Breaking the Time Loops and Clearing the Records Kin 157: Red Magnetic Earth

Nine-tenths of the people will reject the most overwhelming evidence, even if it is brought to them without any trouble to themselves, only because it happens to clash with their personal interests or prejudices; especially if it comes from unpopular quarters. –HPB

Something happens to you when you realize that your entire life is a self-constructed matrix.

Emotions of many colors arise when you realize the artificial shadow that has been overlaid into your brain. This artificial matrix governs the way you think, your decisions, how you feel about yourself and the world, your beliefs and worries and fears. Who is the puppet master of this matrix?

When one is habituated to see the things behind (externals), one is no longer prone to be touched by the outward aspects – or to expect any remedy from political, institutional or social changes; the only way out is through the descent of an [embodied] consciousness which is not the puppet of these forces but is greater than they are.”

~ Sri Aurobindo

If time is a flowing river ever moving with no obstruction, then this artificial (12:60)matrix is the roadblock that dams the true spirit and splits it off so that pure energy channels are confused and thrown into divergent pathways.

What really matters then is getting your unobstructed flow back. Reconnecting to the Source of the stream.

Are we all lost in time?  What is childhood? Is it a slow eclipse of our memory? Does our memory change as our consciousness evolves?

Time. We have to really go inside to understand–really go inside. What does that mean? How much about yourself do you remember? How do you remember? What is memory? How can memory help in your day-to-day life? How will remembering yourself without the influence of the artificial matrix make you happier? Are you happy?

This artificial matrix (otherwise known as 12:60 frequency) makes us believe that third-dimension is the only valid dimension. Anything outside of this dimensions is labeled as “fringe” or “far out.” When we are locked into this narrow bandwidth then we can become easily triggered by the fluctuations of the external world.

Here are morning notes to Self:

Over identifying with the passing flesh is a preschool stage.

Do not waste energy fighting for superficialities.

Identify with the Invisible Essence and transcend.

Recognize your own worth from within and do not worry what others think. You don’t need to explain yourself.

We are Instruments of Infinity. Behave accordingly.

If we are not constantly evolving and changing our views then we are likely not growing, but remaining stagnant in fixed time loops. How much of our identity and emotional responses are based on external events, or in trying to make others see life the way we see it?

If we feel called to assist in Planetary Healing (or healing of the Ancient trauma), then we  must first break out of the prison of negative time loops engraved in the linear patterning. These are the artificial “dams” that impede our creative flow.

Time loops are a result of conditioned mind patterns and can be likened to a skipping record. When this occurs we replay the same stories or cycles over and over.

This scratch in the record contains the imprints of deep trauma or wounding and unconscious pain. When a person becomes “triggered”, the record starts skipping, the perceptual lens narrows and the mind begins projecting the narrative of the trauma.

The vibratory structure of the trauma can take over the entire perceptual field resulting in the inability to see any point of view except that of the pain body.

When triggered, the person views all others in its field in relation to the traumatic narrative playing out in their mind and ascribes “others’ particular roles in their drama (of which others are often  unaware).  If the characters in the play do not behave according to the rules of their narrative then the person becomes even more agitated or upset.

This can manifest as emotional explosions, anger, abuse and blame. We see this occurring planet-wide.Anger is a hostile reaction to feeling hurt or not seen. It is a defense mechanism to allowing ourself to feel vulnerable. Underneath it all is the feeling of fear and separation. The ultimate fear is of death and abandonment, which traces back to our fundamental feeling of separation from Source.

“Its not my fault, its yours,” is the subliminal motto of the universal negative time loop that we see playing out all over our planet. It is this attitude that continues the same dysfunctional cycles over and over. We fixate on the perceived wrongs of another person (or country, etc.) which gives us a temporary sense of power and prolongs us facing our own shortcomings and the pain within.

This pattern will continue until we have reached a threshold, where we finally acknowledge that the pain that is within us is ours to resolve. It does not belong to anyone else. The record will continue to skip until this has been acknowledged and cleared.  

Our job (if we so choose) is to assist in the clearing of the records and thus, the healing of the ancient trauma.

“Once a conditioned pattern is established in the mind, many impressions will automatically be rejected, or else filtered through the conceptual mind.


To tune into the cosmic thinking layers, the human must first identify conditioned thoughtforms through cultivation of a meditation practice.  –Cosmic History Chronicles, Volume 1.

This is why the Buddha emphasized meditation on selflessness or egolessness (emptiness). Only by directly experiencing selflessness can we end the process of confused projection.

When a vinyl record has a scratch, the instructions are to:

1. Identify the damaged area (get to the root of the original trauma)

2. Lightly sand the area in a circular motion (Reimprint the pattern through inner work/, meditation).

3. Brush off the record with a cloth (Release and let go of old patterns)

4. Submerge in water and wash (Purify body and mind)

5. Dry in a circular motion (Reinforce new patterns through consistent practice)

6. If scratch is too deep get help from a professional (or from those who have sufficiently cleared their own records and can support you). 



Las Vegas and Maldek Kin 135: Blue Overtone Eagle. Harvest Moon

The fracturing of the original cosmic Mandala was replayed at Mandalay Bay Resort with the largest mass shooting in  U.S. history (next to Wounded Knee), leaving at least 59 dead and more than 520 injured. Inevitably much more will be revealed in the days to come.

As we watch the theater of world events escalating, it can appear that there is no hope, purpose or future in the Present Order.  The levels of fear, confusion and suffering are immense on our planet.

This entry is to shed light on the symbology behind the recent Las Vegas shooting from the Galactic Mayan vantage point. The intention is to offer keys to help trigger your own process of memory retrieval.

I had just arrived in Las Vegas for a few nights on the afternoon of Kin 131: Blue Magnetic Monkey (October 1, 2017). Though I was no where near the Strip, I was up all night feeling it.  This event triggered a fractal replay of the final days of Maldek.

The shooting occurred 9 days after the Autumn Equinox on the final night of the Route 91 Harvest Festival, and 4 days before the Harvest Moon (the tenth full moon of the year). The Harvest Moon is also known as Hunter moon and/or Blood Moon.

From a higher vantage point, the destruction of Maldek represents a point of “failure” in the process of evolution. It recalls the primal shattering of the cosmic egg that sent ripples of dissonance forward and backward through time.

Cosmic History states: War is the institutionalization of a primal carnal crime originated on Maldek, it legitimizes killing just for the sake of killing.

In his book Other Tongues, Other Flesh (1953), George Williamson Hunt writes:

.. the Old Testament has many references to the destruction of Lucifer or Maldek. Maldek, as a world, came to an abrupt end during the Exodus from Egypt in the days of Moses (13th century before Christ). The Exodus took place amid a great natural upheaval that terminated the period of Egyptian history known as the Middle Kingdom. Contemporary Egyptian documents describe the same disaster accompanied by “the plagues of Egypt”.

One of the first visible signs on Earth of the destruction of Maldek was the reddening of the earth’s surface by a fine dust of rusty pigment. Ipuwer, an Egyptian eyewitness of the catastrophe, wrote his description on papyrus: “The river is blood. Plague is throughout the land. Blood is everywhere.”

After the Las Vegas massacre, hundreds rushed to bloodbanks to donate blood.

The alleged shooter (some believe there were multiple) was pictured with what appeared as the number 13 tattooed to his neck.

In the Tarot number 13 is the death card.

The 13th rune of the Elder Futhark is Eihwaz which also represents death, and is connected to Yggdrassil, the World Tree, which Odin hung from for 9 nights to learn the secrets of the Universe.

Of course the true meaning of the number 13 has been inverted so that it has become associated with death and darkness rather than resurrection and life (just like Isis has been coopted).

Both the 9-11 attacks and the Las Vegas shooting occurred on Monkey days, which represents magic and illusion. This is further coded by 91 (13 x 7) (Route 91).

Kin 91 is Blue Cosmic Monkey. Cosmic = 13

Kin 131 is Blue Magnetic Monkey. Magnetic = 1

So we have the Magnetic (1) and the Cosmic (13) Monkey encoded.

In the Dreamspell cosmology, the end of the Monkey Genesis is the point at which a low frequency beam hit the earths ionosphere and inseminated the electromagnetic field of our Planet with an artificial time veil.

This 12:60 beam, localized (in this galaxy) on Saturn and Jupiter, had the effect to alter DNA and consign the majority of human minds to the belief that the third dimension is the only dimension of reality.

This time released Beam began to electromagnetically permeate the minds of certain ones who were predisposed to begin the process of spreading a culture of death by blotting out knowledge of the 13th moon (which represents life-force, femininine energy and resurrection).

As a result degeneration set in, as did the amplification of the Time Wars on earth (of which many star systems are involved).

This low frequency beam has everything to do with the “theft of time” and slave system that we find ourselves in. It also offers clues to the origin of our collective cosmic amnesia that leads to the recovery of our true identity as multidimensional beings.

Back to Las Vegas: 2017

The opening of Mandalay Bay Resort occurred on  March 2, 1999, Kin 108, Yellow Self-Existing Star. It is located next to the Luxor Hotel and Casino, the 9th largest hotel in the world.

The Luxor is designed as a pyramid similar in size to the Red Pyramid in Egypt and also includes a Sphinx and an Obelisk.

Symbolically, the Luxor is connected by walkways to the Excalibur (to the north) and the Mandalay Bay (to the south). But most interesting is that each night the Luxor projects the strongest Beam of light in the world! Most curious to consider.

Luxor opened on October 13, 1993: Kin 223, Blue Lunar Night, sign of Saturn.  There were several deaths during construction as well as a few suicides along with many reported UFO sitings at this venue.

The Luxor is 365 feet tall and located at address 3900 (3 x 1300). This calls to memory Thoth, the Egyptian god associated with the creation of the 365-day calendar of which New Year’s Day coincides with the annual heliacal rising of the star Sirius. This is the same starting date as the 13 Moon calendar.

Most pyramids were built to align with the planet Venus, the stars of Sirius and the Orion constellation. In ancient Egypt, the Orion constellation is represented by Osiris, god of the dead.

Osiris was killed and dismembered into 14 pieces by Set, god of destruction, chaos and death.  Osiris wife Isis reassembled the pieces and resurrected him long enough to conceive a son, Horus.  Horus later seeks revenge on Set.

In early times Set was worshipped as the god of wind and desert storms. The word for desert in Egyptian, was Tesherit,similar to the word for red, Tesher. This is interesting in light of an Egyptian pyramid placed in the Las Vegas desert.

Set and Horus continue to battle for control of the world, setting up an epic conflict of good versus evil.  Thoth (a.k.a Tehuti or Hermes) was the only deity able to control Set.

Draco Constellation

Six days after the Las Vegas shooting on Red Resonant Earth (October 7 =10-7), comets rained from the skies from the Draco Constellation. Draco is Latin for Dragon. Red Resonant Earth, Kin 137 is also known as Ah Vuc Ti Kab, Lord of the center of the earth.

Riding the zuvuya back to when the pyramids were originally built,  the star closet to the North Pole was Thuban, in Draco. Today the star Polaris marks the North Pole.

As galactic history recounts that during the Draco-Orion wars Lyra was brutally attacked and the survivors of the Lyraen race transmigrated to other solar systems including the Milky Way, landing on Mars and Maldek.

The Earth is now on the same path that Lucifer-Maldek took. Atomic power on that planet ended in destruction to end all destruction. But it will not happen on the Earth; our brothers in outer space will not allow the Earth to end as Maldek did. There will be catastrophes, yes, but greet them with a prayer on your lips and joy in your heart for it is a sign unto you that your deliverance is nigh.                                        — George Williamson Hunt

Further synchronic notes: The Las Vegas shootings occurred 218 weeks and 2 days since the commencement of the New Galactic Beam in Mt. Shasta, CA on July 26, 2013.

218 is the galactic signature of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan in Palenque (Chiapas, Mexico). A major earthquake hit this region 23 days before the Las Vegas incident, and was followed 12 days later by the devastating earthquake in Mexico City (nearby pyramids of Teotihuacan).

Mandalay Bay address 3950 Las Vegas Blvd., 89119.  (39 + 50 = 89). Of course 1989 is the year of the discovery of the Law of Time and Kin 89 is the day of the passing of Valum Votan who discovered it and transmitted the GM108x. 19 + 89 = 108.

What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action. –Meister Eckhart


Announcing: Living Time Science! Red Self Existing Dragon, Kin 121.  

I’m excited to announce the new website Living Time Science! 

This new site was created with deepest Love and to activate the Remembrance of the Greater Dream that is Dreaming Us.

Living Time Science is the official site of Stephanie South “Red Queen” to make accessible the teachings of the Cosmic History Chronicles. It comes with the reminder that Time on this Planet is short. Reality as we know it is rapidly shifting. This World will never satisfy us. There is no way out but IN… that’s where the real magic resides.

For the full background please go to “Getting Started” section and download free new ebook: Thinking with a New Mind.

Today, Kin 121, Self Existing Dragon marks 39 (13 x 3) spins since the discovery of the Law of Time (1989) that revealed a new Living Time Science on Earth and formed the basis for the Cosmic History Chronicles.  

Command the Forces, the Subtle Threads
Awake your self from the Living Dead!

The Greater Dream is thinking You!

Special thanks for website creation to the brilliant: Nikita Gearing–Yellow Galactic Star  and Cornflower, White Rhythmic Mirror! Love you both so much!

Infinite Love and Gratitude to the incomparable Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan for his invaluable contribution toward Planetary Healing and Awakening New Consciousness. (Note: we will celebrate his 7 year passing at a 4-day event in Australia. It will be a powerful event. We would love to see you there:


Inner Climate Change and New Beam Plan  Kin 109Red Overtone Moon 

When the pattern of human life becomes too stagnant and self-destructive, we return to Earth again. –Galactic Maya.

Purificatory fires and emotional flooding are spilling over into the third dimension. Whirling and clashing belief systems, monster hurricanes, volcanoes and shaking at the earth’s core.

Frequency wars are being amplified. The heat is being turned up on all fronts. On September 6, Kin 105, the sun produced two massive X-class flares, the most powerful  and strongest in a decade. This is extremely significant as the Sun is Key to everything (see previous blog on Solar consciousness).

On Kin 108 (September 8, 2017) Chiapas, Mexico was hit with the largest earthquake ever recorded in modern history. This was coupled by mysterious blue and green lights in the sky. This was accompanied by Hurricane Katia.

Also on kin 108 we saw Coronal mass ejections and solar super storms along with Hurricane Jose following Irma.

For those new to this, the tomb of Pacal Votan and tomb of the Red Queen are located in Palenque, Chiapas. Pacal’s tomb was buried for 1,260 years (692 -1952). 1260 also refers to mechanical time, 12 month calendar, 60 minute clock as put forth by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan.

According to the Law of Time we are in the midst of biosphere-noosphere transition, which is nothing less than the Totality of Transformation of the Entire Spectrum of Life and Reality as we know it.

As the elements transform and the foundational structure crack, ventilation points are opened allowing for new patterns of perception and behavior.

If we could, we would cancel the heavy requiting blow which looms over humanity and the Planet. But for the Spirit to be liberated, the fetters must be broken. Thus purification accompanies the closing of accounts. The sky darkens when the storm breaks. Yet, when it is over, deep peace pervades. Our disciples are called the Sowers of the Future, for in the midst of darkness they herald peace. — –Trigueirinho

Root of Problem

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan proclaimed that the root of the world problem is the creation of a false and artificial timing frequency (12:60) which drives human life as if humans were machines. He saw that as human society becomes more “civilized,” nature is increasingly ignored in favor of virtual reality. And we live in a fragile system based on the functioning of the electromagnetic field.

This current world paradigm consists of a belief system held together by money, banking, political systems, religious institutions, chemical agriculture, and mass media. Its systems are organized by the Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock.

The majority have become so indoctrinated into the 12:60 paradigm that most people do not think to question certain aspects of existence, such as the history and effects of clocks and calendars on our psyche. Consider that all fear programs are embedded in the 12:60 frequency grid. This includes much of the media that is designed to keep people in a constant state of agitation and fear.

Artificial End-Game

“Evil is anything that distracts.” Frank Kafka


Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.” ~R. Buckminster Fuller.

The 12:60 (mechanical time) and 13:20 (natural/synchronic time) form a distinction of two parallel realities or timelines, each with a myriad of sub-potentiation.

The 12:60 frequency endgame is the full electromagnetic domination of the entire species encapsulated in a false timing frequency.

This process is accelerating with 5G, the fifth generation of high-speed wireless service. Wired magazine describes the 5G revolution as an information conduit being built to connect self-driving cars, VR headsets, delivery drones, and billions of interconnected devices inside the home.

This also means further automation, security and surveillance with indeterminate health factors.  Verizon is already testing it out in 11 US cities and ATT also conducting experiments. You can research.

Galactic/Cosmic intelligence is the antidote to artificial intelligence. Both originate in Mind. Choose your own adventure:

Behind Curtain 1 is: 12:60 artificial/machine frequency. The world of Cognitive Dissonance.

The frequency leads to a virtual life run by artificial avatars with brain-chipped corporate minds and digital hearts. Cold automatons and digital slaves educated for ignorance under the guise of super intelligence; sleeping with sex bots and living on a diet of nanoparticles and genetically modified food, desalinated ocean water and fake laboratory meat.  In this life you can choose to forgo access to your true essence and live forever as an automated robot with synthetic DNA.

Behind Curtain 2 is: 13:20 natural/synchronic frequency. The world of Harmonic Resonance. 

This frequency leads to a synchronized life run by self-realized cosmic avatars maintaining an organic garden culture in resonance with Natural cycles. Liberated beings navigating by synchronicity and with a fully activated holomind aligned with the Greater Galactic community. Their balanced brain hemispheres open a two-way information beam that ripples to and from the individual to the collective or planetary mind, and from the planetary mind through the Sun to the galactic core. Time Travel,teleportation and bilocation become fully accessible. Dormant healing powers activated and new aesthetics expressed.

New Beam Intervention Plan: Dream Yourself Awake

Through our collective work, the ground has been layed.

All of the knowledge contained in the Cosmic History Chronicles serve as seeds of a new galactic knowledge base that lays the gridwork for an alternative reality; a parallel universe attractor to counteract and provide a new timeline that is vastly different from the artificial transhumanist one that is now unfolding.

Benevolent Intervention is already happening and is surfacing as the emergence of an invisible intelligence network made up of diverse individuals that are being guided back together to fulfill a Covenant made in another time.

(I witnessed this Plan in full action continuously through my recent 66 days of travel, which will further articulate in a forthcoming entry).

The noospheric network is activating. It is all a time release program quickened by the Sun’s activity.  People of all walks of life are being telepathically contacted and receiving new instructions.

Individual storylines are now converging, and despite surface appearances, the Galactic Renaissance is at hand.

The New Beam Plan is not occurring in a conventional way. It is not centralized. Yet it is organized by a definite pattern. Its Plan is revealed by following synchronicity.  It is spread out mostly among the anonymous and humble ones.

The New Beam Plan is like invisible ink that has to be lived to appear.  This is its genius. It is the Revolution of Direct Experience. The Revolution of Presence. It is non localized and undetectable to those focused solely on the material plane or hypnotized by the nightly news.

A whole other Reality is being broadcast. Listen.  There is a Plan far Greater and More Beautiful than we might imagine. Do not lose heart. World events are meant to catalyze us into Higher Service and action.

Synchronic order, 13 Moon calendar and the codes of the Law of Time have as their function to raise our frequency so we can lift our heads above the regularly scheduled mind programming. The point of these daily practices is to liberate the mind and increase awareness of the magic of the synchronic order. This in turn opens us to new perceptions and awareness of other realities.

Study yourself.  Guard your mind.  Open your heart. Embody the knowledge.

Galactic Maya

Galactic Maya are masters of Time and Ilusion. They are the Universal Ones. You will find them scattered about in different groups, races, religions and nationalities. They are coded time release carriers of Universal Consciousness. They are traditionally unconventional.

Galactic Maya remind us to Dream an ever higher Dream.

The Way of the Galactic Maya involves the complete transcendence of all conventional thoughts, ideas and beliefs about reality, and the recognition that the entire world of form is mind-generated.

 If the mind is the root and source of everything we know as well as all of our perceptions of our self and the world, and we readily allow it to be enslaved by the screen of virtual or machine dominated reality for a preponderant number of our waking hours, doesn’t the mind also deserve to be refreshed by the experience of its own natural state? —Valum Votan


GM108X Transmission (by Valum Votan)

The GM108X is a continuum of transmission, a circuit that extends directly from the Hunab Ku, an information stream, knowledge template and spiritual probe, generating the race of Galactic Maya as its guardians and supervisors.

As the primary emanation of this stream GM108X for this cyclic turning on V.24.3, along with the complementary emanation, it is ours to embody this composite of information stream, knowledge template and spiritual probe.

For GM108X to take a human birth is akin to deep sea diving. The human psychosensory apparatus is our wet suit. We probe, test and leave deposits of knowledge at the dense bottom of the electromagnetic ocean of cosmic consciousness.

Remembering ourselves through meditational samadhi, our wet suits become but a porous membrane or filter, and in actuality, our mind is both the wet suit’s informant and its psychosensory processing system.

The point of the GM108X taking on the human birth is not to linger or participate in the unconscious subculture of the bottom of the electromagnetic ocean of cosmic consciousness, but to perform its evolutionary function, transmit certain teachings for the awakening and elevation of consciousness, leave the deposits knowledge assigned to then and to become reabsorbed in the continuum detached from or unattached to the wet suits of the psychosensory apparatus of the human body.

In this performance, the ‘personality” acquired or developed is used as a kind of surfboard in order to negotiate certain currents of being. As a spiritual probe, the GM108X deep sea divers transmit directly to the higher dimensional guides coordinating their dive, all of the experiences and responses to them that occur in the process of their mission.






Shire Farm, Earth Geomancy and Day out of Time

Welcome to the Yellow Crystal Seed Year 1.30, New Sirian Cycle

The Earth has a mind of its own. It is up to us to synchronize with this mind. In bringing down that which is above, it raises up that which is below. 

There are places on the earth where the new, purified energies can be palpably felt; where it is easy to connect with the spirit of the earth. The Shire Farm in Tetford, England is one of these places.  I had the privilege of experiencing this energy for the second year in a row in a five-day event to celebrate the Day Out of Time and New Year.

Located close to Earths Prime Meridian (zero longitude), Shire Farm is a powerful vortex that links with the subtle dimensions. The people who work the land exude a calming sense of spacious yet grounded peace.

The 500-acre Farm is overseen by Chairman Mike Booth, an advocate for biodynamic farming (and an all-around planetary artist and earth wizard).

According to author and planetary geomantist, Richard Leviton, Shire Farm is the site of a major geomantic wisdom temple of planetary significance. This site is also what Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan called a noosphere reserve, an interactive energy field that interfaces with cosmos.The noosphere is not only the “thinking layer” of our planet, but extends into other dimensions as well. When we enter these types of forcefields we realize that we are an extension of an evolving consciousness.

Lilith, Avani and Satchi

The workshop was co-created with Mike Booth and Avani, Electric Eagle, with the intention to ground the new vibration and galactic frequencies into the earth and accelerate conscious awakening.

Day out of Time: Blue Spectral Night/July 25, 2017

On the Day out of Time, we walked the magical mile-long chakra path which contain powerful imported stones from all over the world. Many of the stones are inscribed by cosmic sculptress Kersten Schipper, which amplify the vibrations.

Each of us meditated on our solar seal chakra and radial plasma according to the codes of the Law of Time. For me that was Crown and Solar Plexus. At the crown is a statue of archangel Michael with crystals buried below.

Time stood still as a spacious simplicity overtook my being with a deep feeling of well-being and that no matter what, everything was going to be OK.

Tools, codes, keys and colors are our helpers. Discipline within these systems is for the purpose of raising our frequency which builds a scaffold to other worlds or dimensions.

Our purpose is to spiritualize matter or to externalize the light of our inner being. Deep relaxation into the Present Moment brings about a resonant exchange with other Life upon the planet and beyond.

Planetary artist and sculptress Kersten Schipper from Bavaria, Germany

Kersten also inscribed the 20 solar seals of the Law of Time into stone. These seals were then placed in the geometrical layout of the Hunab Ku 21 (as brought forth by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan). This powerful configuration creates an archetypal interface from human to the land, grounding the new frequencies.

The first seal is the Dragon (the Primal Force) and the last seal is the Sun (Enlightened One). Dragon nurtures all life as the leylines that run through the earth (dragon lines). Sun is a star that represents the focalization of galactic energy in a particular field.

The stars, including our Sun, are the receivers of the streams of life and knowledge emitted by the Hunab Ku (central Source) meant to be evolved in the myriad star systems of the Universal Order.


with Mike Booth, Yellow Crystal Star

The structure of the Hunab Ku is a tool of meditation. Between the 21 seals there are 52 connecting paths that complete the construct of Hunab Ku 21.

These represent 52 weeks in a year. The 21 seals constitute both the archetypal design template of the galaxy, as well as the primal construct of galactic consciousness.

The Hunab Ku 21 is the Galactic Tree of Life and Knowledge. Hunab Ku 21 is the quintessence of the teachings of the synchronic order.

In the galactic order, the form of the galaxy and the nature of the consciousness are one and the same.

Because of the harmony of nature at Shire Farm, there is a sense that the spiritual light can easily interface with the earth energy. The result in the human is the opening of the heart or love force where these two lights meet. The Noosphere is felt.

At the heart of Shire Farm is a deep caring and nurturance of the Earth. As Mike Booth writes:

“Speaking to the deeper nature of biodynamics, it’s important for us to have a thinking and feeling relationship with nature in every part of the life cycle. By collaborating with the “egregor,” or consciousness of the land, we can come into harmony between what it wants for its own well-being and what our needs are.


This involves an attunement with the overall energetics and elementals of the land, and also the devic (nature) spirits and angelic beings that work with the beingness of each plant and field and section of the farm. In this way we respect the earth as a vital partner in our mutual well-being, because we understand that each must receive what is needed to thrive in health and wholeness so that all may thrive.”

From Mt. Shasta to Tetford: Double Rainbow

On Cosmic Serpent (July 27) we went to the land to meditate with the newly carved Quetzalcoatl stone.

After invoking the power of Quetzacoatl and the sign of the oroborus, powerful energies were felt. We had spoken earlier in the day about Noah, genetics, DNA, and the Ark, we did a group Rainbow Bridge meditation. Soonafter a double rainbow appeared! A good sign!

Four years earlier in Mt. Shasta, we held a ceremony to open the New Galactic Beam. Later that day a double rainbow appeared.

Mt. Shasta is said to be the root chakra of the Planet, with Tibet at the Crown. Tetford is believed to be the root chakra of Albion, the great archeytpal giant of humanity as represented by William Blake. Albion’s feet are said to be in Scotland and head in France, with the Root chakra in Tetford.