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  1. How can I find my kin equivalent?
    Today I see that it starts the Warrior’s Cube Journey…is that a meditation we start today?

    I have all the chronicle books but book 3…and I am searching for these answers…

    Thanks so much!

    • Greetings Aune! To find the Kin equivalent simply subtract multiples of 260 from your TFI until you get a number of 260 or less. For example: 1253 – 1040 (260 x 4) = 213, Kin 213 Red Overtone Skywalker.

      And you’re right! On day 7 of each of the 13 Moons we begin the 16-day Warrior’s cube journey (this runs from days 7-22 of each moon, which is precisely the center of the moon, with six days on either side). Day by day you take the Warrior’s journey to reclaim your powers of mind, spirit, will and wisdom! For more info see: As well as the Master Synchronic Code Book ( – Hope this helps your Search!

  2. Hello Timeship 2013,

    Thank you so much for your response, I did actually find how to find my kin equivalent…that very night…but of course that opened another question…what does a kin equivalent mean…I couldn’t find that answer.
    Thank you again for the newsletter, it looks like a really interesting read and now I will be ready for the 16 day warrior’s cube journey next month.

    Currently, I am struggling with the core concepts and trying to learn them…but sheesh, it’s so over my head…I was wondering…sorta hoping that there might be a class online somewhere?
    I jump around from book to book when something sparks my interest…but have to force my self to study the appendix in book two…which is the foundation of everything…I guess a study guide would be helpful. I am so excited about these books that I can’t put them down!

    Thanks again, Aune

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