Interdimensional Star Map Revisited Red Electric Moon, Kin 29.

True magic is the power that bridges the dimensions. Because of this, true magic can be systematized and used on specific occasions. To call forth the true magic, the dreamspell that bridges the dimensions, is the power of the oracle. –Jose Arguelles/The Arcturus Probe

The following is offered as a guideline of how to work with the (Galactic Mayan) Interdimensional Star Map to further unlock your cosmic memory. This map was created by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan and first appeared in his 1987 work Surfers of the Zuvuya.

The key is to meditate this system into your chakras to embody the star knowledge.

Note that this particular map begins at the third eye with the Hunab Ku:  One Giver of Movement and Measure.


(Galactic) Mayan Interdimensional star map was first put out by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan in his 1987 book Surfers of the Zuvuya. If you are new to this knowledge, this book is perhaps the best one to enter this knowledge with.
















Visualize the Hunab Ku at the third eye as a cosmic radio station, receiving and transmitting various streams of information. This is where the Galactic Ordering Dynamic (G.O.D.) commands are received.

These “commands” can be thought of as information templates that are then pulsed upward to the Omnigalactic Source (crown chakra).

From here the information templates are transduced to the Alpha Mother Galaxy (Original Mother of the primal past) and the Omega Father Galaxy (Original Father of the primal future).

The “past” and “future”  templates are then transduced and transmitted to Sirius, located  in the throat chakra.  Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, assists in solar-galactic unification and coordination. 

From Sirius, these information templates are then streamed to the Pleaides in the heart chakra where resides Alcyone, the Central Sun in our part of the galaxy.

On each side of Pleaides is Antares and Arcturus.  Antares is located on the primal mother side and Arcturus is on the primal father side.  The Pleaides is the central governing command station between the two where information programs are transduced and downloaded.

 Antares means “rival of Mars,”and is the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius.  Arcturus is the bear or shepard star that represents guardianship or guidance. It is the brightest star in the constellation Bootes.

The Arcturus Probe illustrates how Arcturus and Antares were once rivals, then after the Martian experiment they became allied and a joint partnership was formed to maintain surveillance in the Vela sector. 

In the Interdimensional Star map, Arcturus and Antares work together to synthesize past and future information templates that are then transduced and transmitted to the AA Midway Station.

AA Midway Station is a higher dimensional monitoring station surveying activities on Earth.   Through different surveillances, or what we might call “remote viewing,” virtually everything that occurs on this planet is known and observed. The AA Midway Station is part of the larger operation of intergalactic councils.  What we are seeing now with all the surveillance is just a revealment of what has always been going on at the higher dimensions.  As above, so below.

From the AA Midway station, information streams from stars such as Sirius, Pleaides, Arcturus, and Antares are stepped down and channeled into Father Sun (Helios)  and Mother Sun (Vesta), the divine parents of our solar system.

This information stream is then beamed through our Sun (Kinich Ahau) and transduced through the solar sunspot cycles into the earth. This is how the Galactic Maya received information directly and is the basis of The Mayan Factor, Path Beyond Technology by Jose Arguelles.

From the Sun the information is beamed to the core of the earth (inner earth) and emanates to the surface to be recalled through the  “children of the sun”.

This is why Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan so often spoke of becoming a “biosolar telepath”.
“Bio” means living form. Solar pertains to Sun.

So a biosolar telepath is one whose mind is attuned to sun cycles and can commune with other telepathic civilizations. How?

By attuning the third eye to the sun which is a portal to the Hunab Ku. Through the resonance cultivated through a disciplined mind one might tune into the transmissions of other star systems, such as Sirius or Arcturus, etc., and then hopefully step it down into relevant knowledge to assist earthlings in the process of memory retrieval.

We see from this map, the significance of earth as the recipient and final stage of this particular experiment in time.

More of this knowledge will be unfolded in the forthcoming Art of Time: Building the Interdimensional Ark.

daily psi chrono: Kin 106, Lunar Worldbridger, clear sign on tomb of Pacal Votan                              daily master kin equivalent Kin 218: White Planetary Mirror, signature of opening of tomb of  Pacal Votan


Dark City: Light Mission, Palenque and Teotihuacan 2018

With the rapid transformation taking place on our planet and with all the upheaval within and without as the forces of destruction  seek to separate and obliterate us, we are called once again to the memory of the Greater Dream.

In the times we are living I am reminded of the 1998 movie Dark City. The movie opens with the narration: First came Darkness and then came the Strangers.

In this movie there is no sunlight, and the rulers of the city can control the memories of its citizens.

The premise of the movie is that the Strangers came from another galaxy and collected a group of humans to study them. Their civilization is dying. They create a vast artificial city on earth, which can be  “tuned,” whenever they want to run another experiment.

When the tuning takes place, everthing become frozen in time. All machines stop and all humans lose consciousness. At this moment the Strangers make changes to the city. They create new architecture and set up rooms and props in place for the humans enactment.

The Strangers inject memories into the humans from a communal memory bank. When the humans awaken they cannot remember what occurred the day before. So if someone commits a crime the day before, they don’t remember it the next morning. The Strangers seek to know if humans are good or evil.

The main character is immune to the power of the Strangers. The memory injections do not work on him.  This is our task to become like the main character by working to raise our frequency above all the systems of control and penetrate the world of false light.

The memory of this movie kept arising on a recent visit to the pyramids in Mexico. I had not planned to go, until Don Jesus contacted me from Mexico. He had served as firekeeper at the seven day earth wizard event in 2000 with Jose and Lloydine, and vowed to keep the flame alive.

He was also present at the ceremony on March 3, 2002: Yellow Galactic Seed atop the Pyramid of the Sun where Jose was honored for his lifelong work by 9 shamans who presented him with a sacred obsidian staff. Nine days after this ceremony came the first Cosmic History transmission.

Don Jesus’ call came while I was in the midst of writing The Uninscribed (tentative title), the story of my initiatic journey with Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan from the feminine perspective.

The message was clear that I needed to return to Mexico to complete the book where the original prophecy was layed.

I am still in the midst of the journey and  in the process of assimilating all the impressions and energy received. I am feeling deep shifts in the core of my being as if knowledge is being rearranged into a new internal architecture that I cannot quite yet articulate.


The journey began on Kin 3 (10 February) in Palenque, accompanied by Kin 218, Seamus, who was with me in 1998 the day I first met Votan and Bolon Ik.

Kin 218 is the signature of the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan, June 15, 1952 (and 218 is also the combined signature of 11, 22, and 185).    This was the first time that I had the spaciousness to just “Be” and “Feel” in meditation for three days at the pyramids. I experienced  Palenque as not so much a localized place, but an architecture of knowledge meant to be embodied.

I felt deep gratitude, knowing that I would not be here without the work of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. His task was to reveal the harmony of form, an architecture of wholeness based in time.  His discovery of the  synchronic codes, mathematical in nature, equip us with a multidimensional lens in which to decode “reality.”

These codings, when applied with a receptive mind, form keys that unlock different levels of awareness.

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan with close friend Alberto Ruz of the Rainbow Nation. Ruz father was the archaeologist who discovered the tomb of Pacal Votan.


After Palenque, we journeyed to Teotihaucan together with Noelle, 5 Eagle, Karina, 13 Wizard and Mertxe, 12 Storm from Spain. This was on Kin 9, February 13, New Moon and Chinese New Year: Year of the Yellow Earth Dog. 

The ancient city of Teotihuacan is unparalleled in its monumental design and planetary significance. It has been described as a combination of Rome and Mecca of ancient Mexico. 

Teotihuacan is the place  where Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan’s mission was recognized in him (1953) and where he was recognized for his (inter)planetary role (2002).

In 2000 he had a powerful dream where he was  informed that all of the knowledge of the planet is locked into the codes of the information templates that are in or beneath the Pyramid of the Sun and in relationship to the layout of the rest of the city of Teotihuacan.

The complete cosmic vision of the Galactic Maya is laid out in the city known as Teotihuacan.Palenque was the high command nerve center of the final and complete phase of the Galactic Mayan time experiment.

On this trip we were honored to be taken into the caves near Teotihuacan by Mertxe-Cosmic Sun (here in yellow), a magical being and shamaness who is the guardian of the caves.

There were 17 of us total for this powerful and unexpected experience. Much more could be said about this, particularly the cave of elves,  but will save that for another time. 

The 17 is significant as it is the kin of Self Existing Earth or Nahui Ollin which corresponds to the fifth sun (of consciousness). Nahui Ollin is known as the “day of the shaking earth” and is associated with Mexican prophet Quetzalcoatl.

Mertxe then took us back to her magical property overlooking the pyramids and filled with the codes of time. Seeds were planted for a return event at this inspiring space. We walked the rainbow labyrinth and after appeared rainbows in the sky.

The day of our visit was 35 days before the 7th year anniversary of Votan’s passing on the 17th day of the Solar Moon (March 23). During our sharing  in Mertxes sacred pyramid room, a 7.2 earthquake occurred in Oaxaca, Mexico.


Main message from this trip: We are the progenitors of the birthing of a new cosmic reality. This is a reality that has not yet been experienced in the human realm.

As we begin to awaken more and more we notice multiple realities are occurring simultanensouly. This is natural and nothing to make a big deal about. This realization makes us a lot let judgmental of the 3D realm and what others choose to do.

Our body is a timeship, the highest technology. Learn to listen without analyzing and the interdimensional portals will open. The zuvuya circuit speaks through Nature and through humans who are attuned.

When we are operating on a harmonic matrix then from this consciousness all knowledge comes to us through gnosis or direct experience, from genesis to revelation. This reality already exists, it is up to each one of us to discover it for ourselves and to first individually and then collectively shift to a more harmonious timeline.

.“Annihilation and resurrection are potencies of the center of the Earth. The Fifth Sun dies and the Sixth Sun is born – through the center of the Earth.  

All prophecies, prophets, and messengers of ancient Mesoamerica form a common interlinked whole. This whole comprises the Corpus Profeticum of ancient Mesoamerica. The principle prophet and unifier of this prophetic network is Quetzalcoatl. For this reason, the entire structure of prophecy and revelation of ancient Mesoamerica is referred to as the Corpus Profeticum Quetzalcoatl.              –Valum Votan

COSMIC RESTART: Feb 8 – Beginning a Whole New Galactic Spin!

Happy New Spin everyone! See this Cosmic Restart post by the Skytime family!

Awakening Galactic Culture

On The Galactic Calendar, Feb 8, 2018 is the Beginning of a New 260-Day Galactic Cycle.It is Kin 1 – Red Magnetic Dragon: COSMIC RESTART.

kin1On The Galactic Calendar, every time we return to Kin 1, we begin at the beginning ~ we start the whole 260-day creation cycle all over again, at a higher rung on the ascending evolutionary spiral of existence!

Red Magnetic Dragon represents the Primordial Mother Waters from which All is Birthed. It is the vibration of Origin; Source; Oneness; The Cauldron from which All is Generated… It signifies BEINGNESS ~ NURTURANCE ~ RENEWAL ~ RESTART ~ INITIATION ~ NEW BEGINNINGS ~ REBIRTH!

We are invited to affirm: “I nurture the birth of my being with primal trust.”


In our modern society, we often forget we are “human beings,” and we are vastly obsessed with doing. I know this is true for me, as I…

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Touch the Source and Live Again

A Memory Cue for YOU

OMA is in the middle of w{OMA}n
A clue
Original Matrix Attained
Activates MEN
Mental Electron-Neutron
Trauma cataclysm
War of the Heavens
Death of a star
Psychological problems
Hellbent creatures
Genetically manipulated
Death cult
Programmed for “Armageddon”
Frozen in trauma.
Frozen from overstimulation.
What happened
Explosion. Schism. Fragmentation.
Collective trauma
Stop harming the Children!
Fear of darkness.
Fear of snakes.
Fear of war.
Fear of death.
Fear of water.
Fear of fire.
Fear of heights.
Fear of thirteen
Fear of “them”
Where did it all begin?
Another Star
Another Planet
Another Time
Another story
Rolled into One
The Fall
The Spinning
The Vortex
Black Hole
Land of the Lost
Lost in Time
Time Traveler
Yes YOU.
Remember the Beginning.
Transcend The Beginning.
Remember the End.
Transcend the End.
Get off the wheel
Don’t go along
Politely decline
The deception of consensual reality
Think for yourself
Remember the Origin
Remember the Completion
Drink the New Beam
It’s Here
Sensory pollution
Clear it
Remember who you are
I am a signpost
A cue
A cure
A memory
You are the Way
Touch the Source
Live Again

—Kin 256

Synchronicity: the Vision of Jose Arguelles

Resonant Moon 15, Kin 246 (January 24, 2018) marks the 79th birthday of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan.  His original Vision stands true today and his work deserves to be well studied. Here is an excerpt from Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: the Visionary Life and Work of Jose Arguelles in honor of his solar return. Awakening to the Synchronic Order

Virtual reality shows that we are starved for release into a parallel world, an imaginal realm that is not just a rejection of our worst nightmares, but of our highest most sublime aspirations.
—José Argüelles


There will come a time when the birds will fall from the trees, the rivers will be poisoned and the wolves will die in the forests. But then the warriors of the rainbow will appear and save the world.
—Prophecy of the Cree Indians

One time is ending, but another is just beginning, an entirely new era in the history of the Earth: the noosphere. This is the message of José Argüelles. We are leaving the world of pure sensory matter, and entering a world of mind and telepathy. In this new world of the noosphere, time is not what a clock measures, but a factor of synchronicity, and the synchronization of our minds into ever expanding consciousness.

C.G. Jung first introduced the idea of synchronicity to the modern mind in 1952, with his famous exposition, Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle. This was the same year as the discovery of the tomb of the great Pacal in Chiapas, Mexico. This tomb— the enigma of the man whose body was buried there—was to become a central facet to José’s life, especially in his investigation of the Mayan calendar and culture.

After years of study and experimentation, José discovered that synchronicity is based on an underlying mathematical order akin to the underlying mathematics of the Mayan calendar, though this information is universal, and not strictly “Mayan.” He labeled this the “synchronic order,” the cosmic ordering principle of synchronicity.

José discovered that the synchronic order is a matrix of living intelligence; it is a fourth-dimensional order of reality based on the Law of Time. Hence, the Law of Time is the science of synchronicity. In Time and the Technosphere (2002), he states that the future of human evolution is to become a medium of cosmic consciousness traveling back to the stars but through the superior knowledge of the actual laws of time. He believes this is what the Maya foresaw.

His path to this discovery was not ordinary; it was the path of a visionary. In aboriginal society vision is considered one of the highest values to cultivate. In Western culture vision is generally dismissed as not real. The visionaries are those who have had visions and are able to present them to society so the people can become renewed. The visionary sees through and beyond ordinary reality.

José’s first vision occurred in 1953 atop the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán, Mexico. This vision shaped his life and destiny. He later realized that he was being cultivated from afar to unearth the entire prophecy and knowledge as per his vision at Teotihuacán. In an interview with Magical Blend Magazine (2002), José describes his mission beginning with his vision at Teotihuacán:

... outside of Mexico City, on top of the Pyramid of the Sun, when I had this experience like a vision or an inner knowing that it was my life mission to learn or remember again the cosmic knowledge that had been used to build Teotihuacán in the first place. And that was my life mission and journey—from that moment in 1953 when I was fourteen, my life became increasingly devoted to decoding the Mayan mathematics and prophecies.

Atop the pyramid he vowed to find the knowledge of the masters who built and designed Teotihuacán and bring it back to this modern world. This intelligence was vastly different than the intelligence that created Sears and Roebuck or Wal-Mart down the street. José knew that the how of the knowledge that built Teotihuacán was different from the how of how things are done now. From this point on, his path was guided by the vision reawakened in him at this time.

Jung proposed the theory of synchronicity as a means of encompassing acausal events in an ordered framework that would form a more complete picture of the phenomenal world. There are several types of synchronicity.

One form of synchronicity is similar to precognitive dreams and visions, which involves foreknowledge of events, and according to Jung, may take the form of an inner psychological state such as a dream. José first experienced this type of synchronicity shortly after the vision at Teotihuacán when he had a dream as chronicled in 2012: Biography of a Time Traveler:

...On the drive back home from Mexico City, Joe (José) had a dream that he got back to Minnesota and went to his friend Walt McDonald’s house. Walt lived two blocks up the street from Joe on Seventh Avenue. In his dream, Joe knocked on the door, and Walt’s father opened it. Dressed in shorts and with shaving cream on his face, he told Joe that Walt wasn’t home.

When Joe returned to Minnesota he went to his friend Walt’s house and knocked on the door. Walt’s father opened it, dressed in shorts and with shaving cream on his face. He told Joe that Walt wasn’t home.

This precognitive dream was the tip of the iceberg of what was to come. This was also his first conscious experience of what he would call the zuvuya, a Mayan term, which he perceived as the interdimensional thread connecting future to past and past to future. The zuvuya, as he would later write, is the big memory circuit or hotline that works individually and collectively.

José later discovered that the conscious entry to the zuvuya is through number. From the time he was 14, he had been fascinated with the mathematics of the Maya, which operates by the vigesimal (20) rather than the decimal (10) system. This was his first clue as to number being the underlying foundation of synchronicity.

Jung had also put forth that numbers underlie synchronicity. José had formed this perception with the discovery of the Law of Time (1989). Through living several cycles simultaneously over a period of time José made a life-changing discovery while visiting the Museum of Time in Geneva, Switzerland with his wife Lloydine. The Law of Time makes the distinction between artificial or mechanical time and natural time.

José discovered that the Law of Time, like the law of gravity, is not a human law, but a natural law. Just as the law of gravity cannot be seen, neither can the Law of Time, but both are invisible principles fundamental to the universe.

 He realized that time is a frequency and that the Maya understood this to be the frequency of synchronization which governs all of nature. José saw that this is universally true, with the exception of modern human civilization. This discovery verified his original vision atop the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán.

The Law of Time states that the galaxy and everything in it is held together by one common timing frequency, a 13:20 ratio constant, which maintains everything in a unified condition by synchronization.

By contrast, modern civilization operates by an artificial, irregular mechanistic timing frequency or 12:60 ratio (12 month calendar, 60 minute clock).

José realized that this artificial frequency was an actual paradigm or belief system that the human race lived in. This belief system says that time is money, and no one ever has enough time and is always seeking more money and time off. He synthesizes the nature of this belief system in the Galactic Culture Master Plan (1996):

In the Gregorian/mechanical paradigm there is a belief system that makes you pay to be born, then go to an educational institution where you are basically taught and prepared to join the economic force, you are expected to graduate, go to college or get a good job, have a family, maybe get a vacation home, a sailboat or a house in the woods and then anticipate retiring so that you can have more leisure time.

This structure maintains the belief system that the purpose of life is to get a good job, work hard, make lots of money so you can enjoy some form of life of leisure or recreation on what is called the weekend or off hours. This model of reality is held together by the macroprogram of the Gregorian calendar and is reinforced at every level by all the different forms of public communication, media and education.

José determined that the only way this situation could be remedied was to return to living in the natural timing frequency.

From his own experiments, he discovered this could be achieved through use of the harmonic matrix of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar. is was the only calendar used by humans that takes into account the unity of planetary and galactic time.

He reasoned that if enough people agreed to get out of the robotic 12:60 box then the collective could express and experience a new freedom of harmony. It was up to the people to take back their time and return it to the earth.

Quantum physicist, David Bohm, who proposed the most comprehensive theories on the holographic nature of the universe in his 1980 book Wholeness and the Implicate Order, believed in nonlocatability and the likelihood that the old historical cause and effect paradigm is inadequate in explaining all phenomena.

Likewise, José discovered that the philosophy of synchronicity and the synchronic order does not conform to the logics of mainstream science, but rather, relies on an invisible number matrix that follows a precise set of coded patterns.

He was aware that the Maya used up to 17 calendars simultaneously at the height of their civilization. From living different cycles himself, José understood that the reason for this had everything to do with synchronicity.

From years of studies and experimentation of the mathematics and cycles that underlie the Mayan calendar, José realized that:

1) a universal mathematics informs all existence.

2) the entire phenomenal world is created from a certain number of patterns.

3) these number patterns are the fourth-dimensional codes that inform our third-dimensional reality.

The mathematics of the Maya, he discovered, was actually the mathematics of the fourth dimension, or the mathematics of time. He realized that all of life in the galaxy is synchronized according to different harmonic ratios of fourth-dimensional time.

The discovery of the Law of Time was followed by the Dreamspell (1991), an interactive mathematical system for working with the fourth-dimensional codes of the Law of Time. The Dreamspell also lays out an entire psychomythic cosmology recapitulating the evolutionary stages of the past 26,000 years.

The Dreamspell mathematical codes are incorporated into the 13 Moon calendar with the purpose of creating a practical tool that can be used daily in helping to shift from linear time to galactic time.

The 13 Moon calendar synchronizes the 365-day solar cycle with the 260-day galactic cycle to create a cycle of 18,980 days or 52 years during which no two days repeat. José referred to this as the solar-galactic cycle, and referred to this interlocking system of codes as Dreamspell.  He discovered a mathematical system where synchronicity could be mapped on a daily basis.

The word Dreamspell came in a dream that José had in 1990 in which he witnessed a great shattering—the point when the collective dream was broken. At this point, amnesia set in. No one could remember what happened. Within the shattering, the word Dreamspell emerged as an evocation uttered by an ancient voice. Fragmented memories were scattered and deposited in isolated pockets of the collective human mind. They were the seed-forms of everything that is now culminating in the state of the present world. The mathematical codes were the key to the remembering and entering a new Dreamspell. (Dreamspell refers to any agreed upon or consensual reality)

José worked out the mathematical codes of the Dreamspell and its accompanying Book of Kin, while staying in a cold, dark, Gothic house in Dornach, Switzerland. This house was designed in the early part of the twentieth century by esoteric philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. José felt the mathematical codes existed as a living universal intelligence that belonged to no one group or race, but displayed a cosmic message meant for all peoples.

He intuited that this living mathematical matrix coordinated the Sun and its planetary system with a larger being or essence.

He realized that the simplest way to access these mathematical codes was through the 13 Moon/28-day calendar matrix. He referred to this 13 x 28 matrix as a “synchronometer” or measure of synchronicity, rather than calendar, which is Latin for calends, meaning “account book”.

He found this to be a master matrix that other calendar systems can be plugged into. It is a tool that, when applied, connects us to the vast web of synchronicity.

It was through following the clues left by the Maya that José discovered the synchronic order, a systematic set of codes that reveals the larger evolutionary patterning.

He discovered that the Galactic Mayan time science synthesizes all that can be known, both on this planet and on other world systems. In the Mayan Factor, José wrote of the purpose of the Mayans, whom he believes originally came from an advanced interplanetary civilization:

… They (Mayans) came here specifically to show two things: one, that it is possible to live in harmony with all of life with very minimal technology as we know it; and two, to leave behind a code that unlocks the keys to how our life—DNA—is in resonance with galactic forces and energies. This code also functions as the calendar. Everything operates holographically.

… Within this large order of reality, are countless synchronized cycles within cycles, which establish all of the different evolutionary phases of life throughout the galaxy. The ending of a cycle does not mean the end of the world, but rather signals a moment of great change and the beginning of a new evolutionary cycle. For more,