of beings, but until now you have treated human beings very little. When you know them, you will realize that the causes that impulse their actions are almost always illusory.

Men and women suffer and rejoice, work and have fun, love and hate, impulsed by a completely deformed vision of reality. Humankind is living as a prisoner in the jail of illusion/dream, and one of their favorite dreams is precisely to believe that they are free.

What originates this? said the lama, pointing with his index finger to the heavens as he was empathically affirming–the Moon

The Moon? asked Regina.

Yes, she is applying a hypnotic influence that drives human beings to self deceit and to collective fantasies. This hasn’t always been like this. In ages where spirituality was predominant, whole countries came to release themselves from this hypnosis. The wise rulers of those times were directing the construction of special artifacts that neutralized the dream-state that the Moon generates.

In Mexico, for sure there are still some of those artifacts. Their shape is always like a pyramid, and its interior, a highly negativve energy is accumulated, that when being transmuted in positive, consitutes the Force with which it is possible to break the prison of the moon.”