COSMIC RESTART: March 30th Begins a New 260-day Galactic Cycle!

A beautiful offering by Eden Sky as we enter the New Spin: Red Magnetic Dragon.

Awakening Galactic Culture

On The Galactic Calendar, March 30, 2020 marks a COSMIC RESTART! It is called Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon – beginning a new 260-day evolutionary spin. This energy signifies a Rebirth moment for humanity. It calls us to prioritize connecting to our Beingness ~ to our capacities for Nurturance ~ to our Oneness with All of Life. This is a time to align with Renewal and New Beginnings.

In light of these intensely challenging times, let us welcome this restart, and be open to new, positive possibilities – even if just in our attitudes and inner orientation. What do you want to call in to your life to support your journey right now? Take some time and set intentions for this new galactic cycle (March 30, 2020 – Dec 14, 2020).

This Cosmic Restart occurs during this potent moment of Planetary Pause we are all experiencing.
We all realize…

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9-Year Anniversary Jose Arguelles/Path of Heart White Resonant Wizard

Nine years ago, beloved galactic visionary, Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, left this Planet.

At that time, Fukushima was in full swing, now we have Covid19.

On this sacred day, I had wanted to release a timely writing from the archives, as I feel Jose/Votan’s work has never been more critical. He identified the 12:60 Time Virus that is destroying humanity and the biosphere, and then spent his life offering remedies. He pointed out that all is frequency and vibration.

His main message is becoming more apparent by the day: Humans are living an error in time that is out of synch with nature. This error is to the detriment of the human and biosphere’s own life support system and its future survival.

He warned of the “Final Battle of the War of the Heavens”, which is the experimental free will zone struggle between truth and falsehood that we see raging today.

He described the Final Battle as the full-blown incarnation of 12:60 values of false time, and the ascendance of truth through the momentum of the natural time frequency encoded into the 13 Moon calendar.  This is why he emphasized spiritual discipline to develop inner strength and resiliency, as well as promoted the daily practice of the 13 Moon calendar and synchronic codes to assist us in elevating our frequency out of the 12:60 time-loops of fear and ego. He identified the 12:60 frequency as the vibration where all fear and dis-ease resides.

With current seeming threats to our physical and economic well-being, creating self-sustaining communities and centers has also never been more important. At this time, I am reminded of the words given to Jose by Thomas Banyaca of the Hopi nation: “Only a people who are spiritually strong will survive the changes that are coming to Earth.”

It is interesting as a few days ago someone sent me a screenshot that the movie 2012 was number 7 in streams in the U.S.

While I am tracking much in world unfoldments in relation to the biosphere-noosphere transition, and the “Final Battle of the War of the Heavens,” I felt that today the most important excerpt to share was a writing from the heart. As now, we are on the fifth day of the 65-day season of love.

The writing below is in honor of this powerful day and the remembrance that without love, our life would be empty and our knowledge ineffective.

As you read these words, please take a moment to send waves of compassion to all beings who are suffering in these moments. Then send a radiant beam of gratitude and light to the Earth and all of its living creatures.  Stay focussed on the highest vision of the world you want to see.

Visualize the deepest liberation of love taking place within the heart of humanity, making everything whole once again.  No more suffering! May it be so!

Path of Heart by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan: 

To follow a Path of Heart is to be able to taste your own heart, to be alone with your own heart, to know that through knowing your own heart you may know all  people.

To know your own heart is to be dissolved in its limitlessness; it is to hold Divine and Holy conversation with the presence of the Supreme, the Benevolent One who is in communion with all hearts.

All knowledge that is true is in accord with the heart, which palpitates at the center of a vast network of lines of force and streams of energy that extend to the ends of the universe. 

The heart knows before the mind can understand. You must take care of the heart, you must nurture the heart so that its vast capacities of Love-Wisdom may nurture you and all that you encounter.

To nurture the heart is to remain open to it, to be able to be truly alone with it, to guard it against obsessive thoughts of the mind so that its ever-flowing streams of universal insight remain pure and unsullied.

To discipline yourself, to tame your mind, is to open a path for your heart. To keep the heart pure is the destiny of the true seekers, only then can we accomplish the great task which it is ours to fulfill.

This excerpt, among many others, is included in The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time. I hope you all can read it. You can order it here:  It will soon be available on ebook.

Love, love above everything!


In honor of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan here is the Synchronic Code Readout for Most code instructions can be found in 13 Moon Star Travelers Almanac of Synchronicity. (sorry for the formatting, I tried, but the text seems to have a mind of its own…hmmm)… 

White Magnetic Wizard Year, July 26, 2019-July 25, 2020                                                                             Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention: How do I attain my purpose?                                         White Resonant Wizard, Kin 254.

I channel in Order to Enchant

Inspiring Receptivity

I seal the Output of Timelessness

With the Resonant tone of attunement

I am guided by the power of death.

241st day of the Magnetic Wizard Year (July 26, 2019)                                       Week/Heptad 35 (of 52): Death electrifies Self-Generation.                                             Cube Eleven Monkey Magic. “Illusion-play transforms unobstructedness of will.”              Elder Futhark, Elhaz is the Act of Making Sacred that transforms the Mystery.                  Daily UR Harmonic of Second Creation: Octave of Divine decree, “BE!”

7:7::7:7 Third Week of the Solar Moon, Blue Occult Time Atom: Patience Transforms Conduct.                                                                                                                    Proclaim victory of prophecy. “Secret” initiation. Power of Cosmic death. 

Radial Plasma: Gamma: “My lineage is the union of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere, I attain the power of peace.”  Gamma pacifies. Arcanum of the Mystery. Third eye chakra, mantra Hraha.

Mystery is the realm into which the Avatar is plunged to discern by Divine Intelligence the right use of power on behalf of the enactment of the Divine Plan.

High Priestess gate 144-Galactic/Karmic Uranus opens the Gate of the Mystery (See image Hunab Ku 21).

Gamma plasma is coded by Beta-beta: Waking Conscious Mediumship.               Activates third mental sphere: Conscious, in the 4th Time dimension: Cosmic Cube.                           URH: 91: Galactic Art Whole Becomes Meditation of Reality.

Kin 254: White Resonant Wizard, Solar/Prophetic Maldek.                                             Wizard Gateway Earth Family opens the portals. Root chakra.                                  Resonant Tone (7): middle of second-dimensional sense pulsar.

White Resonant Wizard is guided by the Worldbridger (death, equalization); supported by the Serpent (life-force); Challenged by the Seed (flowering awareness); and receives hidden power from the Hand (accomplishment/knowledge).

There are two heptad paths connected today in the Hunab Ku 21: 5 and 16.                 Death transmits knowledge (5) and Awareness evolves Timelessness (16).

Star Wavespell 20 (of 2): Art, Beauty and Elegance.                                                        Green Central Castle of Enchantment: Court of Synchronization.

Day 5 of the 65-day White Galactic Spectrum: Dog Season of Love.

Vinal, 13, Mac: “Closing the equivocating part and entering a trance.”                                Psi Chrono Unit: Kin 179: Blue Planetary Storm                                                              White Chromatic: Truth Clan: Through the Power of Timelessness, Truth becomes Sky. 

Harmonic 64. Solar Output: “Express Intelligence of Intention.”                                    Biphasic Harmonic 64. Codon, 23 Mind’s Release. “Way of Wielding Power Descends to Earth.”

Dynamics of Time, 14.7: “Social and noospherically interactivated structures of the planetary art spore demonstrate the evolutive possibilities of PAN through the solarization of the hyper organic sense functions. All sense functions of consciousness coordinated with the solar pulsation frequencies establish super conscious functions as parallel analogs to solar (stellar) radial coordinates.”

260 Keys to Synchronotron, 14.7: “A reciprocal is 1 divided by whatever number and is fractionally expressed, as, in this case, 1/7. e reciprocal of 7, 142 857, is a cyclic number divisible by 3, 9, 11, 13, 27 and 37—but not by 7. i.e principle dynamic of the universe is actually moving through the power of nine. 

Synchronotron (see Book of the Cube, Volume 7/Cosmic History Chronicles).

BMU – Base Matrix Unit                                                                                                    Time matrix BMU: 167: Second time dimension, Cosmic Ascension. Earth circuit 3.          Space matrix BMU: 157: Fourth time dimension, Cosmic Cube: Earth circuit 3.    Synchronic matrix BMU: 275: Fourth time dimension: Cosmic Cube. Maldek circuit 5. Master Telepathic Frequency index 1419 (prime number)                                                    Master BMU: 96: Second time dimension, Cosmic Ascension. Venus circuit 2.                        Kin equivalent Kin 101: Red Planetary Dragon. 101 is also a Prime Number. 

7 Seed Thoughts to Navigate the Unknown Red Rhythmic Skywalker

During these tumultous times of uncertainty, mind training has never been more important.  Reality as we know it is changing at a rapid rate. Change is the only certainty.

In times of fear and disinformation, the tendency of the human is to project blame outside of themselves. But this will do nothing to forward the soul journey. Truth can only be found  within.  The world of form is temporary. Focus on what is Eternal. Remember God, the author of Peace.

We are in the birth pains of the biosphere-noosphere transition. We are children of the Most High.  All is an inner journey. The only way to change the outer, is to change the inner. This is a time of Great opportunity. Keep your mind steeped in high vibrational thoughts. Vibration and frequency changes reality. Practicing Atisha’s 7 points of mind training is very valuable. The commentary was originally shared with me by Valum Votan and can be found in Galactic Meditation and is also reprinted in The Uninscribed: Initiation into the Heart of Time.  Here is an abbreviated version. Love!

  1. Consider all Phenomena as Dreams.

… Every experience, memory or perception is no more substantial than a passing dream. When we consider all phenomena as dreams, then we don’t fixate and get hung up on that which is passing. The point is, you do not want to solidify your thought-forms. You become what you think. Let it all go, and experience freedom.

2. Be Grateful to Everyone.

This is important since everybody seems to have some enemy or nemesis. You have to be free of karma, so you have to be free of resentment and hatred and creeping jealousy and all of that. Instead, be grateful to everyone. Be grateful that they are giving you an obstacle to practice your patience, your tolerance, even your creativity. 

Everyone we encounter in our path is there for a reason, and that is to help develop our character in the direction of the light. Be grateful to your enemy for giving you a  good reason to spiritually wake up and turn the other cheek. In lak’ech, You could even consider that where your ‘enemy’ is coming from is an unenlightened place, and therefore he or she is deserving of compassion. To rise to the level of universal compassion is the purpose of being grateful to everyone.

3. Don’t be Swayed by Outer Circumstances

In the cultivation of spiritual discipline, one of the greatest challenges is the unexpected effect of outer circumstances, especially those that are really upsetting. The whole point of spiritual discipline is forbearance, which means to bear with all kinds of people and circumstances and not lose it. When we are able to maintain our inner cool no matter what happens on the outside, then we are perfecting our discipline; and by not reacting to outer circumstances we are lessening the creation of negative karma for ourselves and others.  

4. Don’t Brood over the Faults of Others. 

There is nothing easier than spending time thinking or talking about another person’s faults and relishing it. When we do this we are really making ourselves superior—to what or whom and why? To brood over the faults of others is the greatest lure for projecting blame outside of oneself and of actually avoiding personal responsibility for one’s own world. The fact that is that time spent in any kind of negative thinking means that we are spending our time negatively.

5. Explore the Nature of Unborn Awareness. 

… Only from the perspective of being identified with what is beyond human perceptions—unborn, timeless awareness—can one begin to see how one is the author of one’s own suffering, and so start to take a more profound responsibility for one’s world. At the same time one can develop authentic compassion for all beings.

6. At All Times Rely on a Joyful Mind. 

In the development of spiritual discipline, the cultivation of a genuinely positive attitude is essential. To rely at all times on a joyful mind is one of the hallmarks of true spiritual discipline. Yes, it is easy to get discouraged, to think the world is against one, that no one understands and that, therefore, it is easy or even justifiable to give in to anger, or depression, or self-defeating thoughts. And, of course, an emotional outburst is sometimes unavoidable—or is it?

To rely on a joyful mind at all times means that you understand phenomena as dreams and that you have attained a certain meditative stabilization. So that what appears to be a personal disaster or negative projections directed against one may be incentive for greater spiritual practice, insight, and discipline. And to always delight in the good that befalls others—that is truly joyful! 

7. Don’t Expect a Standing Ovation. 

When one has set out on a course of being a peacemaker, a galactic crusader with a  cause that will benefit the world, one becomes some type of activist. When one typically acts, one expects a response. One expects acclaim and praise of one’s actions. If you are doing something because you want acclaim, then you are tainting the purity of what you are doing. So the point is—don’t expect a standing ovation.  Selfless giving is true love. 

Activate Love! White Electric Dog

Today is White Electric Dog that kicks off the Season of Love! This is a 65-day cycle that concludes on Spectral Moon 21, (22 May 2020), White Lunar Wizard.    

With so much fear circulating through our beautiful Timeship Earth, let’s see how much LOVE we can generate and extend to others in this 65-day cycle.                                                                                                                      

Today is also the spring equinox (Northern hemisphere) that brings us balance of the solar and lunar energies. Synchronically, in today’s fifth force oracle, we see the Sun as the antipode and Moon as the analog. We have the Wizard of Timelessness guiding us, with the hidden power of the Spectral Monkey (11.11), helping us to liberate our illusions about ourselves and the world.  

I activate in order to Love                                                                                            Bonding Loyalty                                                                                                                   I seal the process of Heart                                                                                                  With the Electric Tone of Service                                                                                                I am guided by the Power of Timelessness                                                                              I am Polar Kin, I establish the White Galactic Spectrum      

At this time, when many of us are in self-isolation, it is an excellent time to focus on cultivating our heart and activating our inner avatar. Reflection, meditation and cultivating our health, both physically and mentally, is key. Love and forgiveness boost our immune system (along with our vitamin C, D, zinc, oregano oil, silver, etc.).

We are all in unfamiliar territory, with converging timelines and shifts of cosmic proportions taking place.

It is important to be extra kind, and patient with each other as physical and economic fears are being pumped into the collective matrix. The good news is that planetary awakening is accelerating for those who are ready. This requires being willing to shed illusions held in place by our conditioned mind, and being humble enough to accept that reality may be nothing like what we thought.

Everyone awakens in their own timing and not before.

Though things may appear “worse” in 3D before they are better, a new frequency is incoming and cannot be stopped. Love and healing must prevail.  It is up for each of us to do our part to resolve ourselves while we are on the physical plane. (If this is what we choose). Habitual mind patterns will no longer serve us in the world that we are now moving into.

In this transition time, the codes of the synchronic order are powerful tools to help us anchor and navigate in the new frequency.

Today in the Synchronotron codes, the kin equivalent is Blue Crystal Hand, Kin 207. This is the same signature that coded the consciousness shift of December 21, 2012.

In nine moons (277 days), it will be December 21, 2020, Blue Resonant Hand, Kin 7. On this day there will be a super conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.  This is apparently the closest these two planets have been since 1623, according to the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. For those who follow this work Jupiter and Saturn are significant keys in relation to the liberation of the control systems of false power and money.

Take all the information that you hear into your meditation and ask to be shown to see behind the veil of illusion.  Let’s focus on amplifying our love and compassion these next 65 days and see where we are at then.

Love and appreciation are the highest frequencies.

Love, love, above Everything!


Time Virus, Arcturus and Alpha Centauri Red Spectral Serpent

The pure and the innocent who knew how to keep their light shining, do not fear nightfall. Even in darkness they are able to find the Path. –Triguerinho

Remember that YOU are LOVE and you are LOVED.

This is a good reminder for us all in this particular stage of the biosphere-noosphere transition when Timeship Earth is being pumped full of fear.

Love is the opposite of fear.

In an age where disinformation abounds, we might ask: What is real? What is true?

To see the larger picture of planetary unfoldments requires cultivating a sense of compassionate detachment. We have to be willing to look at all facets of the diamond without judgement, for we are all cells in a GREATER BEING.

No matter how things appear, there is a Supreme Intelligence and Healing Force that is ever-present. While we cannot control all external events, we can control what we are inwardly focussed on.

Perceived threats to our physical vehicle call for us to get clear on the purpose of our life. What or who are we living for?  This is an opportunity for deep self-enquiry.

There have always been forces of involution and forces of evolution (or what some call dark and light). Now is the time to probe more deeply and understand the script set forth since the beginning of time, and our place in it.

In contemplating the deeper symbolism of Coronavirus, and all the keywords of the many stories circulating, such as quarantine, social distancing, bat soup, bioweapons, 5G (weaponized frequencies), as well as the economic/political components and the fear and panic being pumped into media, I synchronically opened the book, The Arcturus Probe by Jose Arguelles, to this paragraph:

But you must reap the consequences of making assumptions based on one set of sense parameters, and then find these assumptions do not hold within the range of another set of sense parameters. This is some of what happened to you in Alpha Centauri …!

Alpha Centauri?  This caught my attention, and I deeply reflected on this passage.

The Arcturus Probe continues:

But more seriously, on Alpha Centauri, you encountered the dread vampire legions of Lucifer’s lost brigade. What is most terrifying about these vampire races is not their capacity to paralyze the wills of others, but their ability to transmit the Lucifer strain.

I was stunned in rereading this. Noting that a vampire is a parasitic entity that feeds on a host, just like a virus. And it is interesting to note that this year’s best picture at the Oscars was called Parasite. And countless Hollywood movies depict a killer virus, in particular the movies Contagion, and The Strain where an aggressive parasite infects New York City, turning people into vampires.

The Arcturus Probe defines the Lucifer strain as a genetically debilitating memory depriving virus. It goes on to state that the key to overcoming the virus and returning to our original coding can only occur after we have unraveled the Lucifer plot.

I reflected that this “plot” or timeline seeks to divide us as One people and feeds on emotions such as fear, anger, and hatred. When we come fully into the present moment, fear cannot exist. In the Present Moment, there is only GOD.

Also noting that the movie Avatar takes place in the year 2154 on Pandora, a lush forested moon orbiting Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri Star System.  Pandora is not habitable to humans, so one has to be genetically engineered to enter a “Na’vi” body, which is operated from the brain of a remotely controlled human.

Sex, Death, Power, Money

According to the Law of Time, the unraveling of the Lucifer plot is encoded in the purification of four lost planets: Maldek, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Maldek (sex crimes), Mars (death-fear cults), Jupiter (false light/abused power), Saturn (corrupted monetary system). These are the key themes that the media blasts out continuously every day. But these four planets and attributes are merely a blueprint in our solar system for a pattern that has been repeated on other world systems.

The Arcturus Probe introduces the Galactic Federation, who asks the question: How to curb the Luciferian energy without abusing free will? The solution they arrived at was “the quarantine,” in the farthest edge of the Velatropa sector.

The Urantia Book also highlights a similar plot. It teaches that our system of Satania, and our planet, Urantia, has been under quarantine ever since the outbreak of the Lucifer rebellion.

The Arcturus Probe states:

What had begun as a Probe to spread our love, so we thought, throughout the Velatropa sector, had turned into a dilemma and challenge which none of us had foreseen. Our original spore forms pre-empted by the dreaded Lucifer strain, we now had to devise new genetic material and patterns to accommodate our fourth-dimensional holons. And in karmic recompense, we now had to track the Lucifer plot to every last recess into which its strain had burrowed.

If one rereads The Arcturus Probe, you will find much of the present-day script in there. It was written as context for the Dreamspell codes as a cosmic memory retrieval tool that can be accessed daily through the 13 Moon calendar.

We now find ourselves at a time where the pendulums of involution and evolution are swinging wildly back and forth, back and forth. When it reaches the end of its swing, there appears a brief instant of pure potential energy when the pendulum is motionless. Everything falls silent. Then occurs the GREAT RECONNECTION of all Cells of Totality back to Source. A reconfiguration. A Transfiguration. A PLANETARY RESURRECTION.

This is the eye of the needle, the narrow gate that leads to the Absolute. The Absolute is the Convergence point of all totalities. The distortion matrices are cleared, and an entirely New Pattern of LIfe emerges.

Don’t give up.  Be with Courage. Hold the light.

And please see this great article: Coronavirus Contains its Own Medicine,  by  Paul Levy, Crystal Wizard.