2017: Global Wake up Call Red Magnetic Serpent, Kin 105

The Cosmic Battle rages on. Loss of collective vision. Depression. Confusion. Attention spans waning. Loss of Purpose. These symptoms are part of the acceleration-densification syndrome. This is the atrophy of consciousness that occurs when the human brain is saturated with too much conflicting information.

Four years from December 21, 2012 and despite all the efforts of great teachers, prophets and seers, humanity appears more divided than ever, with much global attention now being directed toward U.S. politics.

Americas lesson is everyones lesson. Because it is the number one power, the riches  of all the nations, and the world cop, the American mind is , more than any other, in a state of baffled neurosis seeking to maintain identity of control. This is a fundamental ego struggle. Ego of personal identity, ego of national identity. Both are a travesty because neither has any true reality. They are fictions, and damaging ones.–Valum Votan

 As we conclude this four-year Solstice cycle (2012-2016) we are being thrust into a stage of evolution unlike any we have ever known. Radial consciousness is overtaking the linear time program, whether people realize it or not.  This means higher levels of unpredictability on a level that is irrational to Old Mind patterns. In other words: Expect the unexpected. Solstice 2016 is the beginning of a Global Wake Up Call, coded by Blue Electric Hand, Kin 107 (galactic signature of Donald Trump).

We are invited to step back from our current vantage point and see a larger Picture. Is it possible that all that is occurring is specifically designed to create a longing deep and urgent for that which is Invisible and Infinite?


Our Timeship Earth is entering an entirely new Playing Board in 2017-2018. The dark corners of human unconsciousness are now coming to the surface along with much confusion and conflicting emotions.

“Most humans are so immersed in the unconsciousness of their own mind and its control by their ego that they scarcely have a clue of what is actually real and what is just conditioned made up ideas in their heads. Impacted by the effects of the cybersphere, the number of humans not in touch with their natural mind is staggering, especially when you consider the spiral of hopelessness of the problems we seem to be generating and are immersed in.” –Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan 

Meditation by molecularchaos

by molecular chaos

Quarantine Zone

The Global crisis is the whole system crisis of the human spirit and has its origin in the nonphysical. Planet earth is still in the Luciferan quarantine zone. Lucifer, bringer of light, is the name given to the Force responsible for numerous aberrations, both genetic and mental that have effected various star systems. Those who serve the Luciferean path reject union with the Supreme One, and dismiss it as a self-deceptive illusion. The chief function of this path is to create divisiveness and polarization, and thus distract the masses from Remembering their Essence.

Life within this quarantine zone exists in a state of perpetual war, it doesn’t matter who the enemy is as long as war is going on and the populace is supportive and angry at an “enemy.” It is through this state of perpetual war, that control is maintained over the masses. This control has infiltrated government, news media and other institutions. It also enters this 3D plane via artificial means, i.e. through different forms of technology.  

Disconnected from the sacred, humans seek to understand their pain and confusion by blaming outside forces or seeking to avenge perceived “wrongs”in their lives.  This will not create peace or harmony. Racism, sexism and any ism that divides us is part of the spell of false time that resides within this quarantine zone. All thought forms that divide and make one feel “superior” over another are born out of the ignorance of forgetting the Unity and equality of all essences.  All of these seeming differences are an intelligence test to see if we can remember the One through the Many. 

If we cannot understand and embrace the diversity of all beings on this Planet, then how can we expect to be allowed entry into the Greater Galactic Community that is teeming with diversity and varying lifeforms?

Changing Time: 13 Moons

Entry into the Greater Galactic Community is accessed through attunement to a specific timing frequency.  This is the whole point of the 13 Moon Calendar Change that Messenger of Time, Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan tirelessly promoted. The issue of Time, Calendar Change and The Law Of Time cuts through all Creeds and Belief Systems, transcending Religiosity, Dogma and Political viewpoints.  TIme is the One factor that we can all agree on, it is the Unifying Factor of Synchronicity. 

He envisioned that if this was not heeded by critical mass by Solstice 2012, then humanity would plunge ever further into darkness. Why? Because the Gregorian calendar is a fundamental matrix of disharmony programmed for inequality, war and destruction. It is the chief instrument keeping humanity enslaved in a “box” or perpetual time loop where we literally just keep playing the same movie over and over. To think outside the box, means to enter a new timing frequency.

Created and implemented by the Vatican in 1582, the Gregorian calendar, with its loaded belief systems, is a subconscious implant that has become second nature to almost the entire human population.  Subconscious refers to pattern thinking. Our entire perspective of reality, what makes things real or not real to us, is the sum of patterns built up in our brain that replay over and over like Christmas and tax-time. This is what we call “consensual” reality.

From the point of view of the Law of Time, consensual reality is a function of a type of erroneous thinking that at its root creates a fundamental misperception of not only what and who we are, but what the Earth is and what we are doing on the Earth. Consider this when watching the news:

When we think about the consensual world view, which negates time and consciousness, we have to understand that there is a whole huge single mental order that is constantly talking to itself. In other words, when you read a newspaper editorial it is really only the (consensual) mind talking to itself. When you watch a news program or read the news on the Internet it is still just the (consensual) mind talking to itself. Because who is reading or watching it but the mind that created it? This is a fundamental point to grasp. CHC, Vol. 1.

Understand the Dark and Light

“People do and must hate the disturber of  their emotional security … There is little use fighting devils when you don’t know why the devils are there in the first place.”  Wilhelm Reich

Civilizations are destroyed because of deviation from Nature that leads to falsification and corruption of truth. Looking at our present civilization, there is a strong resemblance to the final days of Atlantis and Maldek just before they were destroyed, with the same emphasis placed on technology, misuse of life-force (sexual deviancy), prevalence of materiast values, disturbance of peoples minds, inequality, abuse of power, social injustice and fraudulent religious leaders.

The root key to all of this stems back to the deviation and misuse of life force (sexuality associated with Serpent and Maldek). The worst of these deeds is the harming of innocence (children) which sets forth a vibratory distortion ripple that effects virtually every  facet of this civilization.  The deviation and distortion of life force results in recurring cycles of abuse, war and corruption in all of its various permutations.

Within our sexual chakra lies the keys that contain the memory of what has been hidden and what has been destroyed. Today we see on a global scale that the sacred energies of sexual life-force are being harnessed for destruction rather than spiritual evolution. Our collective life-force needs to be purified, lifted from the hidden corners of the unconscious and redirected into channels of positive co-creation.


A New Civilization

The end of the present civilization and its way of life is the only way the noosphere can manifest. If the old civilization did not undergo a collapse we would not really understand, as a species, that evolution, from now on, is mental and spiritual in nature. This is the message of the Cosmic History Chronicles. –CHC, Vol. 1

Civilization happens in cycles; the end of one is the birth of another. When the whole earth is plunged into darkness we have to know how to find our inner light. This is the light of truth or solar consciousness. Only when we seek true understanding into the nature of all beings can we begin to feel ourselves as part of a Greater story that links our ‘local self’ to universal patterns of a script that is cosmic in origin.

To see in wholes one must disengage their emotional body from the projections on the screen and learn to balance the tension of the opposites (light/dark).To hold the tension of the opposites is to transcend emotional attachments and to not be swayed by outer circumstances. This is the key to attain the point of equilibrium that precedes the understanding of what it means to be “in the world, but not of it.”

In the far recesses of our mind is a storehouse of memory of other worlds and other times. What people call ‘enlightenment’ is merely the continuous unbroken contact with our True Essence. This Essence has a direct hotline to vast databanks of memory and knowledge. Everybody has the ability to access this, but few, it seems, are inspired to do the work it takes to realize it.



Crystal Earth and Geomancy, Kin 63: Blue Spectral Night

Earth is a living intelligence system with its own evolutionary momentum. Whenever it is about to enter into another evolutionary stage it sends out a “signal” through the underlying crystalline grid that holds its whole field structure together.  This recent signal has been heard and is being voiced at Standing Rock Reservation, the largest Native American mobilization for the Earth in history. https://www.facebook.com/WinonaLaDukeHonorTheEarth/

World events are a universally repeating and occurring archetype whose dynamic is the need to achieve a state of recollection significant enough to go beyond the possibility of self-destruction. Our Earth Timeship is now saturated with memory fragments of lost and destroyed worlds. The works of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan have scarcely been realized on this planet. His 1983 work, Earth Ascending, deserves to be well studied for those interested in the key maps which describe (in computer-adaptable binary code) the Total Memory Pattern of the Planet.

There has never been a more urgent time to expand our consciousness and begin thinking in new ways. We are ultimately here to regain full memory of how the whole system works, along with a new perception of ourselves in light of a larger cosmic framework.

tumblr_n625g3626L1rsci0po1_500What is Geomancy?

Nature is the resonance system behind physical reality.  Geomancy refers to earth divination and can be understood as the “religion” of the Earth. Religion means to bind back to ONE.

Through geomancy, Earth binds its diverse levels of operation to the ONE universal evolutionary law. This is the law of synthesis: the bringing together of all levels in unified functions that combine in a completely compassionate manner, intention, intelligence and energy.

The ONE Universal evolutionary law functions through a radial matrix. A radial matrix is the on-going resonance of the universal geometry of the crystal.

As the all-encompassing memory pattern embodied in the crystal, a radial matrix is inclusive of the Alpha and Omega points of any given system. Alpha and Omega points refer to beginning and completion points of any given cycle within the system, as well as the totality of the system itself.

Earth is a highly evolved system whose evolutionary cycles are timed through operations of a crystal matrix core synchronized with operations of a Psi Bank, the planet-specific cosmic memory matrix. The Psi Bank contains both what Peter Russell calls the Global Brain and what Rupert Sheldrake terms the Morphogentic field.


Psi Bank around the Earth: the governing field of the planet’s evolutionary intelligence.

Geomancy as earth divination is a radial matrix function. The purpose of geomancy is to activate through clear channels the ONE universal evolutionary law. Clear channels refer to conduits connecting crystal matrix earth core functions to the psi bank.

Through unimpeded clarity of such functions Earth becomes the radiant organism to channel directives of the Galaxy for the good of the galactic node of which our solar system is the center.

In radial matrix functions it is important to keep in mind that there is actually a simultaneity of feedback and feedforward. This means that there is no priority given to information flows. Memory from the future is equal to memory from the past. Past and future are linked by a “memory hotline”, or Zuvuya. 

Zuvuya defines a circuit by which any phenomena or sensory experience returns to itself; it is the Path the World Takes to Return to its Origins.

Zuvuya also describes the highest or 13th heaven, the heaven of cosmic origins. And specifically, Zuvuya is the name given to a mythic place in the West, Tollan-Zuvuya, which is the place of intelligent terrestrial origins.

Information flow from the core of the earth is equal to information flow from the psi bank. Remember, the psi bank is the governing field of the planet’s evolutionary intelligence. The psi bank is interactive with human consciousness. 

At the Absolute level, radial matrix functions do not recognize past or future operations. The chief operating principal is that of synchronicity, the connecting principle of radial matrix functions. The ultimate synchronization is that of our Mind back to the original template of Nature.

Geomancy is a function of the radial matrix. As the resonant pattern of the crystal earth core synchronized to the psi bank, we do not do geomancy, geomancy does us. We are the vessels through which geomancy achieves Earth’s purpose: binding back to the ONE evolutionary law.

Geomancy is a time-released function of the psi bank in resonance with the crystal earth core, which is experiencing a continuous resonant frequency phase shift. This resonant frequency phase shift releases bit-by-bit the mantle of a new planetary consciousness.

psibankEarth’s crystal matrix was consciously activated on Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987. The next key activation came on December 21, 2012. At this point something occurred in the timespace matrix, but not what many had anticipated. A rupture of sorts occurred and the Earth Timeship entered a rocky course and timelines were fragmented.

Since the Timeship is steered by our collective consciousness this process can be redirected through co-induced attunement. How can we attune? The simplest answer is through STOPPING: yes Stopping the mind chatter, purifying the physical vessel and allowing the Mind/body to re-settle back into its original harmonious template. This template is the frequency of Natural Time: 13:20. The purpose of the 13 Moon calendar is to reattune our consciousness to patterns of harmony through cyclic recognition.

Geomancy represents the crystal matrix points of the planet, commonly referred to as power points or sacred sites, which are the Earth’s acupuncture points. (There also occurs interdimensional leylines, though we will not digress). It is at these points where the resonant frequency phase shift of the crystal earth core trigger the descent of the mantle of the new consciousness. These points are also contained within the physical body.

This new consciousness is found through the realization of the Geomancy within the foundation of the old consciousness structure that has not yet received the new patternings.

crest13-psibank-coreThe knot of this world can be transcended by coming into resonance with the patterns of the original crystal matrix. The crystal matrix core is the heart of the earth. Its resonance is the heart-beat of the earth. The heart-beat of the earth is a crystal matrix transform unit called ART. This is the meaning of “Time is Art”.  Art is the heartbeat of the earth. It is the Earth’s way of returning Herself to Spirit, the Natural Order. Art is the way of transforming matter into spirit. What Earth asks at this moment is a Return to Spirit. This is the way of evolution.




What? Synchronized Meditation to accelerate Personal and Planetary Healing.  Our collective Mind is a Magnet. With combined intention, we can REDIRECT planetary energies into a New Timeline.

When? Self-Existing Moon Kali 18, Kin 60, 
November 4, 2016 at 11:11 a.m. Pacific Time (Conclusion of the 812-day Cycle of Solar Consciousness).

Why? To call forth Solar Consciousness so that the light of truth illuminates all aspects and hidden corners of the human mind: emotionally, physically, economically, socially, politically.

How?  With the TimeSpace 4 App for Android devices: Download TimeSpace 4 Now!  iOS version coming soon. If unable to access,  see meditation below.

In light of Planetary Affairs, It is recommended to amplify Your practice for five days concluding on Cosmic Serpent (9 November, 2016). Remain in a Receptive state.

img_0122Meditation for Solar Consciousness

  1. Relax your mind back to its natural state. Let go. Focus on breath.
  2. Visualize a radiant, blazing Sun at your third eye.
  3. Feel the warmth of this inner Sun pulse from your third eye and then circulate throughout your entire nervous system, opening your heart chakra.
  4. Now pulse a beam of light through your third eye to the center of the Sun (you might wish to practice this outside).
  5. As you transmit this beam to the center of the Sun, see another beam coming toward YOU through the lens of the Sun. This is the New Galactic Beam (containing new energy and perceptions). Merge with the Beam.
  6. With this increased energy, direct the beam to key people, places and things  in need of healing. USE YOUR MIND POWER TO REDIRECT all error, impurity, pollution, pain, fear, and wrong thought back to the Original Source where the energy is CLEARED, PURIFIED, REALIGNED and REGENERATED.
  7. With a feeling of gratitude and childlike expectancy FOCALIZE YOUR MIND BEAM to the following. Use this attitude (not necessarily the words) to generate the most powerful energy.  Remember to Never Lose Appreciation.     electrical-activationWater (all bodies) CLEAR! PURIFY! REALIGN! REGENERATE!  THANK YOU!                                                            * Air/Atmosphere: CLEAR! PURIFY! REALIGN! REGENERATE!  THANK YOU!                                                                                                    * Plant/Minerals: CLEAR! PURIFY! REALIGN! REGENERATE! THANK YOU!                                                                                        * Animals and Wildlife: CLEAR! PURIFY! REALIGN! REGENERATE!                                                                                                       * All beings who are suffering (including world leaders). CLEAR! PURIFY!     *      REALIGN! REGENERATE! THANK YOU!                                                          ***Direct your mind beam with gratitude to all ancestors and star people 
    Extend your beam back through the portal of the Sun to Galactic Center/Hunab Ku.

    From the Center, Galactic Source, which is everywhere at Once; May everything be known as the Light of Mutual Love.   Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya, Ema Ho! 

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What is Going on in this World? Kin 56: Yellow Self Existing Warrior/ Samhain

If you are feeling states of uncertainty, anxiety or disquietude, you are not alone. Many are undergoing powerful transformations and quantum shifts of perception as we continue to navigate through a labyrinth of conflicting frequencies within our collective energy field.

We are at a time when the intuitive nonlinear feminine energy is devalued, when peaceful protests are met with violence, and when lies and deceit are made “fair-seeming.” (Note feminine energy is not gender specific and also pertains to all in the minority of the dominant control frequencies, including Nature herself).

These “frequency wars” have the effect of creating confusion, anxiety, inertia and discord as they manipulate emotions, drowning out the imagination and ability to dream. The media is a chief proponent of keeping the masses locked into a limited third-dimensional framework that stifles access to inner realms through weapons of mass distraction.

We have come from the Future, arriving to the Past to assist the Earth in its liberation from false time that holds in place the matrix of (mind) control. To break the spell of false time, we must rescue ourselves (not wait to be rescued)  from all external control factors and mind programs that keep us enslaved to our emotional bodies.

Time is now to work internally to rebuild the Ark and ride the wave to the other side of the Ocean of illusions. Within the Ark of the Clear Light Mind, there is a vast library of Time that contains the archives of lost, hidden and forgotten knowledge.

We have returned to the precipice; a replay from other worlds with the potential to plunge our planet into the same scenario as Atlantis/Mars/Maldek. Time operates in a spiral, bringing similar circumstances to our present time.  It is the job of Those Who Hear the Call, to redirect energy and create a new vision of the World, from the inside out.


 Pacal Votan and Lost Planets

We live on a free will planet. There are people who love disorder and chaos. There are others who love order and harmony. Even within apparent chaos there is a hidden order or harmony.

“Return to Natural Time” was the key message of Pacal Votan whose tomb was discovered 64 years go in 1952. Pacal Votan was an emanation of solar consciousness. His special mission is called the Victory of the War of the Heavens on Earth. The War of the Heavens refers to various previous stages of the free will experiment. His job is not complete until Natural Order is restored to Earth. (see The Arcturus Probe).

This year’s U.S. presidential election is on Kin 64: Yellow Crystal Seed. This is a Time to UNIVERSALIZE AWARENESS. One spin later (260 days) is 13 Moon New Year, which is also Kin 64: Yellow Crystal Seed. Of course 64 is key to DNA code.

On the world stage we see the continuous playing out of the abused powers of the four “Babylon Planets” to be tamed and purified as described in the Telektonon of Pacal Votan (as brought forth by Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles):

Maldek: Sex taboo
Mars: Death fear.
Jupiter: Power abuse/False spirituality
Saturn: Monetary greed. See previous blog, “World Events and Lost Planets

This indicates the inner work that must be done at this time. 1) Clear and upgrade perception of sex and relationships (includes addictions and all things pertaining to physical body). 2) Clear and upgrade perception of fear, war and death (disarm yourself, learn how to channel volatile emotions). 3)  Clear and upgrade perception of power and spirituality (clear false perceptions of Spirit. Find your authentic essence)  4)  Clear and upgrade perception of monetary system/abundance.

In this way, world events can be re-framed and seen as sharpening our intelligence, enhancing our discernment, and honing our ability to see through illusion.  There has to be friction to sharpen the blade.

Don Juan, the Mexican Yaqui Indian shaman, tells Carlos Castaneda the following:

“We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The Predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so… I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner!”

Who is imprisoning us?

Ultimately all beings, all groups, all powers of control are energetic force fields that attempt to create fences around our consciousness, so that we cannot access our Higher Being. No one can control our mental, emotional or psychic life if we do not concede to it. We are not here to be part of the herd. We are Beyond all limiting labels that divide.

we-simply-are-elohimsThough it sometimes appears that we are small and powerless, we inhabit a realm infused with Mystery. Sudden shifts in the currents of consciousness can swiftly re-sculpt thoughts and behavior.

All is ultimately an inner journey, and the real challenge is to change ourselves. External disillusionment causes us to return to our essence and listen again. When we do this, powerful Forces can assist us. Universal Force operates in a realm beyond human conception. Ultimately all of life must return to Natural Order after all permutations of chaos (disorder) are played out. All is part of the process of the Biosphere-Noosphere transition. Anything can happen. Everything is possible.

Solar Consciousness
the-golden-sourceKin 60: Yellow Galactic Sun, concludes the 812-day cycle of solar consciousness (November 4, 2016).  Join us for a global synchronized meditation on Kin 60, November 4: Turn On Planetary Mind. To assist in tuning to Solar Consciousness, we have also created a special TimeSpace Four ride that is focused on the Sun. Relax and enjoy the Ride:  You can download here.

There are 28 ways every 28 days, thirteen times every year to cultivate yourself in a new time frequency. Activate galactically now. If you are new and want to learn more, download Stopping Time.  


Note for Synchronic Practitioners:

Self Existing 18 is also King Tut day. Tutankhamuns tomb was discovered November 4, 1922 on Kin 70: White Overtone Dog.  The psi chrono for this day is also Kin 70.  There were 70 days between King Tut’s death and burial.

70 + 70 = 140.  140 is Key to the tomb of Pacal Votan.  70 is also a prominent number for star Sirius, also known as the Dog Star for its prominence in constellation Canis Major. The 13 Moon calendar has its starting date July 26 based on heliacal rising of star Sirius.

Sirius is also associated with Goddes Isis (Great Mother of All Nature). Some legends say the Nile flood was caused by the tears that Isis (Great Mother of All  Nature ) shed, after her husband Osiris was murdered by his brother Seth. The first new moon following the reappearance of Sirius after it disappeared under the horizon for 70 days was established as the first day of the New Year. This is symbolized by Isis and Osirus traveling through the underworld. Sirius was the Goddess Isis who gave birth to the son of the god Horus (all seeing eye).

According to their oral traditions of the Dogon tribe, a race people from the Sirius system called the Nommos landed on Earth in an ark thousands of years ago. It was the Nommos that gave the Dogon the knowledge about Sirius B, which they believed used to fill the space of where our Sun now resides.  (For more on the Dogon and Sirius See more in Sirius Mystery by Robert K.G. Temple (1977).


The Solar Force Re-Awakens — Part 2 Kin 21–Red Galactic Dragon

In light of the 812-day cycle, we (Foundation for the Law of Time) have released two key tools to accelerate consciousness:

  1. TimeSpace Navigator phone app.
  2. 260 Keys to Synchronotron.

Here is more information on the intention:


A light bulb creates light, but it is not the Sun. The Internet creates interconnection but it is not telepathy. Yet. at this stage, we still use a light bulb and Internet to help further our knowledge. This is the idea behind the TimeSpace app.

The TimeSpace app is connected to the satellite system. There are 24 satellites that make up the GPS space segment orbiting Earth at about 12,000 miles above us. They are in constant motion making two complete orbits in less than 24 hours. GPS satellites are powered by SOLAR energy. Each satellite is equipped with an atomic cesium clock. While this system bombards the planet with the 12:60 frequency, the intention of the app is to take back the airwaves and redirect them. All technology comes from our mind.

We are creating 7 initial “rides” which are very powerful inner journeys. A new “Ride” is released each Moon in the TimeSpace Navigator program to assist the transition; it is a self-organizing tool for human consciousness. We have just released the third  Download now and try for yourself! If you are just beginning, go in the order of your intuition. Do the most recent journey or the the first TimeSpace One journey if you wish. Read the description and decide which calls you.  At the end of the Electric Moon we will launch TimeSpace Four, followed by TimeSpace Five, etc. Now available on Android and soon coming to IOS. 

These TimeSpace journeys are the fast-track to enter galactic consciousness.   Through deep body relaxation, we remember how to navigate and redirect our Mind back to source while tapping our dormant powers and reclaiming our memory. In this way we can begin ‘steering’ the Timeship. This app is a navigation tool with the intention  to create a cyberspheric network  to ‘turn on’ the noosphere (planetary mind).


The second tool: 260 Keys to Synchronotron,  requires study and more committed contemplation. This system is unprecedented, and to try to put words to it is not sufficient. But we do our best… OK — We have always intuited a sixth sense. The system of the Synchronotron gives the science behind this new sense organ, also known as the Holomind Perceiver.

The Holomind Perceiver is the latent hidden factor that manages our “paranormal” faculties. In other words it activates our dormant mind power and lifts us out of the artificial thought matrix governed by politics and organized religion.

The Synchronotron is a teaching from Sirius, brought to Earth by Valum Votan.. Sirius is 26 times brighter than our Sun and is located 8.5 light years away.

What does this have to do with Solar Consciousness?

Our Sun (actually our entire Solar System) rotates around another star called Alycone, the brightest star of the Pleiades constellation. One complete revolution of our Solar System around Alcyone takes approximately 26,000 years. Alycone again orbits around another star called Sirius. 

Synchronotron is a system that reveals how to create an interdimensional ark reaching from Earth consciousness and connecting to all planets, galaxies and solar systems. These 260 keys when meditated on and applied WILL rapidly shift you into Solar Consciousness. But as mentioned it is not for everybody. It if for those who are sufficiently balanced in their 3D reality. It is not an escapism. It is the next stage for those who are working on a path of becoming genuine loving and compassionate humans. Those who are seeking CONTACT with other benevolent civilizations. For those who have seen beyond the illusion of the present world hologram.  If you are called to it, you can get it here.